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Winona Ryder, then America's indie-movie sweetheart, shocked us all with her bad behavior in this black comedy from the 1980s! Now, test your recall of "Heathers" with our quiz!

Winona Ryder's character stands out from the other girls by not being named Heather. What is her name instead?

Appropriately enough, Veronica's close friend used to be Betty Finn. Betty and Veronica, just like in the "Archie" comics!


Which of the following is not a Heather's last name?

Perhaps the screenwriter didn't want to make one of the Heathers sound too virtuous. Although, it would have worked ironically, we think!


What sport do the "Heathers" play throughout the film?

A game is going on during the opening credits. The three Heathers seem to be aiming their balls at Veronica's face; she's buried up to her neck in the lawn. Presumably, this is a brief fantasy image on Veronica's part, not meant to be taken literally.


In which state is Westerburg High located?

The town they live in is Sherwood. However, it looks a lot like Southern California -- Veronica's house has suspiciously Spanish-style architecture and semi-tropical foliage outside!


Which of the Heathers is the queen bee?

Heather Chandler is the alpha female. She tapped Veronica Sawyer to be one of the clique, but is starting to question her decision.


Which of the clique suffers from bulimia?

Anorexia and bulimia were first being talked about openly in the '80s. Heather Chandler is dryly dismissive of the problem, but Veronica displays concern for her friend.


What book is Heather Duke reading?

The book, which she reads during the opening croquet scene, marks her as more bookish and serious than the rest. Unfortunately, it doesn't change her determination to follow in Heather Chandler's footsteps.


"Mean Girls" had the phrase "How fetch!" What is the equivalent slang term in "Heathers"?

In "Mean Girls," Regina George says "Stop trying to make fetch happen! It's not going to happen!" Likewise, "how very!" never really happened, either.


Who plays Veronica's bad-boy love interest?

Orlando Bloom was still a little too young for the role. The young Brad Pitt auditioned but came off as "too nice."


What was the name of Christian Slater's character?

Veronica calls him "J.D." for much of the movie. The name is obviously supposed to evoke James Dean -- '60s icons were very big in the 1980s.


What does Heather Chandler do every week in the cafeteria?

The question we see her asking is, of course, ridiculous. "If you won the Publisher's Clearing House, and that Big Ed guy gave you a check for five million dollars, and the same week aliens announced they were going to blow up the earth in two days, what would you do with the money?"


What skill does Veronica have that Heather Chandler finds useful?

Heather has Veronica write a love note, supposedly from the quarterback, to slip to unpopular Martha Dunnstock. This scene establishes Veronica's forgery skills, which she'll need later.


What shocking act does J.D. commit in the cafeteria?

J.D. fires blanks at the two football players. Veronica defends him, saying he might not have ruined two perfectly good pairs of pants: "Can you wash out urine stains?" she says.


How does Veronica embarrass Heather at the college party?

Veronica is already getting tired of the "Heathers" life. Just before the party, she tells J.D., "It's like they're people I work with and our job is being popular."


What odd item does Veronica wear while writing in her diary?

A monocle was a glass lens that corrected vision in just one eye (hence the "mono" part). In "Heathers," it's part of the fictional trope that smart/different teenagers always have something vintage in their wardrobe.


Who is the first Westerburg student to be killed?

Veronica is angry with Heather for threatening to ruin her reputation. In high school, that's like ruining someone's credit rating!


How does J.D. kill Heather?

The poison in question is sometimes referred to online as "drain cleaner." But the bottle is clearly labeled "hull cleaner" -- a product for cleaning the underside of boats. Sherwood must have a prominent lake or river.


What word do J.D. and Veronica debate using in Heather's forged suicide note?

Heather missed the word on a vocabulary test that week. In a teacher's-lounge meeting to discuss the suicide, the English teacher is "impressed" that Heather correctly used it in her note.


What line of work is J.D.'s father in?

Big Bud Dean blows up buildings for a living. He delights in defeating the do-gooders who wants buildings preserved for reasons like historic significance.


Which of Heather Chandler's possessions does Veronica inherit just after her death?

With bright colors and funky designs, Swatch was huge in the '80s. The name isn't actually a combination of "Swiss + watch," it's "Second + watch," meaning a new wave in watchmaking.


How does Veronica's double date with Heather McNamara end?

Veronica specifically agrees to double date as long as the date doesn't end with the guys drunk and cow-tipping. Cut to the shot of the pasture!


Why does Veronica agree to shoot Kurt?

J.D. tells Veronica the bullets are "ein luge" bullets, which break the skin and cause damage but do not kill. This is, of course, not true. "Ein luge" means "I'm lying" in German.


What beverage does J.D. plant on Ram and Kurt that he thinks will "prove" they were gay?

J.D. says that, in Ohio, if you don't have a brewski in your hand, you might as well be wearing a dress. He might be right: at the death scene, a police officer pulls the bottle out of the grocery bag and nods knowingly.


What does J.D. say were the only two things Kurt and Ram had to offer the school?

We like to imagine that we're much more jaded than people were in the '80s -- but the humor of "Heathers" would be considered envelope-pushing even today. In fact, increased cultural sensitivity might get some of the lines cut.


What are Kurt and Ram buried in?

Ram and Kurt both also hold footballs in their hands. Red ones, for Westerburg's school color.


What two things does J.D. want Heather Duke to do?

The petition is (supposedly) to get the group "Big Fun" to perform at the prom. "Big Fun" was topical right them because of their hit "Teenage Suicide, Don't Do It."


What is the name of the radio show which Veronica and Heather Duke listen to?

Heather and Veronica hear Heather McNamara talking about her parents' divorce and feeling "cursed." Naturally, Heather Duke takes the opportunity to make sure the story gets around school the next day. (Bonus points if you knew "Hard Harry" was Christian Slater's alias in "Pump Up the Volume.")


Which two characters try to commit suicide and fail?

Martha walks into traffic with a suicide note pinned to her chest. Heather McNamara tries to swallow a handful of sleeping pills in the girls' room. If you thought Veronica was one of them, remember, she only faked her suicide and was never in any danger.


Speaking of which, why does Veronica need to fake her own suicide?

J.D. has contacted Veronica's parents, saying that he's "worried" about her and that they should keep her away from sharp objects. Veronica realizes what this means and takes a pre-emptive step to stop him from killing her.


What word does J.D. underline in Heather Duke's copy of "Moby-Dick"?

To be specific, J.D. only underlines the word in Veronica's dream. The dream turns more and more absurd, with J.D. killing Heather and the minister building his whole eulogy around the word "Eskimo."


Where are Westerburg's students when J.D. tries to set off his bomb?

Like a job fair might have, the pep rally gets all the students in one place. J.D. intends to set off explosives under and in the gym, thus creating the "mass suicide pact" that the petition seems to support.


What does Veronica take away from Heather Duke at the end?

Veronica then kisses Heather on the cheek and says, "Heather, my love, there's a new sheriff in town." Possibly one of the coolest lines in teen-film history.


Who does Veronica invite to watch a movie on prom night?

Veronica says "My prom date kinda flaked on me." That's an understatement: J.D. has just committed suicide by explosive.


What song plays over both the opening and closing credits?

Reportedly, Doris Day refused to allow her recording of the song to be used, because "Heathers" had profanity in it. We wonder if she even knew about the murders!


Which successful 1990s actress played Heather Duke?

Doherty's success was a double-edged sword, as she was widely disliked. At the height of her unpopularity, a small press put out the "I Hate Brenda" book, whose title used the name of her "90210" character, but was really all about the actress.


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