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Famous AND single? How could that be? Well, famous does not always mean happy. Sometimes they need a little bit of counseling, or a lot! Take this quiz now to see how well you know this show!

In which year was the premiere of Famously Single?

Famously Single first aired on June 14, 2016.


On which television network does Famously Single air?

E! Entertainment Television, LLC is the full name of the channel.


Who is the relationship expert who hosts the show?

Darcy Sterling was born Darcy Smith on September 16, 1969.


Who is the male dating coach on Famously Single?

Robert Mack is a positive psychology expert and author of "Love from the Inside Out".


Who is the female dating coach on Famously Single?

Laurel House is a dating and empowerment coach and the other of "Screwing The Rules".


Which cast member hit on dating coach Laurel House?

Willis suggested that he and her to go the bathroom to hook up - not realizing that she was an undercover dating coach!


Which cast member was best known for appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

Brandi Glanville is a former model born on November 16, 1972.


What is Josh Murray best known for?

Josh was the last man standing on Andi Dorfman's season of The Bachelorette.


Before Famously Single, which reality show did Pauly D star in?

Despite living on the Jersey shore during those years, Pauly D was born and raised in Providence, RI.


Which cast member is a former member of Danity Kane?

Danity Kane was a girl group formed by P. Diddy.


Which cast member became a model at the age of 12?

Jessica White booked her first job after modeling for only one week. She landed an editorial for Vogue.


Which cast member is a former NFL running back?

Willis McGahee played for the Bills, Ravens, Broncos and Browns during his 10 year career in the NFL.


Which cast member had a (sort of) British accent?

Calum was born in California to English parents. He moved to the UK at the age of 21.


What is the occupation of Somaya Reece?

Somaya Reece appeared previously on VH1's Love & Hip Hop: New York.


How many children does Willis McGahee say he has on Famously Single?

On the show he says he has 6 daughters and 2 sons, though other reports suggest he has 10 children - with different baby mamas!


Who was the oldest cast member?

Brandi Glanville was 43 when she appeared on Famously Single.


What is Pauly D's occupation?

Pauly D is a DJ and lives in Las Vegas now.


Whose father was a famous football (soccer) player?

George Best played as a winger for Manchester United as well as the Northern Ireland national team. He died in 2005.


Who was known as the quiet free spirit in the house?

Jessica overdosed on cocaine at the age of 20.


Which cast member was looking too much for perfection?

All of the other cast members even recognized this perfection-seeking in Josh and told him to cool it!


Who did Pauly D have a connection with in the house?

Aubrey developed serious feelings for Pauly early on and Pauly needed a little more time to come around to commitment.


Where did Aubrey and Pauly go on their date?

Aubrey didn't like the driving helmet because it was messing up her weave.


Jessica kissed two people in the house -Willis and ________.

Jessica and Somaya had a steamy night in a the bathtub together!


Calum had a love interest in ________.

Calum and Brandi had a love./hate relationship.


When was it revealed that Willis and Jessica had kissed?

The ladies had a girls night out and she admitted that he had great lips.


The group hosted a blind date mixer in which...

Despite the rules, Josh still asked one of the attendees what she looked like!


Famously Single debuted in both the US and _______ in June 2016.

Australia is both a country and a continent.


The singles went out on blind dates and were coached by...

Each person was given an ear piece and a fellow cast member was watching and listening, coaching them on what to say during their blind date!


Brandi told Josh to tell his blind date that he had...

Josh went with the flow and later confessed to his blind date that was not true.


Somaya thought Pauly's blind date was...

Somaya kept telling Pauly through his ear piece that his date was so boring!


Whose advice did Pauly seek when Aubrey began pressuring him into being boyfriend/girlfriend?

Dr. Darcy told him that he needed to TELL Aubrey that he wanted to slow down to make sure things lasted because he really liked her.


During their final celebration party, what happens to Brandi and Calum?

Brandi is ultimately offended by Calum and she wants an apology.


Where did the cast have to find dates to bring on the cruise?

This exercise encouraged them to get out there and be a little vulnerable!


Who did not bring a date on the cruise?

Aubrey did not like this exercise of walking up to people in public. She instead barged in on other people's one-on-one time on the cruise!


Which cast member read cards for people?

Jessica always had a deck of cards on hand. She even pulled them out on one of her dates!


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