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Catch you at the hootenanny tonight? I'll be there gettin' dixie friend! Take this quiz now to test how well you remember some of the best beatnik words and phrases of this generation!

If someone tells you not to 'blow the jets,' they don't want you to ____________.

Keep your cool, don't blow the jets! Imagine the sound of military jets flying overhead.


The one who pays the bill is known as the _______.

The "Beat Generation" was introduced by Jack Kerouac in 1948.


She really "bugged" me last night.

To bug someone, is to annoy or bother them. This word has survived the beat generation into present day!


To her dismay, men might refer to a single girl as a _______.

That's a fine lookin' chick! A 'chicken' is said to refer to an engaged girl, while there is yet another word for a married woman.


You "dig"?

After giving instructions or telling a story, a person might say, "You dig?" or more like, "Ya dig?"!


No one really likes to take a trip to "Germsville"...

It's easy to understand why a hospital was referred to as "Germsville" in the beat generation... lots of germs can be found there.


If someone wants to take you to a "flick" tonight, where will you go?

You want to catch a flick tonight at 8:30 p.m.? There's a flick with Sean Connery I really want to see.


Get on "the horn" and tell everyone about this party!

John Kerouac is considered the pioneer of the Beat Generation alongside William S. Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg.


"Handcuffs" didn't always refer to a police arrest... it held this meaning as well:

Some teenagers felt like they were restricted from hanging out with their friends at night, thereby earning their parents the code name "handcuffs."


Do you have "George change"?

"George change" refers to change for a George Washington bill - also known as a dollar.


Beatniks refer to college or university as an ________ tower.

Beatnik was a media stereotype. It was popular throughout the 1950s and into the mid 1960s.


Rock and Rollers, or people who love rock n' roll were called _________.

There is a Beat Museum in San Francisco. It is operated by Jerry and Estelle Cimino.


If you run into your "used-to-be," better hope you're looking good!

Someone you used to date is called a "used-to-be" - plain and simple.


It's Friday night; let's go get "dixie fried!"

Dixie Fried was also a song written in 1956 by Carl Perkins and Howard "Curley" Griffin. It reached #10 on the Billboard charts that same year.


When someone says you are "everything plus," what does this mean?

That chick didn't just have pretty blue eyes, she was everything plus.


What is the beatnik term for someone who is a bar regular?

With a gin mill meaning a bar, a gin mill cowboy is one who frequents the bar!


The _____ is known as the leader of the group.

You're likely the 'coolest' among your group of friends if they know you as the Lama.


If you order 'moo juice' at a restaurant, what will the server bring you?

Moo like a cow, of course! "Moo goo" on the other hand refers to butter.


The beatnik term for an apartment is a ______.

She got a pad all to herself after her roommate moved out. This word is still commonly used, as in "bacherlor pad" - a single man's home.


Otherwise known as sunglasses, this is the beatnik term...

"Beat" was slang for "beaten down" or downtrodden - though Jack Kerouac gave it another meaning of "beatitude."


To "know your ______" means to be aware, or to do things well.

University professors have to really know their groceries in order to teach an intense course!


That joke was pretty corny - in other words, it was "off the ______".

Fun fact: Ed "Big Daddy" Roth used fiberglass to build his Beatnik Bandit in 1960. Today this car is in the National Automobile Museum in Reno, Nevada.


When you've got a decision to think about, take some time to "______ it out", then let me know.

To "noodle it out" is to think things through before making a decision. To noodle is to mull over, think about, or ponder.


Whatever you do, stay out of "Squaresville iron"...

If you go to Squaresville iron, you may end up in a Squaresville peep as well - that's a police line up!


Some beatniks referred to a wedding ring as a _________.

Tourniquets stop blood from pouring out of a wound. In a similar fashion, beatniks referred to this as having a tight hold on a spouse.


A suave boy might try to take his girlfriend to the drive-in movie, commonly referred to as the _______.

No one ever really watches the movie anyways! The pucker palace was a place where couples could have a little privacy outside of their parents' pads.


Before you go to bed, be sure to "blast the Edison" or...

Thomas Edison, born in 1847, invented the electric light bulb. He died in 1931 at the age of 84.


If she's "swinging like sixteen," she's _______.

She was having such a great time at the party, she was swinging like sixteen.


Ask the ________ for another round at the bar.

The juiceman, or bartender, pours juice, or liquor, for a juicehead, or person who drinks.


Beatniks use this phrase for a nice automobile...

A nice automobile can be a hot rod or a cool rod. Don't get it confused with a fuzz rod though... that's a police car.


Dad park's his car in the ________ when he gets home from work.

The stable was the beatnik word for garage. Put your hot rod in the stable.


That _______ is an amazing jazz musician!

The soundtrack of the beat movement was modern jazz music. It became what is known today as Bebop.


Could you spare a 'kick stick'?

A box of kick sticks was a box of cigarettes. Smoking cigarettes and marijuana was popular among the beatniks.


Don't forget your "Mickey Mouse" before you leave the house.

Beat, Beat, Beat by William F. Brown was a hip collection of cool cartoons about life and love among the beatniks.


Studious kids hunker down at the "cooney roost" after class each day...

Most other beatniks would rather be cruising around in their hot rods and checking out the whistleburg - the center where lots of girls are sure to pass by.


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