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The second installment of the "Twilight" saga introduced the love triangle that divided moviegoers into Team Edward and Team Jacob! Test your knowledge, and reconsider your loyalties, with our quiz!

On what special day does "New Moon" start?

Bella is unhappy because now she's "older" than Edward. Only by a year, but she realizes that aging is a process that will never stop.


A quote from which source opens the movie?

The quote begins "These violent delights have violent ends ..." and we see Bella desperately running through a crowd of red-robed figures, looking for Edward -- a flash-forward to the end of the movie.


Who plays Jacob Black?

Taylor Lautner nearly lost the role he played in "Twilight" because he was too thin, producers thought, for the newly-ripped werewolf version of Jacob. However, Lautner put on 26 pounds of muscle and saved the day.


What does Jacob give Bella for her birthday?

Jacob turns up in the school parking lot and claims to have just "seen this and thought of you." Edward, who reads minds, later says that Jacob spent two weeks finding the perfect dreamcatcher.


Where do the Volturi live?

It's so unfair. They're surrounded by some of the best cuisine in the world, but they don't eat! No wonder they're always in such a mean mood!


Which vampire spent time living with the Volturi?

Bella spots Carlisle in a painting of the Volturi in the Cullen house. Edward explains that Carlisle lived with them for a time, and admired their commitment to art and science, despite their disregard for human life.


Which vampire nearly attacks Bella at her birthday party?

Jasper's flip-out begins with the simplest of paper cuts, which Bella gets while opening a present. Things only get worse when Edward, trying to protect her, throws her into a table with a glass vase on it, which breaks and gashes her arm.


Who finds Bella in the woods, after Edward breaks up with her?

Sam will become more important soon, with Bella suspecting he leads a "cult" that he's trying to draw Jacob into. She's partly right: Jacob will reveal that Sam is the leader of the werewolf pack.


About how many months is Bella in her haze of depression?

Bella spends about three months sleepwalking through her life. This is represented onscreen by a 360-degree camera spin around her as she broods in her bedroom, while the weather changes outside her bedroom window.


Who does Bella write to throughout much of the movie?

Bella's letters to Alice are an exposition device. They allow the audience to hear about Bella's internal struggles and her feelings, which readers of the book got through Bella's first-person narration.


Whom does Bella go into Port Angeles with?

Bella calls Jessica for a "girls' night out" because her father says she never sees her friends anymore. In fact, he wants to send her to Jacksonville to live with her mother. That's the outcome that Bella is trying to avoid.


How does Bella induce her hallucinations of Edward?

When Bella takes risks, she hears Edward's voice, urging her to stop or reconsider. Of course, this only makes her push things further.


What project do Jacob and Bella undertake together?

Bella spots the motorbikes, being given away for scrap, outside a neighbor's house. Jacob isn't initally delighted with them, but he's pleased to have a reason to spend time with Bella.


What is the name of the movie Mike, Bella, and Jacob go see?

When Mike first asks what Bella would like to see, Bella lamely stammers "maybe ... Face Punch," and it sounds like she's just making things up. But no, that's really the name of the movie.


Whom does Bella meet in the meadow?

It's Laurent who warns Bella that Victoria is intent on killing her, slowly. Laurent's not exactly an ally, though: He intends to kill Bella fast, which he thinks is kind.


What change in Jacob's appearance accompanies his joining the werewolf pack?

Taylor Lautner said in interviews he was very happy to lose Jacob's pre-werewolf hair extensions. He stays short-haired for the rest of the film series. (No word on whether the tattoo was permanent).


Why is Bella upset that Jacob is a werewolf?

"It's not what you are, it's what you do," Bella tells Jacob. He is quick to explain that the wolves only kill vampires -- not including the Cullens, with whom they have a peace treaty.


What is distinctive about Sam's girlfriend Emily?

The Quileute wolves phase when they lose their temper, and occasionally hurt people they love. This is what happened between Sam and his soulmate Emily.


Which of these characters dies in "New Moon"?

Harry dies of a heart attack after a traumatic encounter with the killer vampire Victoria. Harry was out with Charlie and the Forks police, supposedly helping them look for the "killer wolves."


When Bella cliff-dives (or tries to), who else is in the water?

In the book, Bella wakes up remembering red hair rippling on the water. Interestingly, the legend of the "Apotampkin," which Bella looks up on the Internet in the first movie, suggests that the monster can appear as a red-haired woman in the waters near a shore, waiting to drag unsuspecting humans in. Perhaps this scene was inspired by that myth.


Why does Edward believe Bella has died?

Alice sees Bella cliff-diving and misinterprets what she sees. She doesn't reveal this to Edward, but Rosalie does. When Edward calls the Swan house, Jacob is terse on the phone, telling him that Charlie is "arranging a funeral" without explaining that it's Harry who died.


How does Edward intend to provoke the Volturi?

Edward's plan is to step out into a sunny public square at midday. This means he would sparkle in the sun, revealing himself as super-human. The Volturi would be enraged at this public exposure and then kill him.


What kind of car does Alice drive in Italy?

Part of the fun of Stephenie Meyer's books in her obvious love for cars. She knows what kind of car every character would drive: Edward's sober silver Volvo, Carlisle's sleek black Mercedes, and the bright yellow speed demon Alice steals in Italy.


Who played Aro, the leader of the Volturi?

Michael Sheen played the wealthy farmer Boldwood in the most recent adaptation of "Far From the Madding Crowd." Boldwood was a man obsessed by love -- and it *still* required less scenery-chewing than his role as Aro!


What is Aro's special gift?

Edward can read minds -- in the moment, at least -- without touching people.. But Aro apparently can read "every thought you've ever had, with one touch" -- impressive as well.


What does Aro tell Edward that Bella is?

Bella is Edward's "cantante" because "her blood sings to you." Edward says it is not always easy to be near someone whose blood is so tantalizing.


Who played the teenage vampire Jane?

Fanning took the small role in order to work briefly with Kristen Stewart. The two were about to co-star in the rock-and-roll movie "The Runaways."


What is Jane's special talent?

Jane can cause people physical torment without touching them. Like the other Volturi, she seems to have no conscience about using this gift.


Who is immune to Jane's skill?

Jane cannot inflict pain on Bella, just as Aro cannot read her mind by touching her. Near the series' conclusion, we will learn there's a word for this: Bella is a "shield."


Why does Aro let Edward, Alice, and Bella go?

It is against the Volturi's laws for a human to know about vampires. But as Alice's vision of the future makes clear, Bella will soon be a vampire -- therefore, problem solved.


What is Edward's one condition for making Bella a vampire?

This seems like it fits perfectly with Bella's desire to be with Edward forever, but as we see in the next film. Bella drags her feet. She's not sure she wants to marry at the tender age of 18.


"New Moon" was released on what special day?

The movie premiered on November 16, 2009, at the start of a lunar cycle. Movie promoters think of everything!


"New Moon" is the favorite "Twilight" book of which series star?

Speaking of Mr. Eyebrows (it's hard not to notice how dominant Pattinson's are!) this factoid is a bit eyebrow-raising. Seriously, Pattinson's favorite installment in the series is the one from which his character is largely absent?


Who played the dangerous vampire Victoria?

LeFevre played Victoria in the first two Twilight movies, before being replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard. LeFevre lobbied for the role and described herself as "stunned" to lose it over scheduling issues with the third film.


Who else did not return to "New Moon" because of scheduling conflicts?

"Twilight" director Hardwicke reportedly felt she didn't have enough time to do a proper job on "New Moon." The directing gig went to Chris Weitz.


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