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Full of old-fashioned patriotism and cutting-edge special effects, "Captain America" charmed audiences and paved the way for a full-fledged "Avengers" movie! Now, test your knowledge of the Marvel movie with our quiz!

What is Bucky's real first and middle name?

In the early comic books, "Bucky" was just a classic "boy sidekick" character with no full name. His name was lengthened and his character became more multi-dimensional as the Marvel Universe modernized.


In the first scene in the Arctic, a solider scrapes away ice to reveal what?

Surprisingly, 70 years after Cap's presumed death, a random soldier in the Arctic knows exactly what he's found. He demands that a colonel be woken at 3 a.m.: "This one's waited long enough."


What is the name of the evil organization within the Third Reich?

Hydra soon breaks out of "Hitler's Shadow," as leader Johann Schmidt puts it. But they retain certain aspects of Nazism, like the way Hydra agents say "Hail Hydra" to identify themselves to each other.


In what country is the Tesseract hidden?

This isn't the movie's opening scene -- that's the present-day scene in the Arctic. But soon afterward, the action shifts to Norway in 1942, where Hydra agents wrest a powerful artifact, the Tesseract, from its guardians.


What specific part of New York City is Steve Rogers from?

Brooklyn pride comes up several times in the movie. When the chief bad guy, Johann Schmidt, asks what makes Captain America so special, Steve responds, "Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn."


The doctor at the first recruiting station says that Steve's ______ alone would disqualify him from military service.

Steve has a long list of minor conditions that disqualify him from service, seen briefly on his application form. However, as far we know, there's nothing wrong with Steve's teeth.


Where is the recruitment station where Steve is finally allowed to enlist?

Steve goes to the World's Fair with Bucky and two girls. But while the other three go dancing, Steve enlists for his fifth time, and is finally successful, thanks to Dr. Abraham Erskine.


Who played the sympathetic Dr. Erksine?

Dr. Erskine is from Germany, presumably a refugee from the Third Reich's ethnic cleansing of Jews. He tells Steve that the U.S. Army has plenty of big men, and "maybe it's time for the little guy."


At Camp Lehigh, Steve meets the beautiful Agent Carter. What is her first name?

In making its 21st-century movies, Marvel is tasked with making sexy, lethal characters who are saddled with rather dated names, including "Peggy" and "Bucky." (Don't get us started on "Dum Dum Dugan.")


Who played the gruff Colonel Phillips?

Tommy Lee Jones has had an epic career, anchoring movies and getting nominated for Academy Awards -- All of which makes us scratch our heads over his recent decision to become a TV pitchman for retirement-investment products.


What drink do Erskine and Steve bond over the night before the procedure?

Actually, only Erskine drinks. Steve can't, because it's the night before his operation. Erskine says the next day that he didn't save Steve "... enough (Schnapps) as I should have. Sorry."


Who was the first person to try out Dr. Erskine's serum?

Schmidt wanted to become a god and insisted on taking the super-serum. Erskine says he was the wrong man, because the serum amplifies whatever is inside -- which is Schmidt's case is selfishness and evil.


What does Steve say, after the transformation, when Agent Carter asks him how he feels?

Steve comes out of the reactor about a foot taller and with at least 50 pounds more muscle. It raises the question ... Why do his pants still fit him perfectly?


In his battle on the street with the Hydra spy, what does Steve use as a shield?

The cab door is imprinted with a star. This, of course, foreshadows the shield he'll carry in his superhero days.


What nickname do the Nazis give to Johann Schmidt?

Schmidt became what he is when Dr. Erskine's early version of the serum went wrong. His skin peeled off and he became a red skeleton -- though, of course, still fully functional and not in blinding pain.


Before Steve is enlisted to do stage shows, where does Phillips intend to send him?

Phillips wants Steve to be a "lab rat," as Steve later puts it. Phillips wants more super soldiers, based on Steve, because one is not enough.


Who tells Steve, at a USO event, that he was "meant for more than this"?

Agent Carter visits the USO show and gives Steve a pep talk. She also supports him in his insubordination, as he bolts from the show to rescue soldiers from a Hydra installation.


When Agent Carter finds him, Steve is drawing a portrait of himself as what?

Steve proves to be a talented illustrator. He's drawn a monkey in the Captain America uniform, riding a unicycle along a tightrope, which lampoons his current role as a stage entertainer.


What is the literary last name of Schmidt's pet scientist?

Emile Zola was a French novelist and playwright who was twice nominated for a Nobel Prize. Toby Jones's Dr. Arnim Zola is not really a desirable namesake.


What does Bucky say when Steve says, "I thought you were dead"?

Bucky hasn't seen Steve since the World's Fair. When he asks if Steve's transformation is permanent, Steve says, "So far."


What is the nickname of the core group of soldiers that Steve assembles?

The Howling Commandos go way back in the Marvel Comics universe and include Dum Dum Dugan and Gabe Jones, played here by Neil McDonough and Derek Luke, respectively.


Which of these characters was NOT a howling commando?

Peggy Carter mostly works in intelligence, alongside Colonel Phillips. Though she's got the fighting chops, she doesn't go on missions with Cap until the movie's finale.


What does Steve think that "fondue" is?

Steve hears Howard Stark ask Peggy if she has time to stop in Lucerne for some fondue. Steve, being working-class and from Brooklyn, thinks it's a euphemism for some kind of sexual activity. Howard Stark sets him straight later.


Who is the only member of the Howling Commandos to wear a helmet?

So what if they're constantly walking into gunfire? Dugan's got to wear his classic bowler, doesn't he? And in one scene, Dernier, who is French, even wears a beret.


Who falls to certain death from the train carrying Zola?

The Howling Commandos are on a mission to capture Zola, which succeeds. Sadly, though, they come back a man light.


After Bucky's apparent death, what does Steve discover about his new metabolism?

Agent Carter tells Steve that his metabolism is four times faster than an average man's. For this reason, Erskine suspected the serum might make it impossible for a recipient to get drunk. Bummer.


What distinguishes Zola from other Hydra agents the Allies have captured?

Colonel Phillips comments on this when he interrogates Zola. This goes along with a popular movie trope that among bad guys, the scientist is the one who's just in it for the fascinating work, and isn't really zealous about the cause itself.


The smaller planes in the belly of Red Skull's big aircraft are labeled with what?

Steve and Schmidt have their climactic fight on the plane. But after winning, Steve has to decide what to do with the plane and its deadly payload.


What activity do Agent Carter and Steve talk several times about doing together?

The last conversation about this takes place as Steve is about to crash-land Schmidt's weapons-laden plane into the polar ice. He does this, of course, to save lives.


What do Howard Stark and his team recover from the polar ice?

The Tesseract is what screenwriters have long called a "Maguffin." It's an object that everyone fights over, that grants amazing powers, etc., without ever really being explained.


When Steve bursts out of his fake 1940s hospital room, where does he end up?

The writers probably wanted to immerse Steve in a shockingly present-day, fast-paced environment. Times Square, with its dense traffic and lighted signs, fits perfectly.


What is the movie's last line?

Samuel L. Jackson appears as Nick Fury to explain to Steve that he's been asleep for 70 years. Steve immediately realizes that he's missed his date at the Stork Club with Agent Carter.


Who played Captain America?

Hemsworth is, of course, Thor, and Chris Pratt is "Star Lord" of the "Guardians of the Galaxy" movies. Only Chris Pine -- Captain Kirk, to you -- has escaped the pull of the Marvel Universe.


Which of the movie's characters anchored a TV show?

"Agent Carter," set in the late 40s, aired for two seasons on ABC. A companion show to "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD," it wasn't as popular and was canceled in May 2016.


Where did Stan Lee make his inevitable cameo?

Lee is in the audience at the ceremony honoring Steve, after his rescue of the 107th. When an aide hurries out from behind the curtain to tell Senator Brandt that Captain America isn't there, Lee whispers, "I thought he'd be taller." Yes, it's yet another version of the "taller" joke!


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