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"Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" is a movie about a little girl who gets a big break as a radio performer. Unfortunately, she also deals with her stubborn aunt and bouncing back and forth between families. Think you know all about Rebecca's adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

What was Mr. Bartlett looking for at the beginning of the movie?

Mr. Bartlett was looking for an act for his radio program at the beginning of the movie. He was worried that they wouldn't find one in time for the start of his program.


What was inside of the bag that a mother had at the radio auditions?

There was a horseshoe inside of one of the mothers' bags at the audition. She hit one of the men from the advertising firm over the head with it after he tried to quiet her down!


What happened to the second little girl that auditioned?

The second little girl that auditioned for Little Miss America got stage fright while performing. Rebecca didn't know what stage fright was, but her stepfather reassured her that she would never get it!


What happened in Rebecca's audition?

In the middle of Rebecca's audition, she was asked to stop. Rebecca and her stepfather thought that this meant that Rebecca didn't get the job, but they had no idea that the men behind the scenes loved her!


What did Harry tell Rebecca after her audition?

Harry told Rebecca after the audition that they had no home to go back to. Harry had plans to take Rebecca to her aunt's for a while.


Why was Lola upset with Kent?

Lola was upset with Kent because he stood her up the night before. He said that he was working as he had to have a little girl to be Little Miss America for a program!


Why was Kent angry at Orville?

Kent was angry at Orville because he lost the future Little Miss America that they had picked. Kent's boss loved her performance and only wanted her to fill the role. Orville sent her away and was in trouble with Kent!


What did Rebecca say that Harry had bought her on the way to her aunt's house?

Rebecca said that her stepfather had bought her a candy bar on the way to her aunt's house. Her aunt doubted how well her stepfather had been taking care of Rebecca!


Under what condition did Miranda say she would take care of Rebecca?

Miranda said that she would care for Rebecca under the condition that she would be able to take care of her permanently. She was worried that Rebecca might grow up and find herself in the same place as her mother.


What happened to Harry as he was leaving Miranda's house?

When Harry left Miranda's house, he stepped on a loose board that hit him in the head! Miranda had asked him not to return to the house ever again.


What type of animal ran away after Rebecca helped it out of the fence it was stuck in?

A baby pig that Rebecca helped out of the fence where it got stuck ran away. She tried to let it back into its pen to eat, but the little pig had other plans!


What happened to the man that Rebecca tripped over when he tried to round up the pig?

The man that Rebecca tripped over fell into a well while he tried to round up the pig. They were able to pull the two of them out of the well using a hose!


Why was Miranda angry with Gwen and Rebecca after the pig ran away?

Miranda was angry with Gwen and Rebecca after the pig ran away because she doesn't get along with the neighbors. The pig had ran into the neighbors yard and Miranda had caught Gwen and Rebecca climbing the fence back over.


What did Rebecca and Aloysius do together?

Rebecca and Aloysius picked berries together after the pig incident. The two danced and sang together as the picked the berries.


Who arrived at Mr. Kent's house when he was having lunch with Gwen and Rebecca?

Kent's assistant, Orville, arrived at his house when he was having lunch with Gwen and Rebecca. He came to tell Kent that he was unsuccessful in finding the Little Miss America that he had chosen. Little did they know it was Rebecca!


What did Orville hear while standing in Kent's house?

While standing in Kent's house, Orville heard Rebecca's singing. He recognized the voice as the voice of the little girl he had sent away at the auditions, thinking that she didn't make the cut.


What did Kent do to reassure his boss that everything would be fine on the radio show?

To reassure his boss that everything would be ready to broadcast the radio program, Kent had Rebecca sing into the phone to him. Kent's boss was happy to know that they had finally found Little Miss America.


Why didn't Miranda want Rebecca to go on the radio show?

Miranda didn't want Rebecca to go on the radio show because she didn't want her to end up like her mother. Her mother had married an opera singer and things didn't end well for her.


Where did Kent plan to broadcast so that Rebecca could participate?

Kent planned to broadcast the program from his house so that Rebecca could be a part of it. They did it behind Miranda's back, who would be extremely angry if she knew what was going on next door!


Who sang with Lola on the radio program?

Orville sang with Lola on the radio program. He had told her just before the broadcast that he liked her, but she didn't feel the same way.


What was Rebecca's excuse to get out of a gathering that Miranda was having?

Rebecca's excuse to get out of Miranda's gathering was that she was tired. She yawned until Miranda asked her why she was tired.


What was used as a signal to tell Homer and Aloysius that Rebecca was ready to go?

A whistle was used as a signal to Homer and Aloysius, to tell them that Rebecca was ready to go. They built a ladder to get Rebecca down from her room and ready to perform at Kent's house.


Who was in Rebecca's room while she performed on the radio program?

Homer was in Rebecca's room while she was performing. The ladder fell when he was trying to climb down and he had no choice but stay in her room. Unfortunately, Miranda caught him!


What did Miranda ask Kent after she heard Rebecca on the radio?

After hearing Rebecca on the radio, Miranda went over to Kent's house. She asked him how much he would be paying Rebecca for performing. Rebecca said she didn't need any pay because she loved singing!


Who showed up at Miranda's house after hearing Rebecca's radio program?

Harry showed up at Miranda's house after hearing her on the radio program. He arrived with his wife and his lawyer, and he had plans to take Rebecca back with him after seeing her success.


Who did Gwen ask for help in getting Rebecca back?

Gwen asked Kent for help in getting Rebecca back. Kent said that they had to get Rebecca back and that he was even planning to get her on a contract.


What did Harry do once he had Rebecca back?

When Harry got Rebecca back, he signed her on a contract with Kent's competitor. Rebecca was now called Little Miss Universe. Kent offered a large sum of money to have her back on his contract, but Purvis refused.


What happened when Rebecca was singing for Purvis' radio program?

Rebecca lost her voice while she was singing for Purvis' radio program. Harry and his wife still tried to make her sing so that they wouldn't lose their contract.


What happened when the nervous organist was live on the radio?

When the nervous organist that Rebecca had met was live on the radio to fill in for her, he passed out. The program then played pre-recorded material in place of their two acts!


What did the doctor say would help Rebecca get her voice back?

The doctor said that if Rebecca rested for a year or two, it would be possible that she would get her voice back. Upon hearing this, Purvis ripped Rebecca's contract up!


What did Kent do to get Harry to allow Rebecca to live with Miranda and Gwen?

Kent persuaded Harry into allowing Rebecca to stay with Miranda and Gwen by paying him $5,000. All he had to do was sign the papers releasing himself from being Rebecca's legal guardian.


What did Rebecca call herself throughout the movie?

Rebecca often called herself "self-reliant" throughout the movie. She proved it when she faked that she had lost her voice to get out of her contract and got to live with Gwen and Miranda!


How did Rebecca reveal that she really hadn't lost her voice?

Rebecca revealed that she hadn't actually lost her voice by talking to the doctor as he was leaving. Gwen and Kent were ecstatic to hear that she was okay and that she had fooled Harry and his wife!


Who performed with Rebecca in the last scene?

Aloysius performed with Rebecca in the last scene of the movie. They danced and sang on stage together while dressed as soldiers.


What did Miranda give to Rebecca before she left with Harry?

Miranda gave Rebecca some cookies before she went with Harry and his wife. Miranda and Gwen were both extremely upset that Rebecca was leaving, as they both took a liking to her.


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