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"Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" might be one of your guilty pleasures and we understand! Sometimes its hard to ignore the craziness that is Joseline, Stevie, and Mimi's life. If you find yourself glued to your TV every week, check out how well you know the show with this quiz!

Who is nicknamed the "Puerto Rican princess" throughout the series?

Joseline Hernandez, who was born and raised in Puerto Rico, is the self-proclaimed Puerto Rican princess.


Who is the owner of "Pressed," a boutique in Atlanta?

After arguing with her husband about finances, Rasheeda was finally able to move her store out of her house and open up a boutique in a shopping mall.


Which cast member has dated both Benzino and Yung Joc?

Karlie, who has been tied to a few relationships throughout the series, had very rocky relationships with Benzino and Yung Joc between the first and third seasons.


Who started off in the show by owning a cleaning service?

Mimi Faust starts the show as owning a cleaning service, a fact that Joseline often uses to insult her with by calling her "Molly the Maid."


Which cast member got married to Waka Flocka Flame?

In the series, Tammy and Waka Flocka Flame got married with a court ceremony, but as of 2016 are separated.


Whose major record label did Stevie J use to work for in the 1990s?

Back in the 90s, Stevie J won three Grammy awards working for Puff Daddy's label, Bad Boy Records.


Which rapper does Erica have a child with?

In the beginning of the series, we see Erica having an on-and-off again relationship with Scrappy, who is also the father of her child, Emani.


Which cast member left after two seasons for her own reality TV show?

After leaving Love and Hip Hop ATL, K. Michelle got her own show, "K.Michelle: My Life," before she returned to ATL for a few appearances in the 5th season.


Which of these women was only a main cast member in season 2?

Traci, who was only a main member of the cast in season 2, was a DJ and radio personality whose plot on the show followed her issues with her son's father, DJ Babey Drew.


Which of these women have not had a romantic interest in Scrappy?

Although Scrappy has been tied to quite a few women, him and Karlie have never kindled any kind of relationship.


Which cast member's mother is Momma Dee?

Momma Dee, who often refers to herself as the Queen of the Palace, is Scrappy's mother.


Which other cast member is Momma Dee also related to?

Momma Dee is also related to Yung Joc, who is her cousin.


What is the name of Rasheeda's husband?

Although they went through quite a bit of issues after the 2nd season where Kirk is shown cheating on a pregnant Rasheeda, they get their relationship back on track.


Who is Mimi's best friend?

Mimi's best friend is Ariane Davis, an aspiring singer who Mimi had a few issues with when she was dating Nikko.


What was the name of the publicist that Joseline and Stevie had issues with?

Although Dawn and Joseline were friends initially, their relationship suffered when Dawn sought out to prove that Joseline's marriage to Stevie was a fake.


How many children does rapper, Yung Joc have?

In the series, some of Joc's storyline focuses on former girlfriend, Khadiyah's issues with Joc's 8 children and 4 baby mothers.


Who claimed to have been friends and stripped with Joseline in Miami?

When Jessica Dime originally came to the show, she claimed that she knew and use to work with Joseline. Although Joseline first denied this, she later admitted that they did know each other.


When Karen King is introduced in Season 5, which other cast member did she once share a cell block with?

Dawn reveals in Season 5 that she once shared a cell block with Karen "KK" King which has led to a strained relationship between her and the family.


Who does Scrapp DeLeon introduce as his girlfriend in the beginning of Season 5?

Although Scrapp has a child with Tiarra and is later tied to Karlie, he is dating Tommie at the beginning of season 5.


Which LHH cast member sings on Rick Ross' single "Thug Cry?"

Betty Idol, who is friends with D. Smith, is romantically tied to Scrappy although she has issues with his ex, Bambi.


Who was previously shown to be Stevie J's best friend on the show?

Benzino and Stevie J were shown as best friends on the series, even opening up a restaurant/lounge together.


Which cast member appeared on Flavor of Love and Charm School?

Shay, who was no stranger to reality TV, had a friends with benefits relationship with Scrappy that caused many run-ins with Erica.


Who did Mimi release a sex tape with?

Although most initially thought Nikko leaked the tape on his own, it was revealed that Mimi knew about the tape and even shot extra footage for it.


Which former cast member was a part of Dirty Money?

Kalenna Harper, who was friends with Rasheeda, was a member of Dirty Money alongside Dawn Richards, a former member of Danity Kane.


Who was the second man to propose to Karlie?

Although Benzino could be considered the first to propose to Karlie Redd when he bought her a ring, the engagement never went through because he stopped once Karlie questions his intentions. In Season 5, Lyfe Jennings proposs to Karlie before she dramatically falls to the ground.


Which cast member doesn't believe K. Michelle's story of domestic abuse?

Rasheeda, who was friends with Toya Wright and wife of Memphitz, the man K. Michelle said abused her, didn't believe K. Michelle's story.


Who was Scrappy engaged to in the second season?

While they were trying to work on their relationship, Erica and Scrappy were engaged for a short while before Erica decided that they needed to slow down.


Which LHH star becomes pregnant in season 2, much to the dismay of their partner?

When Rasheeda revealed to Kirk that she was pregnant, Kirk didn't take the news well and used the couples' finances as a reason against it.


Which celebrity is seen at 'the cabin' where Kirk ends up cheating on Rasheeda?

When Benzino invites Kirk to the cabin, we see Bobby V as one of the party goers.


Who informed Stevie about Mimi's sex tape with Nikko?

Although Mimi wanted the chance to tell Stevie about the sex tape, Nikko beat her to the punch and used it as a means to jab at Stevie.


Which cast member doesn't return to LHH after season 3?

After issues between Stevie, Joseline, Benzino and Althea came to blows at the Season 3 reunion, the couples were asked to film their segments separately. Benzino wasn't invited to return after threatening the producers.


Which cast member tries to be a manager in Season 4?

In season 4, Mimi tries her hand at managing with two artists, Jessica Dime and Tiffany Fox.


Besides Rasheeda, which other cast member opens up a store?

Karlie, who was initially planning on opening a store with Erica, decides to open up her own store. Her grand opening causes a few problems when Erica and Rasheeda show up.


Who is the creator of the LHH franchise?

Mona Scott-Young is responsible for the entire Love and Hip Hop shows and K. Michelle's spin-off.


Which couple got a spin-off from the show?

Stevie J and Joseline received their own spin-off on VH1 in 2016, but the show was cancelled only after 1 season.


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