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Jack and Jenny are business partners, as well as lovers, but Jenny's goal is to become a highly respected individual in society. Think you know Jenny's journey to the top? Take the quiz to find out!

What was the governor going to announce at the beginning of the movie?

The governor was going to announce who the next Queen of the Mardi Gras would be. There was a large party in the streets to celebrate the occasion!


Who was the Queen of the Mardi Gras?

Jenny Blake was revealed to be the Queen of the Mardi Gras. When her mask was taken off by the governor, she didn't get the reaction she expected. Everyone was shocked and only a few were excited.


Who was Jenny's business partner?

Jack Morgan was Jenny's business partner. They owned the Memphis Belle, a casino that many people visited. This included Alan Alderson, who got caught up with Jenny!


What did Jenny tell Chloe to do with the Mardi Gras dress?

Jenny told Chloe to burn the dress that she wore as the Mardi Gras Queen. Jenny said she looked better in what she had on, but Chloe brought up what Jack liked instead!


Who walked in when Jenny and Chloe were talking about the dress?

Jack walked into the room when Jenny and Chloe were talking about the dress. Jenny was upset that Jack had made her look like a fool in front of everyone by becoming the Mardi Gras Queen.


What did Jenny say that she always wanted?

Jenny said that she had always wanted to be respected. She thought that being Mardi Gras Queen might earn her some respect, but it instead made everyone annoyed and angry.


Who was Jack's bodyguard?

Boris was Jack's bodyguard. Jack often called him out on how he was never really around to guard him anyway! At one point, Boris said it was his inability to say "no!"


What did Jenny get lifted away in during her first performance?

Jenny got lifted away in a hot air balloon during her performance. She was the star of the performance and had many dancers with her on the stage!


Who visited Jenny after her performance at the Memphis Belle?

Alan visited Jenny after her performance at the Memphis Belle. They spoke about the money that he owed her, but Jenny had a plan to use Alan's money trouble to help herself become more respected.


What did Jenny suggest that she and Alan do?

Jenny suggested that she and Alan should get married. Through their union, Jenny would gain respect through Alan's name and Alan would be relieved of his money troubles.


What did Jenny do when a fire started in her room?

Jenny let the fire burn once she saw it had started. When Jack came into the room, he saw the fire and didn't understand why Jenny wasn't trying to put it out. That's when Jenny let him know that she had married Alan!


How did Alan convince his father to let Jenny stay?

Alan convinced his father to let Jenny stay by telling him that she had money. He told him that if she left, the plantation that they owned, named "The Shadows," would also be gone.


Who broke the door down at the Aldersons'?

Chloe broke the door down at the Alderson's. Chloe was Jenny's maid and she had all of her stuff with her because she was ready to move in with Jenny in her new home.


What was odd about a painting hanging on the wall along the Aldersons' staircase?

The painting that was hanging on the wall along the Aldersons' staircase was odd because its eyes moved. As Jenny made her way down the staircase, she would pause to look at the painting. Every time she looked at it, it was staring right back at her!


What did Katherine do for Jenny?

Katherine picked some flowers for Jenny. She was the only member of the Alderson family that like Jenny right away. She tried to make Jenny feel more at home during her time at the house.


What instrument did Alan play?

Alan played the piano. When Jenny and Katherine entered the room he was playing the instrument as his aunt and father listened. Alan told Jenny that she should leave their house because it would be much better for her.


What did Chloe think was in Jenny's room?

Chloe thought that there was a ghost in Jenny's room. She saw shadows and heard clapping in the room. She asked Jenny if she had seen or heard anything, but Jenny said that she was just imagining things.


Who did Chloe see riding by the window of The Shadows?

Chloe saw Jack riding by the window of The Shadows. Jack stopped in to talk to Jenny, who told him that she was being treated well at the Aldersons' and that they all enjoyed her being there.


Why was Chloe upset about Jenny?

Chloe was upset with Jenny because she didn't think she was getting out enough. She said that all Jenny did was stay home, when she should want to go out, socialize and have a good time.


What was the present that Jack gave to Jenny?

Jack gave Jenny a book titled, "How to be a Lady." When Jenny read the title of the book she became angry and threw the book at Jack, knocking the pictures off of the wall behind him!


What did Jenny decide to host?

Jenny decided to host a ball. Alan's parents didn't approve of it, but Alan was able to talk them into allowing the ball to happen. Alan had Napoleon deliver all of the invitations to the ball.


What did the General tell Jack about the Aldersons' ball?

The General told Jack that nobody was going to Aldersons' ball. Jack thought that it was funny that no one was planning to attend and he laughed hysterically!


What did Jenny give to Katherine?

Jenny gave Katherine one of her dresses. Katherine loved the dress and she was planning to wear it to the ball. She also showed Jenny a picture that the dress reminded her of.


Who made sure that all of the guests arrived at Jenny's ball?

Jack made sure that all the guests arrived at Jenny's ball. Julia had planned to ruin the ball and hurt Jenny by ensuring that all of her invited guests didn't show up!


What did Julia give to Jenny?

Julia gave Jenny a horse so that she could go out more. Julia said that she wanted to forget the differences that they had. They could finally get along with one another.


What impairment did the horse have, that Julia gave to Jenny?

The horse that Julia gave to Jenny was blind. Julia didn't tell Jenny about this in hope that something bad would happen to Jenny. When Jenny was driving the carriage, she talked about how the horse seemed to pick where it wanted to go on its own.


How did Julia try to kill Jenny?

Julia tried to kill Jenny by poisoning her drink. Katherine caught her trying to do it and confronted her. She also mentioned that Julia had killed her future husband on their wedding night.


Who was suspected to have murdered Alan Alderson?

Jenny was suspected to have murdered Alan Alderson. Alan had drunk from the glass that Julia had poisoned, which killed him. It was brought up in court that she seemed to have motives for killing him, making it more believable that she had really killed him.


What did Chloe say in court that she did at night sometimes?

Chloe said that she drank from Jenny's cup sometimes when Jenny didn't finish her drink. She also told the court that Jenny would never kill Alan, or anyone else.


Who confessed that they lied in court?

Katherine confessed that she had lied in court. She lied and told everyone that she had mixed Jenny's drink that night. After finding out that Jenny would be sentenced to death, she blurted out the truth. It was Julia who had mixed the drink!


What happened to Jenny when she was driving the carriage pulled by the blind horse?

When Jenny was driving the carriage pulled by the blind horse, she fell out. Jack was close behind chasing after her and brought her back to the Alderson's house where he revealed that Julia knew the horse was blind before she gave it to Jenny.


What did Jenny realize at the end of the movie?

Jenny realized that she liked her old self better than what she was trying to become. Through her marriage to Alan, she started to realize that trying to fit in with the people she aspired to be was not worth it and she was able to see their true colors.


What did Jenny and Jack own?

Jenny and Jack owned a casino called the Memphis Belle. Jenny took part in providing entertainment in the form of performances for the casino's guests.


What did Jenny say that her father died of?

Jenny said that her father died of swamp fever. She was speaking to Jack about her troubled family life as a child and wondered if that was why everyone looked down on her.


Who was Napoleon?

Napoleon was the Alderson's servant. He and Chloe often bantered with each other as they were used to two different worlds. Napoleon was accustomed to the Aldersons' way of life, being very proper. Chloe, on the other hand, was used to Jenny's way of life, being enthusiastic and outgoing!


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