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The Blind Side is a film that combines a handful of heartwarming themes - finding a real family, succeeding in sports, and overcoming hardships. Think you know enough about the film? Take this quiz and find out!

The Blind Side is a film in what genre?

The Blind Side is a sports-oriented biographical film. The film came out in 2009.


The Blind Side covers the teen life of professional athlete Michael Oher, who plays which sport?

Michael Oher is an offensive tackle. He plays American professional football. He used to play in college as well.


The film’s story is actually based on the original material entitled The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game. What kind of material was this original?

The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game was written by author and journalist Michael Lewis. He featured two storylines here, one of which was about Michael Oher. This part is what the film version solely focused on.


The Blind Side is not the first book-to-film for author Michael Lewis. Which 2011 film, starring Brad Pitt, is also based on a Lewis book?

The book that inspired the movie Moneyball is titled Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game. Both the book and the film focuses on baseball, featuring the Oakland Athletics and their manager’s mathematical approach to assembling a winning team.


In which state does The Blind Side take place?

Michael Oher grew up in Tennessee. Specifically, his story took place in Memphis, where he was born.


The Blind Side was directed by which American filmmaker?

John Lee Hancock also wrote the script for The Blind Side, but it’s not the first sports drama film that he directed. He also directed the baseball-themed film, The Rookie.


Even though the story centers on a football player, The Blind Side gives top billing to which Hollywood actress?

Bullock played Leigh Anne Tuohy, the adoptive mother of Oher. For this role she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. She also received the same award at the Golden Globes for the drama category.


Leigh Anne Tuohy, the person Sandra Bullock portrayed in the film, is a working professional in real life. What is her profession?

Tuohy’s interior design skill was shown in The Blind Side. After the movie came out, she joined the reality TV show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. However, she only stayed as a designer team member of the show for one season.


In the film, Michael Oher was also called what other name?

Oher was called Big Mike by people in his old neighborhood. The kids in school also called him that. But he revealed later that he didn’t like being called by that name.


Michael Oher’s family life was troubled because his biological mother was what?

Oher’s mother lived in the poor section of the city. Due to her drug dependency, her kids were put up for adoption. Michael himself was placed in several homes during his youth.


Quinton Aaron played the role of Michael Oher. In what film did he make his acting debut?

Michel Gondry’s Be Kind: Rewind was released in 2008. Aaron also appeared in TV series and a TV movie prior to being cast as Oher. This Blind Side role served as his first leading role in a film.


Leigh Anne Tuohy is married to a rich businessman, Sean Tuohy, who was portrayed by which actor in the film?

Tim McGraw’s performance in Friday Night Lights earned him an MTV Movie Award. In The Blind Side, he plays the kind and supportive husband Sean to a strong-willed Leigh Anne. The tandem worked well cinematically, but didn’t earn any recognition for McGraw, only for Bullock.


Aside from being an actor, what is Tim McGraw' primary claim to fame?

McGraw has earned a handful of Grammy Awards for his country music performances. He has more than 15 studio albums to his credit. He is married to another country music star, Faith Hill.


In the film, Sean Tuohy owns several Memphis fast food restaurants in what franchise?

In real life, the Tuohys own more than 85 restaurants, including all of these fast food joints. A scene in the film shows the Tuohy family encouraging Michael Oher to eat for free in any of the family’s fast food chain franchises. Sean is not only a restaurateur, but he also does sports commentator work, having been an athlete himself.


Prior to adopting Michael Oher, the Tuohys have one son. What is his name?

Sean Jr. or SJ is the one who befriended Big Mike in their school. Their closeness is very evident in the story, especially during Oher’s recruitment period. Their brotherly bond is also obvious during a car accident event.


Aside from playing SJ in The Blind Side, Jae Head also appeared in what blockbuster film as Charlize Theron’s stepson?

Jae Head shows his smart-alecky acting style in Hancock, as the son of Jason Bateman. Bateman’s character is married to Charlize Theron, who acts as his stepmom. Jae Head's smart-alecky acting is even more pronounced and more exposed in The Blind Side.


The Tuohys have one daughter, Collins, who is portrayed in the film by which actress?

Lily Collins is actually British-American. Her father is the famed British musician, Phil Collins. But her parents are already divorced.


The Blind Side is Lily Collins’ first movie. Which young adult dark fantasy film does she also appear in?

The Mortal Instruments book belongs to the paranormal romance subgenre of the young adult novel format. The film version features Collins starring as Clary Morgenstern. The story deals with supernatural themes and characters.


In the film, Michael Oher is admitted to Wingate Christian School, which is what type of school?

Oher is accepted at this private school because of his athletic promise. However, he has poor academic standing. He meets the Tuohy children at this school.


Who is Burt Cotton, the man who sees Michael Oher's athletic potential at school?

Ray McKinnon portrayed Coach Burt Cotton. But the name of the football coach in real life is Hugh Freeze. He is a successful high school coach who also became a college coach.


Michael has to improve his high school grades so he can continue playing football and also be eligible for what?

The Blind Side portrays Michael Oher’s senior year in high school. That is why he is preparing for college in the story. The film takes a few liberties with the details of the story, though, stretching and bending some truths a bit for dramatic purposes.


While Michael scored low in his academic assessment, Leigh Anne discovers that he scored high in this area of his personality assessment.

Michael’s protective instincts prove to be a lifesaver. In a car accident, he shields SJ from greater harm. Leigh Anne uses this knowledge to help Michael improve his football skill.


During a football practice session, Leigh Anne coaches Michael to treat the football team as what?

Leigh Anne demonstrates how Michael could protect his “family” on the football field. She identifies certain players as family members that need protecting. This technique seems to help Michael become a better offensive tackle.


The Tuohys hire what type of person to help Michael pull up his grades?

Leigh Anne hires Miss Sue to tutor Michael. She is an alumnus of the Tuohys' alma mater. They are hoping Michael will be able to attend the same college.


Who portrayed Michael’s tutor, Miss Sue?

Kathy Bates is known for her roles in Fried Green Tomatoes, Misery, and Dolores Claiborne. She is an Academy Award-winning film actress, but she started her acting career in theater. She currently acts in TV series as well.


The Tuohys are hoping that Michael Oher will choose to go to their alma mater, which is what school?

At the University of Mississippi or Ole Miss, Leigh Anne was a cheerleader and Sean was a basketball player. Collins also eventually went there.


Miss Sue the tutor tells Michael that there are bodies buried where, at the University of Tennessee?

Miss Sue tells Michael stories during their tutoring sessions. One story is this urban legend about bodies being buried beneath the football field at the University of Tennessee. This story has a big impact on Michael.


The very frank and candid private tutor Miss Sue tells Michael what secret about herself?

Miss Sue sometimes agrees with the politics of the Tuohy household. But most times, she has her own opinions, being a democrat.


When Leigh Anne goes to Michael’s dangerous neighborhood, she tells the young men there that she is a member of the NRA. What does NRA mean?

Leigh Anne mentions the National Rifle Association to discourage the young men from attacking her. She also says that she’s always packing. This means she has a small gun in her small purse, which shoots just fine, as she says in the film.


Michael eventually picks Ole Miss as his college, but the NCAA is alarmed about a conspiracy behind this decision. What does NCAA stand for?

The National Collegiate Athletic Association suspects that the Tuohys adopted Michael to play for Ole Miss. Since the tutor is also from Ole Miss, a conspiracy seems possible. The fact that Michael is black and the Tuohys are white also plays a huge part in this conspiracy theory.


Regardless of their racial differences, Leigh Anne once defended Michael from a redneck heckler by declaring what?

In his first game out, Michael was a bit meek at first. But when Leigh Anne reminded the coach of Michael’s protective instincts, the game got better. The racist players and naysayers were wowed by his prowess.


In order to help his big brother Mike improve his game, SJ does what for each and every game?

SJ sometimes acts like a sub-coach to Michael. He videotapes the games so they can study both his strong and his weak moves. SJ also acts like his brother’s manager sometimes.


To dispel the NCAA allegations, Michael says that he chose to go to Ole Miss for what reason?

Michael also has doubts about the Tuohys when the NCAA investigation happens. But he is able to confront Leigh Anne and he eventually feels like a family member.


Michael needs to maintain his academic standing in college so he can qualify for what big football event?

The film ends by showing that Michael is indeed part of the draft. The draft is a big deal because he is a talented player - one of the hottest college players to be drafted in 2009.


Michael Oher eventually goes on to play in the NFL, when he is drafted by the Baltimore Ravens. What does NFL stand for?

Michael first played in the National Football League for the Baltimore Ravens. The team won the Superbowl in 2013. Michael currently plays for the Carolina Panthers.


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