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"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" is an entertaining bunch of women who have many memorable moments! Think you know all about the ladies and the show? Take the quiz to find out!

Which housewife was only a main on the show for one season?

Kim was only a main on the show for one season. Although there were others, like Claudia and DeShawn, Kim was the only one who was a main for only one season.


Who asked NeNe to sign a "friend contract"?

Cynthia asked NeNe to sign a friend contract. She later burned the contract after a trip to Puerto Rico where the former best friends' relationship ended.


Who did Cynthia work with in Season 7?

Cynthia worked with Demetria McKinney in Season 7.


What did Phaedra use as a prop in her pregnancy photoshoot?

Phaedra used a pickle in her pregnancy photoshoot alongside her ex-husband, Apollo. Some women do crave pickles during their pregnancy!


Who called herself, "Gone With The Wind fabulous"?

Kenya said: "I'm Gone With the Wind fabulous," as she twirled around. It became an extremely memorable moment in the show.


Which two housewives made faces at each other during an argument?

The two housewives were Marlo and Shereé. This was another iconic moment in the show, with the two making face and mocking each other!


Who had surgery in Season 6?

Cynthia underwent fibroid surgery in Season 6. After her surgery, Cynthia decided to start The White Dress Project to help other women who were also affected by the condition.


Which housewife recorded a song called "Tardy for the Party"?

Kim Z recorded "Tardy for the Party." Her fellow cast member, Kandi, produced the song and later filed a lawsuit against Kim.


Which housewife said "Every day somebody thinks I'm Beyoncé"?

Kenya said this! She was talking about how a grocery store employee asked her if she was Beyoncé, to whom she wanted to mention that it happened to her almost daily.


What famous phrase did Shereé say to her party planner?

Shereé said "Who gon check me, boo?" to her party planner. They were in an argument that ended up getting pretty heated.


Which of the following housewives has not had a spin-off?

Kenya has not had a spin-off series. Kim Z. had a spin-off called "Don't Be Tardy," Kandi's was called "Kandi's Wedding," and NeNe's was called "I Dream of NeNe: The Wedding."


What other television show was NeNe filming during Season 5?

NeNe was filming "The New Normal" during Season 5 of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." NeNe played the role of Rocky Rhoades in the series!


During what season did Kenya and Porsha join the show?

Kenya and Porsha joined the show in Season 5. Kenya has been a main cast member since, and Porsha has been a main cast member for all but one season.


Where did the housewives go in Season 9?

The housewives went to Hawaii in Season 9. The trip was planned by Kandi and Todd for all of the girls and their husbands.


Which housewife is a former Miss USA?

Kenya was a former Miss USA in 1993. Kenya has also appeared in other television shows, such as "The Celebrity Apprentice" and "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air."


Which housewife has writing credits on TLC's "No Scrubs"?

Kandi has writing credits on "No Scrubs." She also has writing credits on many other songs from popular artists, such as Destiny's Child and Pink.


Who's wig did Shereé pull on during a fight?

Shereé pulled on Kim Z's wig during a fight. Michael Lohan was there to intervene and pull Kim away.


What show did NeNe host in Season 7?

NeNe hosted "Zumanity" in Las Vegas during the filming of Season 7. "Zumanity" is a burlesque-style show put on by Cirque de Soleil.


How many days did Porsha say there were in a year?

Porsha said that there were 265 days in a year. NeNe thought the situation was hilarious and it went down as one of the most memorable moments in the show.


What did Kim Z. do while undergoing laser fat removal?

Kim ate pizza while she underwent laser fat removal. This was quite the memorable moment from the show and it is often talked about.


Which housewife was part of Kandi's musical, "A Mother's Love"?

Porsha played a role in Kandi's musical, "A Mother's Love." She played the role of Jada in the 2013 production. She is also a co-host on "Dish Nation."


Which two stars of the show appeared on "Cupcake Wars"?

NeNe and Cynthia appeared on "Cupcake Wars." The two didn't win, but they got to make Hello Kitty-themed cupcakes together.


Who is Kandi currently married to?

Kandi is currently married to Todd Tucker. The two have a son named Ace Tucker, and also have two children from previous relationships.


Who considered leaving the show because of Phaedra and Porsha?

Kandi considered leaving the show because of Phaedra and Porsha. The three were in a bad situation that caused a lot of drama between.


Where did the housewives vacation together in Season 6?

The housewives vacationed in Savannah, Georgia in Season 6. The ladies toured the city and learned about Black History and the Underground Railroad.


Which of the housewives took an embalming class?

Phaedra took an embalming class in Season 4. Phaedra even started up her own mortuary service where she cared for the bodies and handled the funerals of people she knew or was connected to.


What was the title of the episode that took a look at the housewives' beginnings?

The name of the episode was "Before They Were Stars," and it aired in Season 4. It showed the housewives beginnings, where they came from, to where they are today.


Who was evicted from her home in Season 5?

Kim was evicted from her home in Season 5. Kim called it her dream house and planned to have her wedding to Kroy Biermann at the house.


Who got married in Season 3?

Cynthia got married in Season 3. She married Peter Thomas on the show, but later divorced him. Parts of the split between the two were also shown on the show.


Where did Kim Z. perform in Season 3?

Kim Z. performed at The White Party in Season 3. The White Party celebrates the LBGTQ+ community. Kim showed up to perform her song, "Tardy for the Party."


What kind of party did Shereé throw for herself in Season 2?

Shereé threw herself an "Independency Party" in Season 2. This was the party she was throwing when she was involved in a fight with her party planner.


What was Lisa's clothing line called?

Lisa's clothing line was called "Closet Freak." Lisa's line was showed on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." In addition to her fashion line, she also has a jewelry company and more.


What was Shereé's clothing line called?

Shereé's clothing line was called "She By Shere." She had a fashion show to show off her line during Season 1. Shereé also started a line of shirts.


What football team did Ed sign with in Season 1?

Ed signed with the Oakland Raiders football team in Season 1, At the time, he was married to Lisa, whom he later divorced and remarried Keisha Knight Pulliam.


Who is Mama Joyce?

Mama Joyce is Kandi's mother. Mama Joyce appears on the show and has been in a few fights with the other women.


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