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No show delves into the future quite like "Futurama." The Planet Express crew and the places they go will make you laugh, think, and possibly cry. Take this quiz and find out how much you know about their adventures!

What is Fry's first name?

Fry's full name is Philip J. Fry. He is the main protagonist in the show and a constant comedic relief.


What year was Fry cryogenically frozen?

Just as the year 2000 started, Fry was cryogenically frozen by accident. He was not removed from this state until the year 2999. Needless to say, the world was quite different when he was unfrozen.


What company does Fry work for in the future?

Planet Express delivers packages across the universe. The company is known for going to places that other delivery companies will not go.


Who started Planet Express?

Professor Farnsworth is a 160-year-old genius. Although he started Planet Express, he is also known for his dangerous experiments.


What was Fry's job before he was frozen?

During the late 20th century, Fry was a pizza delivery boy, but he struggled to perform his job well. For example, he once delivered pizza to Fox Network and knocked the network off air after spilling a beer in the control room.


Who is the captain of the Planet Express ship?

Leela is a serious and hardworking captain on the Planet Express ship. She is often the one who has to keep everyone else in line.


Where do Leela's parents live?

Leela grew up as an orphan and did not know who her parents were. When she was older, Leela discovered that her parents were sewer mutants who were forced to live in the ruins of Old New York.


What does Professor Farnsworth find in an attempt to prove that evolution is true?

Protestors are arguing that schools should not teach evolution because it has not been proven true. Professor Farnsworth sets out to find the missing link to prove the theory of evolution, which ends up causing even more trouble.


Which character is an alcohol-drinking robot?

Bender is known for drinking alcohol, smoking cigars, and causing trouble. Although he seems to hate humans, Bender does show a softer side toward Fry.


What did Bender do before joining Planet Express?

Suicide booths are located on the side of the street and costs $0.25. Customers can choose to die quick and painless, slow and horrible, or from a clumsy bludgeoning.


Who does Bender date?

The Planet Express ship gets an upgrade with a new female personality, and Bender starts to date her. She turns out to be jealous and quite crazy when Bender breaks up with her.


What does Bender suggest when Planet Express is about to go bankrupt?

A letter comes to Professor Farnsworth that says Planet Express will go bankrupt if he doesn't come up with enough money. Bender suggests the crew should shoot a girly calendar, but the crew doesn't have enough female employees.


Who does Bender have a cook-off against?

Bender leaves the Planet Express crew so he can learn how to cook. To accomplish this, he seeks help from the famous chef, Elzar, but Elzar rejects him. This forces Bender to find help elsewhere.


What does Fry eat that makes him smarter and healthier?

While Fry is on a delivery, he eats an old egg salad sandwich, which infects his body with worms. However, the worms end up increasing his intelligence and health.


Who was the first Emperor of the Moon?

When the Earth begins to overheat, Al Gore calls together all the scientists. He offers moon sapphires to whoever can solve the problem.


Whose personality does Fry download into a robot because he wants to date her?

The Planet Express crew begin to worry after Fry starts dating a robot that looks like Lucy Liu. It's not until Fry meets the head of the real Lucy Liu that he realizes he can't continue dating a robot. Poor Fry just wants to be loved.


Who is the physician for the Planet Express crew?

Zoidberg went into medicine after a failed comedy career. However, he isn't very good with medicine either and probably doesn't have an actual degree.


Where does Zoidberg usually sleep?

Zoidberg is shown to be extremely poor. Often, he can be found living in a dumpster, where he also finds his food.


Who is Harold Zoid?

Harold is the uncle of Zoidberg. In an attempt to revitalize his career, Harold makes a film that includes Zoidberg and Bender, called "The Magnificent Three."


What lost city did the Planet Express crew discover?

Atlanta was moved offshore to increase tourism to the city. However, the city grew so large that it sank to the bottom of the ocean.


Who runs MomCorp?

MomCorp is both a production and a delivery company. The owner, Mom, is constantly competing with Planet Express and has tried to put Planet Express out of business.


What planet does Fry become emperor of?

When Fry accidentally drinks the liquid emperor on Trisol, he is named the new emperor. However, things take a turn when the inhabitants of Trisol decide they need to drain Fry's body of its fluids.


Who is the accountant at Planet Express?

Hermes used to be a professional limboer. He was even good enough that he competed in the Olympics.


Who at Planet Express does Hermes despise?

Despite his incompetence and laziness, most of the crew members put up with Zoidberg. Hermes is the one exception, as he never has anything nice to say about Zoidberg.


Who taught Leela to fight?

When Leela was young, Master Fnog taught her kung fu. However, he often criticized her for being a girl and said she did not have the proper will to be a warrior.


What was the name of Fry's dog?

Fry finds the fossilized body of his old dog, Seymour, at a museum. A series of flashbacks shows that Seymour waited outside Panucci's Pizza for Fry to return after Fry's body was frozen. The poor dog just wanted to find his owner.


In "Time Keeps on Slippin'," how does Fry get Leela to marry him?

A time skip occurs, and Fry is suddenly married to Leela. However, neither of them know how. At the end of the episode, Fry figures out that he moved the stars around to spell "I love you, Leela."


What is Amy's job at Planet Express?

Amy goes to school at Mars University. To prepare herself for a career as an engineer, she interns at Planet express.


How many years does Amy intern at Planet Express?

After 12 years, Amy finally completes her internship and receives her degree in Applied Science. Professor Farnsworth says he forgot to tell her that she was actually ready 6 years ago.


Who is immune to the Brain Spawn?

Fry is missing the part of his brain called the delta brain. For that reason, the Brain Spawn's powers don't work on him.


Who pushed Fry into the cryogenic tube?

Nibbler knew about the danger of the Brain Spawns, so he went back in time to ensure Fry was frozen in the cryogenic tube. When the Brain Spawns attacked, Nibbler helped defeat them.


Who is Professor Farnsworth's clone?

Although Cubert is the clone of Professor Farnsworth, he becomes more like a son to the Professor. The DNA used to clone him was from a growth on the Professor's back.


What is Bender's last name?

Bender does not have a backup unit like other robots, which officially makes him defective. However, Hermes worked at Mom's Robot Company when Bender was built and approved him despite Bender being defective.


What is Zapp Brannigan's job?

Zapp Brannigan is considered a military hero by people on Earth. However, he is actually quite incompetent and lacks a moral guide.


Who is the ruler of Omicron Persei 8?

Lrrr is a constant threat to Earth, as he threatens to blow the planet up. The only thing that can stop him is information about his favorite sitcoms. That's one steep demand.


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