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This 1999 film raised many intriguing questions. Is there really a Blair Witch? Why are they still filming while running for their lives? Hey, why do I feel sick? Now, revisit all of these "Blair Witch" mysteries with our quiz!

First things first: Is "The Blair Witch Project" based on actual events?

Filmmakers Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick invented the legend, as well as loosely scripting the story of the filmmakers' disappearance. To this day, there's confusion on that point.


In what state is "The Blair Witch Project" set?

"The Blair Witch Project" was set in the small state of Maryland. That's also where it was filmed -- which is important, because the three actors believed they were making a movie based on a real legend, so filming in upstate New York wouldn't have worked.


What is the name of the town around which the action revolves?

Burkittsville is built where Blair used to stand, the film claims. Burkittsville is a real Maryland town, and its town limits sign has been stolen several times, presumably by fans wanting a serious piece of memorabilia.


Lead actors Heather Donahue, Michael Collins, and Joshua Leonard played characters named what, respectively?

Remember, when the film was released, its promoters did everything they could to sow confusion about whether the film really was footage of a failed documentary. This plan started way back, when directors Myrick and Sanchez named the characters after the actors.


Which of the three characters survives?

No spoilers, here: The movie poster told audiences going in that "three student filmmakers disappeared" and that only their footage was discovered.


In her home, what is the first book Heather displays for the camera?

Either she didn't read it well enough, or it didn't cover homicidal witches.


What does Josh wear around his neck?

Throughout the movie, Josh wears a necklace with a large curved animal tooth. This is, in a way, foreshadowing.


While the witch is central to the legend, the 1940s child murders were committed by whom?

If his name sounds inauthentic, that's because it's a semi-anagram for "Rasputin," a historic figure who also had a strange power over a child. (However, we don't know why there are two extra Rs in there).


How many children did Rustin Parr kill?

Parr was also said to take the children down to his basement to be killed in pairs. So he had to break that rule for the last victim, we suppose.


In the 1880s, Robin Weaver came out of the woods talking about an old lady who exhibited what strange characteristic?

Is this so strange? Some people's grandmas get this way after too much brandy!


What does witness Mary Brown say the Blair Witch looked like?

Mary Brown claims to have seen the witch as a child. She was accompanying her father on a fishing trip when she looked up and saw the beast-woman watching her.


Which of the following is NOT something Mary Brown claimed to be?

Heather reports all the things Mary Brown claimed to be as the three drive away from the interview. Frankly, we're surprised about day trading -- everyone was doing that in the '90s!


Who is the last person the students interview before heading into the woods?

Heather and the guys are headed into the woods when they find the men fishing the creek. The men are of two minds about the legend: one seems to believe in it, the other says the Blair Witch story is "bull----."


What happened at Coffin Rock?

After the discovery of the grisly scene, a witness returned with sheriff's deputies to find the bodies were gone. The swiftly-disappearing body (or bodies) is a common slasher-movie motif.


The filmmakers find cairns in the woods. What exactly are cairns?

Cairns are often made when there isn't time to construct a more formal burial marker. Larger cairns are sometimes used for navigation in off-trail hiking, but these clearly aren't those kind.


In addition to twigs snapping and movements, what do the three hear on later nights?

The sounds of the children were recordings of children playing near the home of Sanchez's mother. Michael Collins has said he found listening to the children's voices one of the most disturbing moments in filming.


What direction is Heather determined to walk?

Heather is the director and dominant personality on the crew. She also handles the map, and she is certain south is the direction that will take them back to their car.


Which character is the first to break down and yell for help?

In a way, the three filmmakers are like characters in "The Wizard of Oz": a determined Dorothy, an amiable scarecrow and a cowardly lion. Mike, of course, is the latter character.


What happened to the missing map?

At first, Mike refuses to admit he knows anything about the missing map. But then he begins to laugh hysterically, saying he kicked it into the creek because it was so useless to them.


Who goes missing first, in the middle of the night?

The script called for Michael to go missing first, but the filmmakers switched it up because Heather Donahue and Joshua Leonard weren't getting along well on set. (In their defense, Myrick and Sanchez kept their actors' nerves on edge, hoping for discord that would show on camera.)


Where does Heather find evidence that Josh is dead?

Throughout "Blair Witch," sticks play a big role. They form the human-like forms hanging from trees, and mystifying symbols. Then, the morning after Josh disappears, Heather finds a bundle of sticks with grisly evidence inside.


Which of the following is NOT something Heather finds in the bundle?

Heather finds human teeth in the bundle: presumably Josh's, as the hair and the strips of shirt are recognizably his. She doesn't find his animal-tooth necklace -- though we now realize it served as foreshadowing, given the teeth found in the bundle.


What does Mike try to eat on the second-to-last day?

Heather's camera catches Mike nibbling on a leaf. When they actually ran out of food isn't clear, but hunger is obviously an issue.


What does Heather say was her favorite thing to do on a Sunday?

Too exhausted to fight anymore, Heather and Mike are making small talk in their tent. He asks her the question about Sundays, and she says that it used to be "drive to the woods and hike." They both laugh at the irony.


Who or what does Heather blame for their situation in her video message?

Heather says the whole situation is her fault. She was the film's director, and going into the woods and off-trail was her idea. The video-confessional scene is probably the movie's most famous, and parodied elsewhere.


Why do Michael and Heather enter the old house?

Josh being alive seems unlikely after what Heather found in the bundle of sticks. But Heather and Michael are undoubtedly acting irrationally from lack of food and from desperation, so they plunge into the abandoned building.


In addition to runic symbols, what's on the walls of the old house?

The handprints are low on the wall, suggesting the children who died there at Rustin Parr's hands. It's one of the film's most disturbing touches.


When Heather enters the cellar, who is standing in the corner?

The legend of Rustin Parr's murders says that he took kids down to the cellar in pairs, making one stand in the corner while he killed the other one. This is what the movie's final minutes re-enact.


What is the name of the genre that "Blair Witch" virtually invented?

"Found footage" became huge after the success of "Blair Witch." It's a close cousin to the "mockumentary," which is a fake documentary, but one that purports to be finished, not recovered from a project that ended in disaster.


How many times does the "Blair Witch" movie use the F-word?

This isn't a record. The 1983 "Scarface" uses the word 226 times. But in "Blair Witch" it might stand out more because the rest of the dialogue has so little serious content; it's mostly the three students bickering endlessly.


What unexpected problem did theaters have during showings of "The Blair Witch Project"?

The problem was so widespread that a newspaper wire service reported on "Blair Witch Sickness." If you've ever sat too close to an IMAX screen, you'll understand the problem.


Whose mother actually received sympathy cards because of the film?

Yep, Donahue's mother actually got condolences in the mail. Distant friends saw the film and believed that Heather's "missing-presumed-dead" status was real!


Which actor later went on to become a creature-effects maker in Hollywood?

It was Heather Langenkamp, of "Nightmare on Elm Street" fame who went on to become an effects specialist. Heather Donahue moved on to an even more unconventional career -- she was a medical marijuana grower, as documented in her book, "Growgirl."


Which of the following is not a "Blair Witch" spin-off?

Inevitably, there was a film sequel, as well. This gets our vote for the most unnecessary sequel until "Ring 2."


What was the name of the "Blair Witch" sequel?

The second film uses much the same premise as the first: Unprepared, overconfident investigators get much more than they bargained for. But the second film takes place largely in town settings, instead of getting its cast lost in the woods.


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