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The Corleone crime family successfully changed hands from Vito Corleone to Michael Corleone, but the journey for both father and son was tedious and difficult. Take this quiz to find out how much you know about this family's rise to the top!

Who gets married at the beginning of the first movie?

The movie opened with the marriage of Connie Corleone. During the wedding, Vito Corleone agreed to provide several favors to friends of the family.


Who is Vito Corleone's youngest son?

Vito Corleone had three sons. Though Sonny was the oldest, Michael was the most like the Don.


What did Virgil Sollozzo send Vito Corleone to indicate that Luca Brasi was dead?

Vito Corleone sent Luca to spy on Virgil Sollozzo. However, Virgil knew Luca was playing him and had Luca killed.


Who is Vito Corleone's enforcer?

Vito Corleone earned Luca Brasi's loyalty after Vito helped cover up a murder by Brasi. After this, Brasi became a brutal enforcer for the Corleone family.


What does Virgil Sollozzo sell?

Virgil was often called "the Turk." Apparently, he had a nose like a Turkish scimitar.


Who tries to have Vito Corleone assassinated?

Virgil believed that Vito's son, Sonny, would be more open to the narcotics trade, so he sent his men to kill Vito. However, the head of the Corleone family was more resilient than Virgil realized.


Who is the police officer who works with Virgil Sollozzo?

Mark McCluskey arrested guards who were supposed to protect Vito Corleone. This left Vito alone in the hospital when Michael Corleone arrived.


Who is the Corleone family consigliere?

Tom Hagen had a rough childhood, and he ended up in an orphanage at a young age. Luckily, Vito Corleone brought Hagen under his wing and helped raise him.


What does Tom Hagen send to movie producer Jack Woltz?

Jack Woltz refused to cast Carlo Rizzi in his new movie. Tom Hagen was forced to step in, and Woltz learned that you don't say no to the mafia.


Who set up Sonny?

Carlo Rizzi was often abusive to Sonny's sister, Connie. Considering Sonny's temper, this put the two men at each others' throats.


Who helped build Las Vegas?

During the war between the Five Families, Moe Greene took Fredo Corleone under his wing. However, Greene often bullied Fredo around, which didn't sit well with Michael Corleone.


What does Michael Corleone use to kill Virgil Sollozzo?

After the assassination attempt on Vito Corleone, Michael decided he must join the family business. His first role was to kill Virgil Sollozzo.


Where is Michael Corleone sent after killing a police captain?

The Corleone family knew that the other families in New York would be looking for Michael Corleone. To protect him, they sent Michael to Sicily.


Who does Michael Corleone marry in Sicily?

Michael was able to settle down and start a new life in Sicily. However, this life was taken from him when his wife was killed by a car bomb.


How does Vito Corleone die?

Though many tried, the only thing that could kill Vito Corleone was a heart attack. He died while playing with his grandson in the yard.


Who takes over the family after Vito's death?

With Sonny dead, Michael and Fredo were the only two Corleone sons left. Considering Fredo was too weak to run the business, Michael was put in charge.


Where does Michael Corleone want to move the family business?

Michael believed that Las Vegas would provide the family with an opportunity to start over and become legitimate. With this in mind, he settled all family business in New York and moved across the country.


What does Peter Clemenza tell Rocco Lapone to get from the car after he kills Paulie Gatto?

Paulie Gatto helped set up Vito Corleone. When the Corleone family finds out, they have him killed because you never turn on the Corleones.


Where did Vito Corleone come from?

Vito's original name was Vito Andolini. When he came to the United States, he couldn't speak English, so he was called Vito Corleone because of a name found on his clothing.


Who is the Senator who threatens Michael Corleone in Las Vegas?

Pat Geary was not pleased that a crime family moved to Las Vegas. He threatened to force Michael Corleone out, but Michael wasn't one to back down.


Who does Michael Corleone marry when he returns to New York?

Kay provided Michael an opportunity to live a normal American life, aside from his family. However, the family business was too important for Michael to ignore.


How did Kay Corleone lose her third child?

Kay started to realize that Michael was becoming his father. She decided that he was too corrupt and evil to have more children.


In which country does Michael meet with Hyman Roth?

Hyman Roth was an old business partner of Vito Corleone. Roth was also old friends with Moe Greene, who Michael had killed.


Why does Vito Corleone leave Sicily?

Vito's father was killed by a local mafia boss in Sicily. Vito's life was then threatened, so he was forced to leave.


Which family member betrays Michael Corleone?

Fredo was always jealous that Michael took over the family business. When he was offered an opportunity to have something for himself, he took it, betraying Michael in the process.


Who has Fredo killed?

Michael cannot get over the betrayal by his brother, Fredo. After their mother dies, Michael's hatred gets the best of him, and he has Fredo murdered.


Who does the Senate get to testify against Michael Corleone?

Frank turned on Michael after he thought Michael tried to have him killed. This forced Michael to bring in Frank's brother to show that it wasn't Michael who almost murdered him.


How does Frank Pentangeli die?

Tom Hagen went to visit Frank after the Senate hearing. After their discussion, Frank slit his wrists in his bathtub.


What does Michael Corleone's son, Anthony, want to be instead of a lawyer?

Anthony visited his father with his mother, Kate. During the visit, Anthony told Michael he wanted to be an opera singer. Michael lashed out against his son, while Kate supported Anthony's decision.


To where does Michael Corleone return the family business in "Godfather Part III"?

Michael gave up his criminal empire to start a legitimate business. However, escaping his past was more difficult than he thought.


Who is Sonny's illegitimate son?

Vincent was the son of Sonny and Mary Mancini. He wasn't born until after Sonny's death.


Which branch of the military was Michael Corleone in?

Then Michael Corleone returned home from serving his country, he wanted nothing to do with the family business.


Who has been running the Corleone crime family in New York while Michael is away?

Joey Zasa once worked for Peter Clemenza. After the death of Frank Pentangeli, Zasa took over the Corleone crime business in New York City.


Which member of the Corleone family dies outside the opera house?

Mary started a relationship with her cousin, Vincent. Obviously, Michael Corleone didn't approve.


Where does Michael Corleone die?

Michael Corleone died alone in Sicily after leaving New York when his daughter died. When Michael left, Vincent took over the Corleone crime family.


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