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The original Pokemon animated show took us on an adventure into the universe of Pokemon. We kept watching because we had to catch them all. How well do you know the original Pokemon anime?

"Pokemon" was the well-known name of the animated show, but what was its original name?

Pocket Monsters was the original title of the "Pokemon" animated series. The show originally aired in Japan in 1997, before airing in the United States in 1998.


What is Ash's last name?

Ash's last name is Ketchum. The name is likely derived from the show's catchphrase: "Gotta catch 'em all."


In what town does Ash live?

Ash lives in Pallet Town, and also begins his Pokemon journey there. The town was named after an artist's palette. Just as you can pick any color from the palette, you can pick the direction of your own adventure.


Which Pokemon does Ash pick as his starter Pokemon?

As a new trainer, Ash got to pick one starter Pokemon. He didn't actually get a choice because he was late, but he did get a Pikachu as his first Pokemon.


Who is the lead researcher at the Pokemon laboratory in Ash's hometown?

Professor Oak was a well-known Pokemon researcher in the entire region. In his youth, he was a competitive trainer, but now he owns and operates a vast laboratory.


Who is Ash's arch-rival?

Gary Oak is Professor Oak's grandson. He is Ash's biggest rival, and always seems to be one step ahead of him.


What does Professor Oak give to Ash in addition to his first Pokemon?

Before Ash begins his journey, Professor Oak gives him a Pokedex. The Pokedex gives Ash the ability to catalogue the Pokemon he sees and gather information about them.


What is the first Pokemon Ash sees in the wild and tries to capture?

Pidgey is a flying type Pokemon, and it was the first wild Pokemon Ash encountered on his journey. He tried to capture it, but it got away.


Why does Misty follow Ash on his adventures?

When Ash first meets Misty, he and Pikachu were injured after an attack by wild Pokemon. Ash takes Misty's bicycle in an emergency to get back to town, but in the process, the bicycle gets destroyed. Misty follows Ash until he can pay her back. They later become good friends.


Misty is a specialized Pokemon trainer. What "type" of Pokemon does she train?

Misty is a specialized trainer, focusing mostly on water-type Pokemon. This may also be because of her name, which is similar to mist. She does have other Pokemon that are not water-type, but she definitely does not like bug-type Pokemon.


Pikachu is capable of which attack move?

Pikachu is an electric-type Pokemon. That means Pikachu is capable of using electric attacks, such as thunder shock, spark, or shock wave.


Where does Ash take his Pokemon for healing?

Whenever Ash's Pokemon are injured or tired from battle, he takes them to a Pokemon Center. Most cities and towns have one nearby. It is basically a hospital for Pokemon.


What criminal organization continues to interrupt Ash's journey?

Team Rocket is the criminal organization that continues to bother Ash and his friends. This organization steals other people's Pokemon in search of rare and powerful specimens. Their goal is to eventually take over the world.


Who is NOT a member of Team Rocket?

Tommy is the odd one out of the group, as he is not a member of Team Rocket. The trio team consists of Jessie, James, and Meowth.


Who is Team Rocket's supreme leader in the entire region?

Giovanni is the supreme leader of Team Rocket. He sits in the background, shadowed from view, while his underlings do his dirty work.


Each town in the region has a police officer with the same name. What is it?

Ash first meets Officer Jenny in Viridian City. When he later stopped in the next town, he recognized Officer Jenny. However, she was not the same Officer Jenny, but a relative.


All of the Pokemon nurses in the region are related and have the same name. What is it?

Nurse Joy works at the Pokemon Center to restore Pokemon to full health. There is a Nurse Joy at each Pokemon Center and they are all related to each other.


In order to prove he is the best, Ash joins which Pokemon League?

To prove he is a good Pokemon trainer, Ash joins the Indigo League. Once he gets good enough, he can challenge the top leaders.


What does Ash need to collect to get to the top of the league?

To get to the top of the league and compete, Ash must face the local gym leaders. By defeating them, he will be awarded a badge. He must collect eight badges to compete.


In what city does Ash have his first gym battle?

Ash has his first gym leader battle in Pewter City. By defeating the local gym leader, he collects his first badge, the Boulder Badge.


What is the name of the first gym leader Ash challenges, who later becomes his traveling companion?

Brock is the first gym leader Ash faces. His Pokemon are of a rock-type, similar to his name. After Brock's defeat, he asks to travel with Ash on his journey.


In what device are Pokemon captured and stored?

A Poke Ball is a small device used to both capture and store Pokemon. It significantly reduces a Pokemon's size and allows it to be stored in your pocket.


What is the first wild Pokemon Ash captures?

The first Pokemon Ash successfully captures is a Caterpie. It is a bug-type Pokemon that is usually found in the forest.


What objects help Pokemon enter a new and powerful stage of their lifecycle?

Evolution stones can be used to help Pokemon evolve into new and powerful Pokemon. Some people think the stones come from outer space. Since the stones hold so much power, they are frequently a target for crime syndicates to steal.


What does Misty reveal to Ash when they get to Cerulean City?

Misty reveals that she is the fourth of a group of sisters that own the Cerulean City gym. She challenges Ash to a battle when he seeks to get his second badge.


How many Pokemon had been discovered at the time of the original series?

In the original Pokemon series, only 151 different Pokemon had been discovered. Each of these Pokemon is recorded in Ash's Pokedex. There are many others that have yet to be discovered, and usually display an empty entry on the Pokedex if found.


What fire-type Pokemon does Ash save from the rain and a neglectful trainer?

Damian, an irresponsible trainer, abandoned his Charmander because it was weak. Ash rescued the Charmander from the rain before the flame on its tail went out. After healing, Charmander became one of Ash's Pokemon.


How many Pokemon is Ash allowed to carry at one time?

Pokemon trainers are only allowed to keep six Pokemon on them at one time. When Ash captured his seventh Pokemon, he got worried when it disappeared. But it was fine, because it was teleported to Professor Oak's lab.


What is the name of the cruise ship Ash and his friends board near Vermilion City that turns out to be a trap?

Ash and his friends board the St. Anne after receiving tickets from some sketchy individuals. It turns out to be a trap, with the goal to invite several Pokemon trainers onboard to steal their Pokemon. Things go wrong and the ship sinks, but they are able to make it out alive.


What Pokemon does Ash release into the wild?

Ash's Caterpie had evolved into a Butterfree. Butterfree saves the day and falls in love with another Butterfree. Ash understands and releases Butterfree to the wild.


Ash and his friends travel to Lavender Town, which is known for what type of Pokemon?

In order to defeat Sabrina's physic-type Pokemon, Ash needs to capture a ghost-type Pokemon. What better place than Lavender Town, known for the haunted Pokemon Tower with plenty of wild ghost-types.


Which city has two competing Pokemon gyms?

Dark City has two gyms, the Yas and Kaz Gyms. Both are competing to become an official gym in the league. Ash and his friends decide to stop the turf war before it gets out of hand.


Which Pokemon puts Ash and his friends to sleep every time it sings?

Jigglypuff likes to sing. However, the song usually puts people to sleep. Ash and his friends try to stay awake and listen out of respect, but it doesn't help. Every time Jigglypuff sings, people fall asleep and Jigglypuff gets mad.


Ash's Charmander evolves into what Pokemon that no longer listens to him?

During his journey, Ash's Charmander first evolves into a Charmeleon, and then into a Charizard. Although Charmander was loyal and listened to Ash, Charizard does the opposite of what Ash says and usually turns Ash into toast.


What is inside the egg discovered in Grandpa Canyon?

After finding an egg in Grandpa Canyon, Brock holds onto the egg for safekeeping. When the egg hatches, it is discovered to be a Togepi, a Pokemon that is not part of the original 151, and Ash's Pokedex has no information about it. Togepi chooses to become Misty's Pokemon.


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