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The movie that started it all, "Saw" creeped audiences out on a psychological and visceral level. How much do you remember about this famous horror film?

How many people wake up in the beginning of the movie in the locked-up room?

Two people wake up in the locked-up room. They don't know each other, and they don't know how they got there. They also don't know how to get out. Great. Just great.


What objects are next to the body in the middle of the bathroom?

There is what appears to be a dead person in a pool of blood in the middle of the bathroom, along with a revolver and a microcassette recorder. Both hold clues in their own way.


What form does the killer mastermind take when talking to his potential victims?

The mastermind killer takes the form of a puppet-like character, sometimes even riding on a tricycle to deliver the terrible news to potential victims. Let's just say you'll never want to play with a puppet again.


What tools do they discover in the bathroom's sink?

Hacksaws were found in the bathroom's sink, though they were not in top condition and could not cut through the shackles that held the men captive. They could, however, cut through skin and bone.


What is Gordon's challenge per the voice on the tape?

Gordon's challenge is to kill the other man in the room in a specific amount of time or else his wife and child will die, and he would be left in the room forever to starve to death. Imagine how the other man felt when he heard that!


What is the mastermind killer's nickname?

Jigsaw would cut pieces of skin out of his victims in the shape of jigsaw puzzle pieces. That's how he came to be called Jigsaw.


What is the name of the victim who is Jigsaw's only known survivor?

Amanda Young was Jigsaw's only known survivor at the time, and she presented an interesting case for authorities. She felt the experience made her better in the end, despite the terror she endured.


What does Gordon do for a living?

Gordon tells Adam he is a surgeon. Though that doesn't really help when you're tied up.


Why was Dr. Gordon a suspect in one of Jigsaw's crimes?

Dr. Gordon's penlight was found at the scene of a crime, but he was having an illicit affair as an alibi. The detectives asked him to listen to a survivor's testimony.


Where was the key to the bear trap apparatus Amanda had to wear?

Amanda had to dig into the stomach of her dead cellmate to find the key that would unlock the dreadful bear trap apparatus she had around her face. She unlocked it and got it off her head just before it snapped open.


Why did Gordon's daughter want him to check her room?

The little girl saw a man in her room and said he talked to her. She got the idea that maybe her dad wouldn't be around much longer.


When the detectives enter Jigsaw's lair, they find a diagram of what?

The bathroom set-up where Gordon and Adam are locked up was planned out in a diagram in Jigsaw's lair. The detectives saw it just before their own game started.


Where did Jigsaw cut Detective Tapp?

Once they had Jigsaw cornered, he shot a blade out of a holder near his wrist, whipped around and sliced the detective. The detective survived the wound.


What symbol was on the toilet?

There was a heart on the toilet. The end of the tape said to "follow your heart" and in the toilet's tank, they found two saws.


What did Gordon and Adam see on the wall when they turned off the lights?

X marks the spot, and that's how Gordon knew to dig out the wall behind the X to get a box. The box contained one way Gordon could have killed Adam.


How did Adam try to fake his death?

Jigsaw provided two cigarettes. Gordon could have dipped the cigarette in the poisonous blood and had Adam smoke it, killing him that way. However, they tried to fake Adam's death instead, but it didn't work.


Who paid Adam to take pictures of Dr. Gordon?

Detective Tapp paid Adam to follow Gordon and take pictures of him. The pictures were in the bag with the saws in the bathroom.


Who helped Jigsaw tie up Gordon's wife and child?

The hospital orderly who knew John's name, and wanted Dr. Gordon to call him by his name, helped John tie up Gordon's wife and child. This actor was also in the hit television series, "Lost."


What did Jigsaw do to prove Adam wasn't dead?

Jigsaw electrocuted Adam after he pretended to be dead, and he also electrocuted Gordon after time ran out on the clock. Jigsaw was able to do this through the shackles.


What body part did Dr. Gordon saw through?

Gordon sawed off his own foot so he could get free of the shackles and kill Adam to save his family. He ended up just shooting Adam in the shoulder and dragging himself away to get help.


What does Adam find in Gordon's wallet that he initially keeps a secret?

Adam discovers a picture of Gordon's wife and child tied up, a picture that Jigsaw must have placed in Gordon's wallet. He doesn't tell Gordon about the picture until later.


Who was the man in the middle of the bathroom?

Jigsaw (John) gets up at the end of the game, after Gordon has left. Adam can't believe it, understandably.


Where did John have a tumor?

John had an inoperable brain tumor in his brain, which made him realize that so many people are ungrateful to be alive. He played his games to teach people who survive to be grateful for life itself.


What did Gordon notice about the clock on the wall?

Gordon noticed the clock in the room was new, which meant somebody placed it there and wanted them to be aware of the time. They later found out their challenge was timed.


What happens to Adam at the end of the movie?

Jigsaw (John) wakes up at the end of the game and locks Adam in the room, telling him the key to the chains was in the bathtub and it went down the drain. We are left hearing Adam's shouts for help.


What colors are on Jigsaw's cloak?

Jigsaw's cloak was red and black, and he seemed to appear as a scary figure looming in the dark. Red is the color of blood and evil, and black is the color of death.


What did Gordon do with the woman in the hotel room?

Though Adam would think otherwise from his pictures, Gordon only spoke with the woman in the hotel room. His original intentions may have been different though.


To what are Gordon and Adam chained?

Gordon and Adam are chained to pipes, with shackles around an ankle. No amount of pulling or shaking could loosen those chains.


What color dress shirt was Dr. Gordon wearing?

Dr. Gordon's dress shirt was light blue. We see him covered in sweat stains when he wakes up in the bathroom.


Where does Adam wake up?

Adam wakes up in a bathtub filled with water. As he wakes up and panics, he pulls the stopper out of the tub and loses the keys down the drain the process.


What do Gordon and Adam find in their pockets?

Gordon and Adam find envelopes in their pockets, labeled with their names. Inside are cassette tapes for the mini cassette player.


What do the mini cassette tapes have written on them?

The small cassettes in the men's pockets said "play me." Adam played his first, then Gordon's.


What happened to Adam's saw?

Adam's saw broke when he used it to try to cut through his chains​. Makes sense, doesn't it? The saws were meant to cut through something else entirely.


With whom does Gordon primarily speak on the cell phone in the room?

When they find the box in the wall, there is a cell phone that was designed only to receive calls, not make them. Gordon has the opportunity to speak with his daughter and wife and to hear the gun fight and battle that ensues.


Where were Ally and Diana tied up?

Zep tied up Ally and Diana in the master bedroom. They had gags in their mouths, and their hands were bound.


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