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This movie had such a dazzling ensemble cast, some people called it "Avengers 2.5." Do you remember all the heroes, the bad guys, and the drama? Find out now with our quiz!

What does the subtitle "Civil War" refer to?

The Avengers are divided over whether they'll accept UN oversight or continue to work independently. Captain America (Steve Rogers) leads the pro-independence team, while Iron Man (Tony Stark) leads the pro-oversight team.


Which two Avengers are noticeably absent from "Civil War"?

Their absence isn't explained, but it's referred to. The Secretary of State tells the other Avengers, early on, that he's curious about where Banner and Thor are.


Steve Rogers' old friend, Bucky Barnes, is also known as what?

Barnes's nickname gave the second movie its title, "Captain America: The Winter Soldier." The emotional high point of that movie is when Barnes' mask is removed, in the middle of a street fight, and Cap finally sees that the mysterious assassin who's been pursuing him is his old friend, long thought dead.


The prologue to "Civil War" takes place in what year?

The movie opens with the Winter Soldier getting a mission. He causes a car wreck and steals IV bags of an unknown substance from the trunk. The full significance of this scene won't be made clear until close to the end of the movie.


A fatal incident in what nation sparks the oversight initiative?

A group of Avengers -- Captain America, the Falcon, Scarlet Witch and the Black Widow -- are trying to prevent the theft of a biological weapon from the Institute for Infectious Diseases. Unfortunately, things go very wrong.


Who is leading the terrorist attack in Lagos?

We saw a lot of Rumlow in the previous Captain America movie, as a HYDRA agent hiding within SHIELD, who was badly burned in the finale, but survived. As all comic-book fans know, "badly burned, but survived" is the starting point for pure villainhood, usually accompanied by a cool nickname like "Crossbones."


What is the Falcon's drone called?

This leads to a comic exchange between the Falcon and the Black Widow. When Natasha thanks Sam for sending his drone to her aid, he says, "Don't thank me." When she responds, "I'm not thanking that thing," he laughs and encourages her to pet it.


Which Avenger causes the blast that kills 11 Wakandans?

Rumlow has made himself into a human bomb via an explosive vest. Rather than let him kill Captain America, the Scarlet Witch uses her power to throw Rumlow skyward, but the explosion destroys several floors of an office building, killing nearly a dozen people.


Which character was (briefly) returned to college-age through computer manipulation?

Tony Stark shows a group of MIT students his college-age self in a simulation of the day his parents died. Stark's experiment is intended to help people process emotional trauma by letting them relive the events in a way that rights past wrongs.


Who played the woman who confronted Stark at MIT?

Woodard plays a woman who works for the State Department. Her son, Charlie Spencer, was a collateral casualty during the Avengers/SHIELD battle for Sokovia (as seen in the second Avengers movie).


Who played Secretary of State Thaddeus Ross?

Secretary Ross has a history with the Hulk. In "Civil War," though, he visits Stark's compound to explain the Sokovia Accords, the international agreement that will require the Avengers to work under UN supervision.


Which character dies of natural causes? (No, really!)

In a touching scene, Steve flies to London to be a pallbearer at her funeral. The eulogy is given by Sharon Carter, who followed in her aunt's footsteps into the spy trade.


Why is the usually confident Tony Stark feeling vulnerable?

Though the deaths of the Starks are important to the plot, no anniversary is mentioned. But Stark feels lousy about Charlie Spencer and his mother, and Pepper, his moral compass, isn't around. These two things probably combine to make him open to the idea of oversight.


In what city is the Accords signing and the bombing?

Vienna hosts the signing of the Sokovian Accords. But a bomb hidden in a news van ruins the historic occasion and kills Wakanda's king.


Which Avenger attends the Sokovia Accords signing?

Natasha supports the Accords, though she doesn't feel as strongly about it as Tony Stark does. Her support has its roots in the fact that she, like Stark, has parts of her past that she regrets.


Who is believed to have carried out the Vienna bombing?

Bucky is framed for the Vienna bombing, and given his past, it's not hard to believe. It couldn't have been Quicksilver. He died at the end of the second Avengers movie.


Who keeps Wanda company when she's confined to Tony's compound?

Vision's even temper and urbane good manners make him good company. He even tries to cook paprikash, a Central European dish, to cheer Wanda up.


In what city does Steve track down Bucky?

The police are closing in on Bucky. Steve has come to bring him in personally, and safely -- but things turn into a street chase that ends with Steve and Bucky both under arrest.


Who is the mysterious third party in the chase in Bucharest?

T'Challa also pursues Bucky through the streets of Bucharest, seeking revenge for his father's death. Like Steve and Bucky, he ends up in police custody.


What does Natasha say to the Winter Soldier as he is choking her?

Bucky shot Natasha while she was protecting a nuclear scientist. Then, during the events of "Winter Soldier," he and Natasha fought in the streets of Washington, D.C.


What does Captain America believe bad guy Helmut Zemo wants to do?

It's Bucky who reveals that there is a group of Winter Soldiers. It's why he had to attack Howard and Maria in 1991 -- to get the super-soldier serum out of Howard's car.


Where does the showdown between the two Avengers factions take place?

The big hand-to-hand fight takes place at the airport in Leipzig, Germany. Both antagonists, Captain America and Iron Man, bring in reinforcements. Speaking of which ...


For the airport confrontation, Captain America calls in Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and which other hero?

Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, has a fanboy moment when he meets Captain America. "Hey, I'm shaking your hand too long!" he says happily.


Who comes to the compound to get the Scarlet Witch?

Hawkeye and Vision clash over whether Wanda will go. This is a nod to Marvel Comics' history, in which both Hawkeye and Vision had romantic attachments to the Scarlet Witch.


Who played Aunt May?

Stark calls Peter's aunt "unusually attractive." It's an inside joke, because Tomei and Downey Jr. were romantically linked earlier in their careers.


Which member of Stark's team switches sides in the airport fight?

Natasha holds off the Black Panther so that Steve and Bucky can escape to catch Zemo. Later, Stark accuses her of not being able to overcome her double-agent training. "Gets into the DNA," he says.


Who is seriously injured in the airport fight?

While being pursued by the Falcon, Rhodey is hit by a laser beam shot by Vision (whose target was the Falcon). Rhodey crash-lands into a field, suffering a spinal-cord injury.


Which members of Cap's team end up in a super-max prison?

All of these heroes, and Ant-Man as well, end up in a high-security prison submerged in the waters of the ocean. Only Captain America and Bucky escape the mayhem at the airport.


What ruins the reconciliation between Captain America and Iron Man?

Though Bucky was framed earlier, for the bombing in Vienna, in this case he actually did the dirty work. Tony is particularly enraged at seeing Bucky reach into the crashed car to choke Maria Stark to death.


What is Zemo's real plan, revealed near the end?

Zemo admits to T'Challa, near the end, that he knew he couldn't kill the Avengers. So he created an elaborate plot to cause a rift among them -- using Bucky, Cap's oldest friend, to do so.


Where does Stan Lee make his inevitable cameo?

Stark is helping Rhodey walk with his new mechanical leg when a FedEx delivery comes for "Tony Stank." Naturally, Rhodey says that he's never letting that joke die.


What's in the package that Cap sends to Tony Stark?

Not just any phone, a flip phone. Well, who has the right to love old tech if not Steve Rogers?


What decision does Bucky make in a mid-credits scene?

Bucky wants to stay unconscious until there's a way for his assassin programming to be overturned. Surprisingly, King T'Challa (the Black Panther) hosts him in a lab in Wakanda, where his whereabouts can stay unknown.


Which beloved Marvel character was played by a new actor in "Civil War"?

Peter Parker was played by Tobey Maguire in several well-received movies. In this film, though, the directors wanted a teenager to play the role. Young British actor Tom Holland got the part.


Daniel Bruhl, who played Zemo, acted alongside "Dr. Strange" star Benedict Cumberbatch in what movie?

Bruhl was the protagonist of the film about wikileaks. But Cumberbatch, sporting white-blond hair, was the central figure, Julian Assange.


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