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I'll bet you a buck you, just don't raise me a nickel! Take the ultimate quiz now to test your knowledge of the most popular gambling terms in the game!

To bet all of your chips is known as going _______.

If another player bets more chips than you have in a No Limit game, you can go All-in and stake your total stack against an equivalent amount of your opponent's stack.


This is known as a tie between the dealer and a player.

This is a round of play in which neither the casino nor the player wins. On to the next round!


When you roll Snake Eyes, what do each of the dice have facing up?

When you roll a two in craps, it is called 'Snake Eyes', eyes because they look like eyes, snake because they are bad news (for the shooter).


If you're a big-time bettor at a casino, you're known as a __________.

A high roller often looks the part too - fancy clothes, fancy shoes, lots of jewelry and probably sunglasses!


If you get 'down to the felt,' what has happened?

You definitely don't want to be down to the felt in a casino because then you'd have to go home!


When cards are dealt to a player face down, they are known as that player's ________ cards.

You are very lucky if you are dealt pocket aces!


If you're "hot" in the casino, you are...

Call in the fire department, this one's hot! A hot player is making a lot of money!


A ________ bet is one in which the player does not see the cards before placing a bet.

Blinds are placed specifically in poker when you join the hand before seeing the cards.


When you convert cash into chips, this is known as your...

A player's buy-in is the amount of cash used to purchase casino chips before entering a table game such as blackjack, poker or craps.


These cards are not used during the game, rather they are discarded or used as cut cards...

A card is 'burned' at the start of each game, and in poker before each new round.


Anyone who gambles hopes not to leave the casino as a "fish"...

It is said that "If you can't spot the fish at the table, YOU are the fish!"


Kings, Queens and Jacks are known as ______ cards.

Face cards have high values and are most coveted in the casino - aside from Aces of course!


Where do you go to cash in your chips?

When it's time to head home, hopefully you need to stop at the cashier's cage to take some money with you.


When a player doubles their original wager in a game of blackjack, this is known as _______.

After declaring that he or she is doubling down, the player is then dealt one additional card only, to complete the hand. In the event that the player beats the dealer's hand or the dealer busts, then the player wins twice the amount of their original wager. If the player loses, then the player loses twice the amount of their original wager.


A slot machine with a generous payout is considered to be ________.

Who doesn't love a loose machine! Slot machines require no previous knowledge, however, it is beneficial to sit at one which you've scoped out as being loose!


What is it called when you roll a two on a die?

If you roll two ones, that is called snake eyes. But if you roll a one and a two, that would be called ace-deuce.


If you win by more than the pointspread, you've ________ the pointspread.

Your team may not have won the game, but as long as you've covered the spread, you are probably still happy... in gambling!


In poker, the ______ is an odd high card held that doesn't contribute to a straight or a flush.

A kicker is also known as a side card, For example, in a Q-Q-10-5-2 hand, the 10, 5 and 2 are kickers.


What's your name if you're a generous tipper to the table dealers?

A George is a good tipper!


When you win both sides of the game, you've _______ the book.

If you bet the underdog +3 1/2 and the favorite - 2 1/2 and the favorite wins by 3, you've middled the book. The book has been middled.


What is the correct casino lingo for a player advantage bet?

It is a good bet where the player has an edge over the casino!


What is the name of a gambler who has high expectations for casino comps and benefits, though they're not that well deserved?

Casino staff may find fleas to be annoying for wanting something for nothing!


This describes a player who tries to use the same strategy as a winning player, hoping for the same results...

To coat-tail is to bet the same numbers as someone who is winning at the moment. This can be seen as smart or lazy.


This word describes when a player bets large amounts at money games...

A player who is 'firing' is wagering large sums of money! They might also be thought of as a 'high roller'!


How much is a "dime"?

A dime bet is a $1,000 wager in a casino.


What is the name of the tray where the dealer places the played or discarded cards?

This tray is generally found on the dealer’s right side. It is used in games such as Baccarat, Blackjack and Poker.


This is the act of shuffling the cards where all the cards are face down on the table and the dealer sloshes them around...

It is thought that the act of swirling the cards around to shuffle them resembles a washing machine, therefore card washing.


If you "chase" after losing, what are you doing?

Chasing can be dangerous as a player could end up in deeper debt! If lucky enough, a player could earn their money back and break even!


This is the name of the bet required to begin a hand.

The ante is the initial compulsory bet before you receive your cards in Casino Stud Poker.


How much is a "nickel"?

In the casino, a "nickel" is known as $500 wager.


To ______ is to match the current bet.

You can fold, call or raise the current bet.


In Texas Hold‘em poker, _________ is the fifth card on board and the final round of betting.

The term Fifth Street is also used in seven-card-stud as it is in Texas Hold-em poker.


The "_______ in the sky" watches everyone.

It isn't until someone watches a TV show or movie that they realize how closely watched the staff and players are in a casino!


How much is a dollar bet?

If a player places a dollar bet, they are wagering $100!


A dollar bet, or $100, is also referred to as a _________.

A buck in regular terms is only $1. When gambling, its value goes way up!


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