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Do you like climbing behind the wheel, seeing a bow tie on it instead of a blue oval or something else? Are you convinced that the Corvette really is America's only real sports car? If so, you might have an obsession with the Chevrolet brand, and you're certainly not alone. Plenty of people in North America and even beyond drive Chevrolet cars, trucks, and SUVs, making them quite popular.

Let's face it: There's a good reason why Prince wrote about a little red Corvette instead of a Sentra or Corolla.

Chevrolet has been a symbol of American national pride for some time. It rose up in the Motor City and has grown to become one of the most popular auto brands in the country. With a long and rich history, there's a lot to know about this dynamic brand. It's been responsible for some of the most iconic vehicles to ever roll down American streets. In fact, you could make a good argument that Chevrolet has greatly impacted American culture.

But how much do you really know about this brand? Maybe you know the vehicles, but do you know the company and its lengthy history? Test out the extent of your Chevrolet knowledge right now by taking this test.

What company owns Chevrolet?

General Motors, one of the largest automakers in the world, promotes Chevrolet as a brand for the masses. That's why you'll find cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs all under the Chevy brand.


When did Chevrolet debut the Camaro?

With the muscle car wars heating up, and an opportunity to produce its own pony car to compete with the Mustang, Chevrolet released the Camaro in 1966 as a 1967 model. You could get it with a V-6 or V-8, and as a coupe or convertible.


For Chevy vehicles, SS stands for what?

Chevrolet has used the SS designation on quite a few high-performance vehicles


What was the first Chevrolet?

When Chevrolet first launched as a brand, it promoted what was a high-performance and luxurious automobile. It didn't take too long for the brand to transform into something more for the masses.


Where does the Chevrolet name come from?

Louis Chevrolet was a race car driver fro Buick, and had set quite few records in his day. Being a humble person, like other people who started car companies, he put his surname on it.


What notorious Chevrolet car had a rear engine?

The Corvair has gone down in infamy, thanks to a scathing book about automotive safety, focusing much on this Chevy model. Today, the Corvair is becoming a collector's item, which makes sense since it's an oddball for American vehicles in general.


After taking a hiatus from the European market, what year did Chevrolet return?

After being absent from the European market, GM decided to launch Chevrolet with an aggressive push. That effort didn't last long, thanks to slow sales, with only the Corvette and Camaro left after a 2015 pullback. Some think with the sale of Opel that a return is imminent.


Where does Chevrolet's famous bowtie badge come from?

While on vacation in Virginia with his wife, Billy Durant saw an advertisement in a paper for Coalettes brand, which used a similar shape in the logo. The co-founder of the brand decided it was the perfect thing to put on cars, and the rest is history.


When did the Chevrolet small-block V8 debut?

To say that the small-block V8 had a huge impact on the automotive industry would be an understatement. Not only was it a hit with enthusiasts, it shaped how V8 engines were designed by Chevrolet and other automakers for years.


What truck did the Colorado replace?

Some people complained when the Chevy Colorado debuted in 2004, because the pickup is larger than the S-10 in every way. Technically, it's a midsize truck, instead of a compact one. That's a double-edge sword, because you get more interior space, but the truck takes up more parking space.


In what year did Chevy start using only gold bowties on all vehicles?

Previous to this transition, Chevrolet tried to differentiate different types of vehicles by using different colors for the bowtie badges. The switch to gold was supposed to show brand unity and help differentiate it from competitors.


Technically, what kind of a powertrain does the Chevy Volt have?

Many people think that the Chevrolet Volt is a pure electric vehicle, but in certain situations the gasoline engine helps propel it forward, instead of just acting as a range extender. That detail makes it a plug-in hybrid instead.


How long after it was created did Chevrolet get scooped up by GM?

Six years after the company was created in 1911, Chevrolet merged with General Motors. That relationship between the two have remained constant ever since.


Who were the founders of Chevrolet?

William C. Durant originally ran Buick Motor Company and hired Louis Chevrolet to race the company's cars for promotional purposes. He decided to use Chevrolet's fame by naming a new automaker after him.


What design did the first Impala introduce to the Chevrolet brand?

The first generation of the Impala, which was a 1958 model, was a large and brash vehicle. The highly sculpted fenders and plenty of chrome were characteristic of the period, while dual headlamps added a new element to the brand's design approach.


What was Alfred Sloan's famous market segment strategy for Chevrolet?

Alfred Sloan had a philosophy that Chevrolet should truly be the brand for the masses, hence his comment about a vehicle for every budget and job out there. The strategy worked, pushing Chevrolet sales past Ford not too long after.


What model did the Silverado replace?

Chevrolet didn't just pull the Silverado name out of nowhere, but instead it was already familiar with Chevy fans as a trim level used on the C/K. The new Silverado line of trucks was introduced in 1998, making the beginning of a new era.


Where is Chevrolet's headquarters?

You might hear that commerce in Detroit is dead these days, but that might be a little blown out of proportion. While it might not be the same as the glory days, the Motor City still hosts the worldwide headquarters for Chevrolet, among other international companies.


What was the predecessor to the Chevrolet Tahoe?

The 1995 model year marked the Chevy Tahoe's launch into the market. Since then the design has changed quite a bit, but even today the Tahoe has been praised by numerous organizations for being affordable, when compared to other full-size SUVs.


What was the first true EV offered by Chevrolet?

With electrification a big push in the auto industry, GM decided to create a relatively affordable and practical electric vehicle, offered through the Chevrolet brand. The Bolt has been a sales success, with other models using the same architecture in the works.


How long was the Chevy Stovebolt in production?

Chevy first put its Stovebolt OHV inline-6 engine into production in 1929, and amazingly it lasted all the way until 2001. That kind of a run is pretty much unheard of for any engine, which is a testament to the design.


Chevy launched the El Camino in response to what vehicle?

The Chevy El Camino is a cult classic, because the coupe pickup craze didn't last long and has never returned. Chevrolet only made the car until 1987, with the first run only lasting two years, then resuming four years later.


What time period did Chevrolet use The Heartbeat of America slogan?

Before Dannielle Hudler come on as the direct of advertising, Chevrolet was using the Today's Chevrolet slogan. Hudler told the advertising team to keep the all-American theme when developing the new push, which they most certainly did.


What was Chevrolet's first muscle car?

Chevrolet decided to get in on the muscle car action by creating the Chevelle SS. In the middle of the 1964 model year, shoppers could get a 327 under the hood, which could be tuned for a peak 300 horsepower.


Who was the first female leader of Chevrolet?

As CEO and chairman of the board for GM, Barra heads up operations for Chevrolet. She became the first female CEO after GM exited bankruptcy and has led the Chevrolet brand into a period of healthy resurgence.


What was the first year Chevrolet became the best-selling car brand in the United States?

Thanks to the Stovebolt OHV inline 6-cylinder engine, as well as the push to make a wide variety of affordable vehicles, Chevrolet surpassed Ford's sales. It sparked a rivalry still going on today.


What was the first model year of the Chevrolet Corvette?

When Chevrolet designed the Corvette, it was only supposed to be a show car. Thanks to it generating plenty of interest at the 1953 Motorama as part of the New York Auto Show, GM decided to go ahead with production.


What was the first model year shoppers could order a Duramax for their Colorado?

The optional 2.8-liter Duramax turbo-diesel engine has turned out to be quite popular for the Colorado. In fact, a growing number of light-duty trucks have started offering diesel engines, a trend that likely will only continue.


When did Chevrolet bring the Camaro back from the dead?

Falling sales and a general lack of interest led Chevrolet brass to decide the Camaro needed to go away for a while. The company worked in secret on bringing the muscle car back, teasing the rebirth with a 2006 concept. Holden actually played a key role in engineering and designing the new Camaro.


What was the top version of the 1957 Chevy?

An iconic car, the 57 Chevy is often featured on posters, paintings, tin signs - you name it. The one most people drool over is the top-of-the-line Bel Air, although the Two-Ten and One-Fifty are still highly sought after.


What Chevrolet holds the record for the longest-running nameplate that's still being made?

Chevrolet first started making a Suburban model back in 1935, but it was admittedly quite different from the behemoth we have today. Still, no other nameplate in the industry has had that kind of lasting power.


Where did the term "Stingray" for Chevy Corvettes come from?

The Corvette Stingray Racer Concept Car showed a big departure from the C1's buttoned-up design, thanks to the concept being the personal project of the youngest designer GM had at the time. The name fell in with the nautical theme the Corvette name played off of, so it was applied to the C2, which was heavily influenced by the concept.


What motorsports competition was the Chevrolet Monte Carlo heavily associated with?

While the Monte Carlo was a fairly tame car in the hands of consumers, Chevrolet turned it into a performance beast to compete in NASCAR and other stock car events. Among the famous drivers to have piloted one was Dale Earnhardt, Richard Petty, and Jeff Gordon.


What did Chevrolet use to replace the big-block V8s in trucks?

The advantage of the big-block V8s was the fact they churned out tons of torque in the low RPMs, which is exactly what you want for towing or hauling heavy loads, The drawback was the engines were anything but efficient. Diesels also provides plenty of low-end torque, but they conserve fuel quite well.


What international brand did Chevrolet use to source the late SS Sedan?

The Holden Commodore has been a celebrated monster performance sedan from the land Down Under. Chevrolet decided to import the car, rebadging it as the SS Sedan.


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