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With over 250 episodes and a series of cast changes, how well do you know the profilers of the BAU? "Criminal Minds" has been on the air for 12 seasons. Do you remember every detail? Find out with this quiz!

What state is the BAU based out of?

In the series, "Criminal Minds," the BAU operates out of the FBI headquarters in Quantico, Virginia.


What word do the profilers use to refer to their suspect?

In the series, the BAU profilers refer to their suspect or perpetrator as the "un-sub," or unknown subject.


What is the name of the bomber who was responsible for killing six FBI agents?

At the beginning of the series, we're introduced to Jason Gideon's story. He was negotiating with a bomber, Adrian Bale. After a seemingly peaceful conclusion, Gideon sends six agents into a warehouse - a warehouse that Bale soon blows up.


The "Fisher King" shot which BAU member?

After Hotch sends Elle home, Randall Garner is waiting in the shadows of her house and shoots her. His actions are in retaliation, because he had told the BAU not to get the media involved in his case.


Which member of the BAU leaves in season 3?

Ultimately, after Frank Breitkopf returns and murders Gideon's college friend, the character can't handle the job anymore. Very similar to Mandy Patinkin's reason for leaving the show - he stated that it was too dark and violent for him.


Which two BAU profilers go undercover to investigate child abuse allegations at a cult?

In Season 4, Episode 3, Prentiss and Reid go undercover at a cult when a seemingly 15-year-old girl calls the police about sexual abuse. The cult ultimately learns that there is an FBI agent in their midst, and the situation escalates.


When Hotch steps down as unit chief, who steps in temporarily?

After Strauss voices concern about his performance running the team, Hotch steps down and asks Morgan to take over his role as unit chief.


What is the name of the man who's after Prentiss from her Interpol days?

Prior to coming to the FBI, Emily worked for Interpol as an undercover agent. After Ian Doyle is arrested and subsequently escapes, he makes it his mission to get back at Emily.


Which BAU member is thought to have died in season 6?

After Emily is critically injured by Ian Doyle, she fakes her death with the help of J.J. until it is safe for her to return. She returns at the beginning of Season 7.


What is the name of the new profiler who is introduced in season 8?

Alex Blake joins the BAU in season 8 and stays until the end of season 9. When Blake witnesses Spencer getting shot in the neck, the events remind her of her past and lead to her leaving the FBI.


Who is the new section chief, following the death of Erin Strauss?

In season 9, following the death of Erin Strauss, Mateo Cruz replaces her as section chief. It is later revealed that he and J.J. had a previous working relationship, during her hiatus from the BAU.


Which actress joins the cast of "Criminal Minds" in season 10 as Kate Callahan?

Jennifer Love Hewitt joined the "Criminal Minds" cast for season 10 as agent Kate Callahan. She was previously working undercover before she was recruited to join the BAU.


Which of these actors played Derek's father in Season 10?

In Season 11, we see Danny Glover guest star in episode 16. While Morgan is captured by a group of un-subs, he begins hallucinating about his deceased father.


What is the name of the play where Hotch and Haley met each other in high school?

In Season 1, Hotch and Haley share a bit of their love story and reveal that they met each other in high school, during a school production of "The Pirates of Penzance." Hotch tried out when he noticed Haley in the ensemble.


Which member of the BAU speaks Arabic?

When Emily is introduced to her first BAU case, they are dealing with a group of homegrown terrorists. When the un-subs leave a message in Arabic, Prentiss shocks the team by translating it on the spot.


Which of these members joins the BAU in Season 3?

In season 3, following the departure of Gideon, David Rossi returns to the FBI and the BAU, a team he helped start.


Besides J.J., who is the first BAU member to meet her replacement, Jordan Todd?

Prior to her start at the BAU, Jordan Todd and Derek meet at a cafe on his way into work. Derek is initially confused as he has never met her, but she knows his name.


Episode 100 features which infamous serial killer?

George Foyet is possibly the most notable serial killer from "Criminal Minds." Episode 100 was dedicated to the battle between him and Hotch. The Reaper ultimately kills Hotch's ex-wife, Haley, before Hotch loses control and beats The Reaper to death.


Which BAU member both leaves and returns during season 6?

At the beginning of Season 6, J.J. leaves the BAU for another assignment, but she returns in the last episode, no longer their communications liaison, but as a profiler.


When Rossi has a cooking session in his kitchen to bring the team together after Emily's return, what does he make?

After the team is rocked by the return of Emily, after she had been presumed death, there's tension between some of the members of the team. In an effort to reconcile, Rossi has a cooking lesson at his house.


Which of these BAU members has a brother who works as a chef?

Earlier in the series, we are introduced to Hotch's younger brother, Sean. He is admitted to law school but decides to pursue a cooking career in NYC instead. He is brought back in season 8, when the team has to travel to the Big Apple for a string of ecstasy overdoses.


Which BAU member is from Las Vegas?

During the time of the show, we come to learn where many of the profilers are from. While Dave is from Long Island, Derek is from Chicago, and J.J. is from Pennsylvania, Spencer's storyline often brings him back to Las Vegas - the place where he grew up and where his mother lives in a sanitarium.


At the end of season 9, when the BAU team travels to Texas to investigate the murder of prostitutes, which two BAU members get shot?

After the team travels to Texas, they soon learn that the department is filled with corruption and the officers and deputies are ready to eliminate everyone in their way. During the crossfire with a potential un-sub, Derek and Reid are shot.


How many ex-wives does Rossi have?

Many times throughout the series, the profilers make jokes about Rossi's failed marriages. He is currently up to three.


Which BAU member leaves towards the end of season 11?

After Morgan's abduction, he returns to the BAU after six months, but he soon decides it's best if he leaves the FBI.


What is the name of Hotch's son?

At the beginning of the series, we are introduced to Hotch's wife, Haley, who is pregnant. By episode 7, she has given birth to their son, named Jack.


What is the name of the serial killer that kidnaps Reid?

In season 2, Reid is held by a serial killer, Tobias Hankle, who has multiple personalities, one of which is his deceased father. Hankel gives Reid the drug, Dilaudid, which ultimately makes Reid develop an addiction.


When Penelope is shot in season 3, which BAU member kills her assailant?

After Penelope's assailant finds his way into the BAU, he holds an agent at gunpoint before being surrounded by BAU members. J.J., who was originally in her office, is able to surprise him from behiind and shoots him right in the temple.


J.J.'s husband, Will LaMontagne, is from which state?

J.J.'s husband, Will, is originally from New Orleans and we're introduced to him when the BAU is invited to help on a case. We later find out about their relationship ,when the team is working on a case in Florida and one of Will's friends and colleagues is a victim.


Which hair color do we never see Penelope with?

When we are introduced to Garcia, she is a blonde, but in the middle of season 5, she dyes her hair red. In a flashback, we see her in goth gear with black hair, but she is never shown as a brunette.


Which FBI member had an alcohol addiction?

Although we don't learn much about her in the beginning of the series, we soon learn some of Erin Strauss's storyline. We find out that she is battling alcohol addiction and she manages to be sober for over one year before The Replicator murders her.


Which of these members was training for a triathlon?

During season 7, we find out that Hotch is training for a triathlon. While he is at the park, he meets a love interest, Beth.


Which of these serial killers kept images of the BAU team in a dark room?

The Replicator went by the name John Curtis. He stalked the BAU profilers for months and his goal was to ultimately destroy the BAU team. He began by killing Section Chief Erin Strauss.


Which of these actors DID NOT guest star on "Criminal Minds"?

Forest Whitaker starred in an episode on "Criminal Minds" for one of their spin-offs, "Suspect Behavior." Mark Hamill and Tim Curry each starred as infamous serial killers on the show, John "The Replicator" Curtis and Billy Flynn.


As of season 12, which of these characters has NOT appeared in every season?

In the 12 seasons the show has been on TV, the characters of Hotch, Reid, J.J., and Garcia are the only ones to appear in each season. Prior to his departure in season 11, Derek Morgan was featured in every season.


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