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Calling all lead, second, third and skips! Do you know how to stop a rock from curling? How about what equipment you need to play?

The game originated in the 1500s, and it has gained popularity throughout the years. Some of the largest countries in the world have a deep passion for the sport and they are home to some of the most highly respected players in the game. Speaking of respect, did you know that curling teams hold respect as one of their core values when participating in the sport? Teams will never trash talk each other.

If you think you're an expert on the rules of the game, get ready to test your expertise on some miscellaneous facts as well! Do you know some of the famous players around the world? How about the history of the sport? Knowing how your favorite sport originated is not only interesting, but also a great way to learn about how the sport came to be today.

Curling fans have proven their dedication and love for the sport since it was invented. If you're a true fan of curling, you'll have no trouble with this quiz. So if you're ready to play, take your shot and see how many points you can score!

Which player on the team is the last to throw?

The skip is the last player on the team to throw. Their throw is most important at the very end of a game because it can determine who wins.


What type of stone are curling stones made of?

Curling stones are made of granite. The granite is mined from Scotland, also where the game is thought to have originated.


What does 'clean' mean?

'Clean' is used to tell the sweeper to lightly brush the ice as the shot is going where it should. They are quite literally just cleaning the ice to make a clear path for the rock.


Which member is the team captain?

The skip is the captain on a curling team. They will call a shot for their teammates and they are the last to shoot their rocks.


Which piece of equipment weighs 42 pounds?

The stone weighs 42 pounds. It is made from granite that is mined from Scotland. Stones are crucial to the game as they help the team score points.


Which of the following is the name of a shot in curling?

A 'draw' is the name of a shot in curling. It is also used to schedule a match. A few of the other shots are called 'guard,' 'hammer' and 'hit and roll.'


Which player on the team goes first?

The lead is the first player to make a shot. The lead plays two stones at the start and plays shots that will help their team to win.


What is done to stop a stone from curling?

Sweeping is done to make a stone stay on path after it is shot, without curling. Adjusting the pressure applied on the broom can create a different effect on how the stone glides.


How many people make up a curling team?

Four players make up a curling team. The players include lead, second, third and skip. Each player has a crucial role in the game.


Is it true or false that curling is an Olympic sport?

This is true. Curling was first played in the Olympics in 1924. It was not an official Olympic sport until 1998 when it was played at the Nanago Winter Games.


What does delivery mean in regards to curling?

Delivery is the action of throwing the rock to the end at the bullseye. The delivery must be well played to help the team win the game.


What does 'eight-ender' mean?

'Eight-ender' is the term used when every single one of a team's rocks score. There are eight shots from each team which explains where the expression comes from.


What is a 'rock'?

A rock is another name for the stone that is used to play curling. The term 'burning a rock' is used when a rock is touched by a player after being shot.


What is a 'sheet'?

The 'sheet' is the ice on which the game is played. It is a long area of ice with a bullseye. When the game was first played, the 'sheet' was a frozen pond.


What does 'hurry hard' mean?

'Hurry hard' is a term used to tell another player to sweep. Sweeping helps the rock go farther and stops it from curling as it travels to the bullseye.


Which country aside from Canada has a top women's team of curlers?

Aside from Canada, China has a top women's curling team. One notable player is Wang Bingyu who has played in numerous championships and at the Winter Olympic Games.


Which of the following is a nickname for the sport of curling?

One nickname for the sport of curling is 'Roarin' Game.' This is because the sound of the rock as it travels on the ice sounds similar to a roar.


Is it true or false that a player stands to shoot the rock?

This is false. A player that shoots the rock shoots from a kneeling position, where they glide across the ice with the rock before letting go.


Where was the sport first played in its early days?

In its​ early days, the sport was played on frozen ponds. This resulted in the game only being played during the winter. Today, we have indoor rinks that allow people to enjoy the game year-round.


Who brought the sport to other places around the world?

The sport of curling is thought to have originated in Scotland. The Scottish people brought the sport with them when immigrating.


In which country is curling the most popular?

Curling is most popular in Canada, despite having originated in Scotland. Canada has won many curling championships as well.


How many ends are in a game?

There are eight or ten ends in a typical game. In each end, 16 rocks are thrown. After finishing an end, the points are recorded.


What is a tradition after a game of curling?

A common tradition after a game of curling is for the winning team to buy the losing team a drink. Curling is a sport that involves respect, and this tradition is no different.


How much does a rock cost?

A rock costs about $1,000. They are 42 pounds of smooth granite from Scotland, making them quite a pricey piece of equipment.


What do players say to each other before starting a game?

Players say 'Good Curling' to each other before the start of a game. Curling is a respectful game without trash talk, and even after a loss, both teams remain respectful.


What are grippers and sliders?

Grippers and sliders are shoes. Each player has one shoe that is a gripper and one that is a slider. The shoe that is a slider depends on whether or not the player is right or left handed.


For what are curling gloves used?

Curling gloves are used for sweeping so that the players' hands are protected. Since players are in the cold, gloves are also used to keep them warm.


What is the world's oldest curling rock called?

The world's oldest curling rock is called the Stirling Stone. The Stirling Stone was found in Scotland and on the bottom, the year 1511 is inscribed.


How do you score a point?

To score points in curling depends on how close your rock comes to the bullseye. Points are awarded to the rocks that are near the bullseye.


Craig and Erika Brown are called what?

Craig and Erika Brown are called 'The First Family of Curling.' They are from the United States and they are brother and sister. Their parents were also heavily involved in curling.


Is it true or false that players wear tight clothing when playing?

This is false. Players wear loose clothing that allows them to move during the game. Tight clothing would be restricting when trying to shoot the rock.


What is a 'hack'?

The hack is the place players put their foot. They push off onto the sheet with the rock from this point to make their shot.


How many stones are thrown by each player?

Each player throws two stones, making a total of eight from each team. The game is won by the team that accumulates the most points.


How is a winner determined in curling?

A winner is determined by the team that scored the most points. Points are scored by the rocks' proximity to the bullseye.


What is at the end of the sheet?

The bullseye is located at the end of the sheet. It is the place where players try to shoot their rocks. It is a marker to determine how many points the team scored.


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