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A 1990 American psychological thriller film based on Stephen King's 1987 novel, "Misery," is the story of a psychotic fan who holds an author captive and forces him to write her stories. Think you remember the details? Take this quiz and let's see how much you remember.

Which actor plays the role of Paul Sheldon in the movie?

James Caan portrays Paul Sheldon, the protagonist in the movie. Caan is an American actor who has been acting since the 1960's and is known for movies such as "The Godfather."


What is Paul Sheldon's profession?

Paul Sheldon is an author and novelist. In the movie, Paul has written many books, striking some similarities with Stephen King.


Where does Paul like to go to write his novels?

Paul generally needs a quiet place to write his novels. Like clockwork, he travels to Silver Creek Lodge to write his newest book.


Paul writes a series of romance novels focused around a central character by what name?

Paul's writing style is that of Victorian era romance. His book series is centralized around the life of one character, Misery Chastain.


What time of year does Paul travel back to New York from his cabin?

After finishing his latest novel, Paul travels back from Silver Creek to New York. It's winter, and there's snow on the ground.


What causes Paul to drive off the road?

Winding through the mountain roads, Paul's car hits a patch of ice. He loses control and the car skids off the road and into the snow.


How was Paul rescued from his wrecked car?

Annie Wilkes was very close by, perhaps even following Paul. She helps him out of the wreck.


Where does Annie take Paul after his accident?

Instead of taking Paul directly to a hospital, Annie brings him back to her house. She claims she can help Paul get better on her own.


Which actress plays the role of Annie Wilkes?

Kathy Bates portrays Annie Wilkes Bates is an American actress who has been acting since the 1960's and is known for movies such as "Titanic."


What was Annie Wilkes' profession?

Annie Wilkes said she was a nurse. She had been helping Paul get back to health since the accident.


What does Annie tell Paul when he wakes up?

When Paul regains consciousness, he is resting on a bed in Annie's house. Annie loves Paul's novels, and tells him, "I'm your number one fan."


What reason does Annie give Paul for not taking him directly to a hospital?

Annie tells Paul the blizzard was very intense, covering the road with a deep snow. Annie also says it will take some time for the plows to clear the remote roadway.


What does Annie give Paul every day?

Every day, Annie gives Paul a couple of pills for the pain. The painkillers are called Novril, and Annie has a large stockpile of them.


Who calls the Silver Creek sheriff looking for Paul?

Having not heard from Paul in several days, Paul's publishing agent calls the Silver Creek sheriff. Her name is Marcia Sindell, and she is worried because of his unusual activity.


What does Paul let Annie do as a reward for saving his life?

When Annie saved Paul, she noticed there was a new manuscript in his case. Normally, Paul doesn't let anyone read his writing until it is published, but he makes an exception and lets Annie read it.


What does Annie dislike about Paul's new manuscript?

After reading Paul's latest manuscript, she confides that she doesn't like all of the swearing in the writing. She loses her temper and spills his soup, but she quickly composes herself to stay calm.


What catches Sheriff Buster's eye while driving down the mountain road during his search for Paul?

While out searching for Paul, Buster spots a broken tree limb on the side of the road. He is suspicious that Paul may have driven off the road there, and goes to investigate. Paul's accident did indeed occur at that spot, but Buster did not see the wrecked car because it was buried in the snow.


What does Annie excitedly tell Paul she recently bought while in town?

Before Paul wrote his latest literary work, he published the novel, "Misery's Child." Annie said she bought it while she was in town and was going to read the entire novel while caring for Paul.


What happens in "Misery's Child" that gets Annie very upset?

Annie continues to read the latest novel, giving Paul praise for a wonderful book. However, when she gets to the end, she realizes that Misery dies during childbirth, which gets Annie very upset.


Out of anger, what does Annie make Paul do?

Annie says there is one thing that Paul must do. He must rid the world of the filth in his latest manuscript by burning it.


What does Paul start hiding from Annie?

After Paul discovered that Annie had been holding him in her house and had not contacted anyone, he began to secretly hide his pain pills. He figured out that he needed to do something to get out of her house.


With what does Annie surprise Paul to help him start writing again?

After forcing Paul to burn his last manuscript, Annie says Paul must start writing again. She says it will be good for the mind and help him with healing.


After complying to write a new book, what item does Paul request Annie to get?

Annie sets up a station for Paul to work and write a new novel. However, Paul is not happy with the type of paper Annie has because it tends to smudge the ink. He asks her to run to town to buy new paper, which does not make her happy.


What does Paul find on the ground and use to pick the lock to his room?

Annie does not notice that she dropped a hairpin in Paul's room. Once she leaves the house, Paul quickly grabs it to unlock his door. However, he finds that all of the exterior doors are locked from the outside, keeping him trapped in the house.


What does Annie want the title of the new book to be?

Annie doesn't want to accept that Misery died in Paul's last book. She wants him to write a new book dedicated to herself, called "Misery's Return."


When Paul lets Annie read the first few pages of the new manuscript for "Misery's Return," what does he ask Annie to do?

Annie is pleased with the direction of the new book. Misery is alive. To celebrate, Paul asks Annie if she would like to have dinner with him.


What is Paul's plan to stop Annie so he can escape?

Paul has been collecting the powder from the pain pills. During dinner with Annie, he puts the painkillers in her wine when she leaves the room. Unfortunately, she spills the wine and Paul's plan for escape.


How does Annie know Paul has been out of his room?

While Paul was moving through the house, he accidentally bumped a table with a few ceramic animals. The ceramic penguin was closest to the edge and fell, but Paul caught it before it hit the ground. Unfortunately, he placed it in the wrong direction, as it should have been facing south.


When Paul escapes from his room, what information does he find out about Annie?

Paul comes across one of Annie's scrapbooks. Inside are several newspaper clippings, each of which suggest that Annie is some type of serial killer. She has been to court several times but was acquitted each time due to lack of evidence.


When Annie finds out that Paul has been leaving his room, what does she do?

Annie reveals that she knows Paul has been out of his room. She breaks his ankles with a sledgehammer, in a process known as hobbling.


How does Buster come to the conclusion that Paul is at Annie's farm?

Buster speaks to the local store clerk about any suspicious activity. He finds out that an unusual amount of paper was sold to Annie Wilkes. He goes to Annie's farm to investigate, but Annie kills Buster when he enters her home.


How does Paul escape from the house?

After killing Buster, Annie tells Paul they will die together. Paul convinces her that he needs to finish the book first. He distracts Annie by setting the manuscript on fire, and then he hits her on the head with the typewriter. The final blow comes from a small statue of her pet pig.


The movie, "Misery," is based on what?

"Misery" is a film that was released in 1990. The film was based on a fictional novel by the same name.


What is the name of the author who wrote the novel?

Stephen King wrote the horror novel, "Misery," which was published in 1987. Stephen King's genre is generally horror. He has published more than 50 novels and nearly 200 short stories.


"Misery" would be found under what genre?

"Misery" is a psychological thriller that falls under the horror genre. Typically fiction, horror is intended to frighten, disgust, or startle the viewer.


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