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Unforgiven was one of the best films of the 1990s. It helped bring back into relevance the dying American Western. Take this quiz and find out how much you remember about the movie and its cast!

Who directed the film?

Clint Eastwood started his career as an actor. However, by the 1990s, Eastwood had already begun directing various films.


How else was Clint Eastwood involved in the movie?

Clint Eastwood never gave up his acting roots. For Unforgiven, he served as both the lead actor and director of the film.


Which of these actors played Ned Logan in the movie?

Morgan Freeman played the character, Ned Logan, in the film. Logan was a longtime friend of William Munny.


What character did Gene Hackman play?

Gene Hackman had a long and successful career as an actor. He won the Academy Award for best supporting actor for his role in Unforgiven.


What Academy Award did Clint Eastwood win for the film?

Unforgiven was nominated for multiple Academy Awards. One of them was for best director, which Clint Eastwood won.


What genre of film is Unforgiven?

Unforgiven followed the earlier height of the Western genre film. Despite that, the film still received much praise and success.


Where does the film take place?

As with most Western films, the story took place in the American Mid-West. It followed characters through a time when laws were often optional and gunfights were common.


Who is the sheriff of Big Whiskey?

The sheriff of Big Whiskey seemed like a reasonable guy. That's before it became clear that he had a need for power.


What is outlawed in Big Whiskey?

In Big Whiskey, there was a strict gun law that people had to follow. If they didn't, "Little" Bill was more than willing to enforce it.


Where is William Munny's wife?

William Munny is a single father. As a widower, he takes sole responsibility for raising his children.


How did William Munny's wife die?

Prior to the events in the movie, William Munny's wife died of smallpox. This changed Munny and forced him to give up his life of vice.


What was William Munny's former occupation?

William Munny was a bandit before he retired and settled down with a family. During his years of crime, he was known as a dangerous gunslinger who people didn't want to run across.


What kind of farm does William Munny own?

After the death of his wife, Munny became the sole provider for his family. Therefore, he is forced to live a peaceful life as a hog farmer.


What do the two cowboys do to the woman at the brothel?

A prostitute at a brothel makes fun of a cowboy. To get revenge, the cowboy and his friend cut the woman's face, leaving her face scarred.


What is the punishment for the two cowboys who scarred Delilah?

"Little" Bill Daggett decides that a whipping won't repay the brothel owner for the money he will miss out on. Instead, he decides that the two cowboys will have to give up their horses. The women at the brothel feel betrayed after this decision.


Who goes to seek William Munny's help with killing the cowboys?

Scofield Kid shows up at Munny's home, seeking his help with killing the two cowboys. However, Munny tells Kid that he has left the life of a gunfighter behind him.


When was Unforgiven released?

The idea for the film came about in the 1970s. However, Clint Eastwood would not come onboard until later, and the film wasn't released until 1992.


What does William Munny try to shoot off a tree stump?

Munny gave up gunfighting years ago. When he picks up his pistol and tries to shoot a can, he fails miserably.


Which old friend does William Munny seek help from?

William Munny knows that he can't pursue the two cowboys alone. Therefore, he seeks help from his old friend, Ned Logan.


What's the name of Ned Logan's wife?

When Sally Two Trees sees William Munny, she knows he has brought bad karma. She gives him a death stare without saying a word to him.


Who is the first to make it to Big Whiskey for the reward money?

English Bob came to Big Whiskey aboard a train. He, of course, caught wind of the news that reward money was being given out for the death of two cowboys.


Where is English Bob from?

English Bob is an Englishman who believes that monarchy is better than democracy. He isn't afraid to share his opinion, either.


What does "Little" Bill Daggett take from English Bob?

"Little" Bill and English Bob have a history together. For that reason, Bill has an understanding of how Bob works and knows Bob carries a hidden gun on him, which Bill takes away.


Who comes down sick with a fever?

A downpour causes William Munny to get sick. This allows "Little" Bill to get the better of Munny and throw him out of the saloon. Luckily, Ned Logan and Scofield Kid find him and nurse him back to health.


Who shoots Davey's horse?

Ned Logan shoots the horse out from under Davey but can't shoot the death bullet. Munny is forced to take the gun, and he finally hits Davey after missing a few times.


What does Davey want as he is dying?

Davey yells for water after Munny shoots him through the gut, but the other men with Davey are too afraid to run out and give him any. That is, until William Munny promises not to shoot them as well.


What other Academy Award did the film win?

Unforgiven also received the Academy Award for best picture. It beat out films like Scent of a Woman and A Few Good Men.


Which woman gets her face scarred?

Delilah and the other women at the brothel want the men punished for disfiguring her face. However, that decision is left up to the sheriff of Big Whiskey.


Who shoots Mike?

Scofield Kid takes his first life when he shoots Mike outside an outhouse. The event is so traumatizing that he vows to never kill another man.


Who offers an award for someone to kill the two cowboys?

The women in the saloon are not happy with the punishment that the two cowboys have received for scarring Delilah. Seeking justice, they put out a reward for anyone who kills the two men.


What does Beauchamp do for a living?

Beauchamp was the biographer for English Bob until Bob was thrown out of town. After Bob's removal, Beauchamp records the life of "Little" Bill Daggett.


Who kidnaps Ned Logan?

To gain information on William Munny, "Little" Bill kidnaps and tortures Ned Logan. However, the torturing goes too far and Logan is killed.


Who does William Munny shoot first in the saloon?

William Munny walks into a saloon filled with "Little" Bill's men. When he finds out that Skinny Dubois owns the place, he shoots him dead for putting Ned Logan's body up outside his business.


Who kills "Little" Bill Daggett?

William Munny kills "Little" Bill inside the saloon. After this, Munny tells the people in town they had better leave the saloon girls alone and bury Ned Logan's body, or he'll return and kill them as well.


Where does William Munny move to?

William Munney receives his portion of the reward money for helping the saloon women. With the money, he retires to San Francisco with his family.


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