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They came from The Real World and Road Rules on MTV, now they are competing in a fierce elimination-style game for lots of money! How well do you know MTV's The Challenge?

Who is the most recent host of The Challenge?

T.J. Lavin is an American BMX rider and began hosting The Challenge in its 11th season.


In the beginning of the series, the show used former ________ to provide assignments.

They were cast members who had been kicked off.


The Challenge was originally known as __________.

It became a reality game show spun off of two reality shows.


On which TV network does The Challenge air?

The show has always been on MTV.


The Challenge was also previously known as ___________/Road Rules Challenge.

The idea of The Challenge originated from when MTV was filming both The Real World: Boston and Road Rules: Islands and the two casts met while vacationing in Puerto Rico - the producers set up a challenge for the teams where they competed for cash and the ratings were high!


In which year did The Challenge premiere?

The original release was on June 1, 1998.


How many seasons of The Challenge have aired since 1998?

Each season has boasted a newer, more daring and more challenging competition than the season before.


Which contestant to date has earned the most amount of money by competing on The Challenge?

Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio has made $685,543.


Who has made the second-most amount of money competing in The Challenge?

Wes Bergmann has won 2 out of 10 challenges earning him $248,000.


Which cast member has competed in the most number of Challenges in the history of the show?

Bananas has competed in 13 Challenges and has won 6 of them!


What was the name of the Challenge when each challenge was declared as either an individual, pair or team challenge?

Free Agents was played during the 25th season of The Challenge, located in Uruguay and Chile.


Which Challenge brought in alumni and their relatives?

Battle of the Bloodlines was played in Turkey and Germany during the 27th season of The Challenge.


Which season of The Challenge was "every man for himself"?

In this 13th season, all players competed individually and there was a champion of each gender at the end.


What was the name of the Challenge which featured thirteen teams of ex-couples?

Some couples actually reconciled their differences by competing together, others did not...


In Battle of the Exes, what is the winning team of each challenge known as?

The Power Couple then gets to choose one team to go into the elimination round.


The losers of each challenge go straight to the ...

The elimination round puts two individuals or two teams up against each other, the winner gets to stay and compete, the loser must go home.


In both Battle of the Exes I and II, who is CT paired up with?

CT and Diem dated for a year and a half after meeting on The Duel in 2006.


Which Challenge paired up worst enemies together as teams?

Rivals was paired up two players of the same gender.


What is it called when you work with other individuals or teams to make it to the final?

Many players formed alliances in order to avoid being voted into the elimination round.


Trivia challenges are often held...

Trivia challenges often allow an individual two incorrect answers before they are dropped into the water!


The Gauntlet I was a face off between a Real World team and a _______ team.

Gauntlet I featured 28 cast members and was held in Telluride, Colorado.


Which Challenge put veterans up against rookies?

The Gauntlet II and III featured veterans against rookies.


The Inferno II featured the Good Guys team against the __________ team.

The winners from this season were from the Good Guys team.


Where did The Ruins challenge take place?

The Ruins was the 18th season of The Challenge.


Which season of the Challenge featured Red vs. Blue vs. Grey teams?

Cutthroat was the 20th season of The Challenge and was filmed in Prague, Czech Republic.


Who is Nany's cousin who appeared with her on Bloodlines?

Nicole also competed in the next season of The Challenge - Rivals III and defeated her cousin Nany in the elimination round.


What type of behavior is not tolerated in the rules of The Challenge?

Cast members who engage in physical fighting are disqualified and sent home.


The final challenge usually involves an overnight challenge in which players cannot ________.

Not sleeping through the night gets some players delirious for the final task!


How do players receive their next clues from TJ?

MTV generally partners with a cell phone company to promote a new phone - players can be heard saying they have a new message from TJ on their new "name the phone."


What does TJ use to signify the beginning and end of each challenge?

Players still compete for 2nd, 3rd place, etc.


Some challenges involving _______ cause some players to vomit.

Cast members often have to eat bugs or types of animal body parts which are not appetizing, though may be eaten locally in their filming location.


Which female cast member has appeared on the Challenge the most number of times?

Aneesa Ferreira has competed in 11 challenges.


Which male cast member has seen the most number of elimination rounds?

Wes has competed in 19 elimination rounds and won 13 of them.


Which of the following alumni is NOT featured on The Challenge?

The Challenge also features alumni from Are You the One and Spring Break Challenge.


Who produces The Challenge on MTV?

Mary-Ellis Bunim and Jonathan Murray co-founded Bunim/Murray Productions


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