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This 1978 comedy, set on a college campus, had critics and audiences alike laughing their heads off! Now, test your knowledge of this comedy gold with our quiz!

What frat house do Larry and Kent think about pledging first, only to find themselves out of place at the house party?

Omega Theta Pi is a stuck-up fraternity that favors the wealthy and the military. Greg Marmalard is the president of the frat. Douglas C. Neidermeyer is the rush chairman.


What fraternity do Larry and Kent go to, next door to the Omegas' house?

There isn't a party that Delta doesn't like. They're a group of drunks and underachievers. This type of frat is what every college administrator dreads to have on campus.


Why can't Delta Tau Chi reject Kent as a member?

A legacy is a preference towards a person who is a family member of alumni. According to Delta house, they cannot refuse Kent because his brother is a '59 graduate of Faber College and Delta. His brother is from Harrisburg.


Larry lands what fraternity name?

Bluto has no known reason for calling Larry "Pinto." A Pinto bean is popular in the United States and Mexico. It is a staple in refried beans and it is a good source of protein.


What is Kent's new fraternity name?

A flounder is a fish that is found at the bottom of the ocean. To flounder is to be clumsily or struggle mentally. Kent asks, why the name Flounder, and Bluto has no rational reason for the name.


"Animal House" takes place in 1962 at which fictional college?

Faber College is really the University of Oregon. This was the only college campus that would allow a production shoot on campus.


Who plays the stuck-up cheerleader, Mandy?

Mary Louise Weller started in 1972 as Mrs. Ellinson in "Hail." Her last role was in 1983 as Dr. Wendy Peterson in the TV series, "Quincy M.E." She retired from acting soon after.


Why does Kent wear a beanie while he's visiting the frat houses?

When a pledge is trying to get into a fraternity or sorority, he or she usually has to follow a set of rules. Pledges at Faber College are required to wear the beanies until Homecoming.


Playing Chip is the first movie role for what actor?

Kevin Bacon's first role was in "Animal House." He shot to fame in 1984, by playing Ren in the film "Footloose." He can be seen playing Special Agent Richard DesLauriers in "Patriots Day."


Who pours Larry a beer at Delta House?

Katy is a perky co-ed who is the girlfriend of Boone. While Boone is out sowing his wild oats, Katy is too, with her professor.


Who is the president of the Delta Chapter at Faber College?

James Widdoes plays Robert Hoover. Playing Hoover was James' first onscreen role. Currently, he directs more than he acts and his latest show is the TV series, "Mom."


Who is the dashing rush chairman of Delta House?

An otter is a born swimmer with sleek bodies and webbed feet. Otters are part of the weasel family. Otters have sharp claws and can hold their breath underwater for an extended period.


Who rides his motorcycle into the frat?

D-Day's real name is Daniel Simpson Day. He's a rough and tough motorcycle rider with no grade point average. After he leaves town, no one knows what happens to him.


Who plays Otter?

Tim Matheson started his onscreen career by playing Roddy Miller in the 1961 TV series, "Window on Main Street." He's had a long and successful career, including playing Old Man Vreeke in the remake of "Jumanji."


Based on GPA, what is the worst frat house on campus?

Delta House has the lowest collective grade-point on campus. Delta focuses more on parties than academics. Faber College administration wants the Delta House closed.


Who plays Greg, the president of Omega House?

James Daughton started his career by playing the Student in the 1971 TV series, "Night Gallery." He stayed busy, working through the '70s and the '80s. His last onscreen role was in 2002 as Dave's Dad in "Sorority Boys."


Delta house gets put on what?

Dean Vernon Wormer wants to put them on probation. However, he is then reminded that Delta House is already on probation. That's when the Dean comes up with the double-secret probation.


Who is Delta's Sergeant-at-Arms?

Bluto takes his job seriously and beer helps him see to his duties. He is responsible for giving all the pledges their Delta House names. He has a GPA of 0.0.


Who plays fun-loving Boon?

Peter Riegert started his career by lending his voice to the short film, "Isabella and the Magic Brush." He's had a long career, including the role of Lou Levov in "American Pastoral."


What poem is being covered in Professor Jennings' class?

"Paradise Lost" is a poem in blank verse by English poet, John Milton. It was first published in 1667, in ten books with over 10,000 lines of verse. It is considered to be Milton's greatest work.


Who plays Professor Jennings?

Donald Sutherland started his career in 1962 by playing the Switchboard Operator in "Studio 4." His career has spanned decades. He can be seen as Gurgon in "Basmati Blues."


Who plays the rebellious D-Day?

Bruce McGill started his onscreen career in 1977 by playing Blood in "Handle with Care." He played Jack Dalton in the original "MacGyver," from 1986-1992. He can be seen as Big Rick Wolf in "Blue Bloods."


Who sneaks around, trying to see girls naked?

Bluto hides under the bleachers to look up Babs' and Mandy's cheerleader skirts. Later, he climbs a ladder to peek through a window to watch sorority girls engage in a naked pillow fight.


Who plays shy but friendly Pinto?

Tom Hulce played Young Frank in the 1975 "Great Performances." He stayed busy in the '80s and '90s. Tom's last role was in 2008, as Mr. Bowker in "Jumper."


Who is the dead girl that Otter pretends he was supposed to take on a date?

Otter concocts a plan to land dates before he goes to pick up Fawn, as he already knows she died. Upon arriving for Fawn, he is comforted by her roommate. The roommate goes out with Otter and finds dates for the other men.


Who plays the lovable Flounder?

Stephen Furst played a Road Construction Worker in 1975 to start his acting career. He kept busy in the '70s through the '90s. His last role, as Carlton in "Basilisk: The Serpent King," was in 2006.


What happens to Neidermeyer's horse?

Kent is given a gun to "shoot" the horse. However, the gun is filled with blanks. When Kent points and "shoots" the horse, the noise gives it a heart attack and it dies.


Who plays perky Katy?

Karen Allen's first role was as Katy in "Animal House." Her next big role was as Marion Ravenwood in "Raiders of the Lost Ark." She can be seen as Joan in "Year by the Sea."


Who plays the southern cheerleader, Babs?

Martha Smith started in 1976 as Maydell's Girl in "The Winds of Autumn." She worked here and there, from the '70s up through 2011. Her last role is as a Tour Guide in "A Futile & Stupid Gesture."


What band do the guys from Delta love to go watch play?

Otis Day and the Knights started as a fictional band for the movie. However, since the movie was released, DeWayne Jessie, who plays Otis, legally changed his name to Otis Day. Otis Day and the Knights is now a real band and still plays gigs.


Who plays the evil Dean Vernon Wormer?

John Vernon was known for playing over-the-top villains. He had a long career, starting in 1956. He died in 2005 from complications following heart surgery.


To get back at Dean Wormer for closing down Delta house, what do the guys disrupt?

The guys turn Kent's car into a float that crashes into the parade. The men start fights and create chaos, effectively ending the parade.


Who plays the sneaky and frequently drunk Bluto?

John Belushi had his start on "Saturday Night Live." "Animal House" made him a star. John died in March 1982, from a drug overdose involving both heroin and cocaine.


What test do the guys at Delta House try to cheat on?

The guys think they have stolen the answers to the test from the trash. However, before they could steal them, Omega House changed out the answers for the wrong ones. Delta House flunks the test.


Who plays military blow-horn Neidermeyer?

Mark Metcalf started his career in 1973, by playing Ted in "The Garden Party." A recent role was Speedy McSpitty, in 2014's "Hamlet A.D.D."


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