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An American painter who calls Paris home, meets a woman who wants to sponsor him. She does all she can for him in hopes of him falling in love with her, but unfortunately, he falls for another woman. Think you know the musical love story? Take the quiz to find out!

What was Jerry's occupation?

Jerry was a painter. Painting was his passion and he stayed in Paris to pursue it. He said that Paris was the place to be to become a wonderful artist.


What did Jerry give his friends, Maurice, Etienne and Jacques?

Jerry gave his friends Maurice, Etienne and Jacques, American bubble gum. The three kids waved at Jerry from the street down below.


What instrument did Adam play?

Adam played the piano and he was fortunate enough to live in Paris and get a scholarship. He was Jerry's friend.


Where did Henri's girlfriend work?

Henri's girlfriend worked at the perfume shop. He raved about her to Adam, telling him that she loved to dance and that she was only 19 years old.


Who gave Jerry money for lunch?

Henri gave Jerry money for his lunch. Jerry was all out of money, but he didn't want to take any from someone he didn't know well. So, Henri gave the money to Adam and Adam gave it to Jerry.


What does the elderly woman give Henri while they are singing in the restaurant?

The elderly woman gave Henri a flower while he and Jerry were singing in the restaurant. The flower is significant and later becomes a sign of Jerry and Lise's love.


For what did Jerry ask a woman who came to look at his work?

Jerry asked a woman who came to look at his work for a cigarette. She gladly gave him one, and even offered to buy some of his paintings.


When Milo didn't have enough money with her to pay Jerry for his work, where did she ask him to go with her?

When Milo didn't have enough money with her to pay Jerry for his work, she invited him to go to her hotel where she could give him the rest of the money. He agreed, and they went to the hotel.


Who in Milo's family was rich?

Milo's father was rich. Jerry was interested in how she became wealthy. She told Jerry that her father was involved in making suntan oil.


To what did Milo invite Jerry as he was about to leave her hotel?

Milo invited Jerry to a party that she was having that night at her hotel. Jerry wasn't very keen on going, but Milo insisted that he should go.


What did Jerry teach the kids when he got back from the hotel?

When he returned from the hotel, Jerry taught the kids English. He called himself their professor and pointed to objects while he named them in English.


What did Jerry ask Milo when he arrived at the party?

When he arrived at the party, Jerry asked Milo where everyone was. Milo told him that they were the party. Jerry wasn't very happy to hear that.


What happened to Milo's husband?

Milo told Jerry that her husband got together with another woman during the war. Jerry said that she should think about getting married again.


Who did Milo say the Jansens were?

Milo said the Jansens were magazine illustrators. Milo and Jerry went to meet the Jansens at the restaurant and kept them company.


What did Jerry do after admiring Lise from afar?

After admiring Lise from afar, Jerry went to her table and pretended like he knew her. He took her to the dance floor where they danced together.


What did Lise do after Jerry asked for her phone number?

After Jerry asked for her phone number, Lise gave him the wrong number. Another person at her table corrected her and gave Jerry the correct number.


At the restaurant, why was Milo upset?

Milo was upset because she saw Jerry dancing with another woman. Milo was hoping Jerry would fall in love with her.


What did Lise do when Jerry called her the next day?

When Jerry called Lise the next day, she told him to stop calling her. Jerry was pretty upset after being turned down twice by Lise.


Who did Jerry meet at the restaurant after getting off the phone with Lise?

Jerry met Milo at the restaurant after getting off the phone with Lise. She had gotten over her anger from the night before and she told Jerry that she had an art dealer who was interested in Jerry's work.


What did Jerry help a customer in the perfume store to do?

Jerry helped a woman in the perfume store choose which perfume she wanted. He was trying to impress Lise, who was also assisting the woman.


What did Jerry ask Lise when she finished with her customer?

When she finished with her customer, Jerry asked Lise if she would go out with him. She finally agreed.


Instead of eating at the restaurant, what did Jerry and Lise do?

Jerry and Lise went for a walk along the river. Lise didn't feel like being at the table where they were seated.


What did John MacDowd want Henri to do?

John MacDowd wanted Henri to come to America. Henri told John that he would have to talk it over with Lise before he made any decisions.


What did Milo set up for Jerry?

Milo set up an exhibition for Jerry to show off his paintings to the world. Jerry wasn't too happy to have an exhibition in three months, but Milo talked him into it.


Who's portrait did Jerry paint?

Jerry painted Lise's portrait. In the painting, she was using a rose as a prop. Jerry had to hide the portrait when Milo came in the room.


What did Lise do when Jerry left the cab?

When Jerry got out of the cab to bring his things inside his building, Lise had the driver leave. Jerry saw the cab leaving and someone handed him a note.


Who gave Jerry some girl advice?

Henri gave Jerry some girl advice after Jerry told him about the problems he was having. Little did they know they were dating the same girl.


What did Lise tell Jerry after he told her that he loved her?

After he told her that he loved her, Lise told Jerry that she was going to get married. She even let Jerry know that the other man was Henri Baurel.


Where did Jerry take Milo after breaking up with Lise?

Jerry took Milo to a party, after he ended things with Lise. The party was called the Art Students' Ball and it was held in Paris.


Where was Jerry introduced to Henri's fiancée?

Jerry was introduced to Henri's fiancée at the Art Students' Ball. He also found out that Lise and Henri would be going to America.


What did Jerry do on the balcony at the Art Students' ball?

Jerry drew on balcony at the Art Students' Ball. Lise joined him out on the balcony where they talked for a little while.


Who overheard Jerry and Lise's conversation on the balcony?

Henri overheard Lise and Jerry's conversation on the balcony. He and Lise left the party immediately after she said goodbye to Jerry.


During their final dance, what did Jerry give to Lise?

Jerry gave Lise a flower during the final dance. It was very similar to the flower that she had when Jerry was painting a portrait of her.


What did the wind do to Jerry's drawing?

The wind put the two ripped pieces of Jerry's drawing back together. This happened right after Lise had said goodbye and left with Jerry.


What did Henri do after he realized that Lise loved Jerry?

After realizing that Lise and Jerry were in love, Henri brought Lise back to the ball to be with Jerry. They two reconciled and ran into the streets of Paris.


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