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You'll be "happy, happy, happy" after testing your knowledge on the wild life of the Robertson clan. Let's see if you can hit the bullseye on this quiz, Jack!

Who is the oldest brother in the Robertson clan?

Alan is the oldest Robertson brother. He was born out of wedlock on January 5, 1965.


Why was Willie frustrated in the first episode when Jase wanted to catch one more frog?

Willie was frustrated because he knew they had a $100K order of duck calls to fill the next day. The last thing he was worried about was frog hunting all night.


Who did Willie accidentally hit in the face with a football?

Willie accidentally hit Korie in the face with a football while training her for the family football game. He really wanted to win.


What do the Duck Commander employees build to speed up the process on a large order?

The Duck Commander employees built a conveyor belt. Since they had a small team, they thought this would be helpful.


What happened when Jase, Si, Phil and Godwin went to the golf course to hunt frogs?

A security guard caught the boys while they were hunting frogs on the golf course. Phil got away with some frogs and they later picked him up on the side of the road!


What does Miss Kay buy after visiting the petting zoo?

"In my opinion, you're not a proper woman unless you own a goat or two." - Miss Kay


What do the boys make for the 40th anniversary of Duck Commander?

The boys successfully built the world's largest duck call to celebrate Duck Commander's 40th anniversary.


When Korie, Jessica and Missy try their hand at sewing and fail, who steps in to help them?

Si stepped in to help the girls with their sewing and made Miss Kay a nice apron, to everyone's surprise!


When Sadie has trouble learning how to drive, where does Jase take her to practice?

Jase takes Sadie out into the woods where she can practice and get a feel for driving without having to follow the public rules of the road.


To what does an old rival challenge Willie and Jase?

Their rival challenges them to a lawn mower race. Not ones to turn down a challenge, they accept and get the rest of the boys to help them prepare.


What did Willie do after Jase broke into his office?

The employees were upset when Willie had cameras installed throughout the office. They created a plan to take Willie's iPad, and came to a compromise to get rid of the cameras.


What did the Duck Commander employees do when the air conditioning broke?

The employees built a "redneck waterpark" to beat the heat and cool down. Even Willie joined in, after some encouragement.


Who invites himself to go with Willie to talk on Mountain Man's radio show?

After inviting himself to go with Willie to the radio show, Si started telling embarrassing stories about Willie.


What do the Duck Commander employees steal from Willie's office and later break?

The employees took Willie's sword and broke it. Then they started scrambling to get it fixed before Willie noticed.


Who visits the Duck Commander warehouse and shows up in a camo limo?

Clint Bowyer visited the warehouse and later had a race with Willie.


What does Martin lose in the warehouse?

Martin lost his lizard, Josie, that he was studying in order to get his degree.


What does Jase do after he buys a replacement wedding ring?

Jase loses his second wedding ring while duck hunting. He then has to figure out how to break the news to Missy.


What does Si do when Willie plans to have an HR meeting for everyone on a Saturday?

Si handcuffs himself to Willie and they have quite the adventure while looking for a way to free themselves from the handcuffs.


Who appears for the first time in the episode "Til Duck Do Us Part?"

Alan made his first appearance in this episode, where Miss Kay and Phil renewed their vows.


When termites invade the warehouse, to where do the Duck Commander employees relocate?

They go to Godwin's house, then attempt to sell a jackalope to a taxidermist.


What does Si do after he has a minor car accident with Willie?

Si buys a scooter for his "back damage," and attempts to get out of work.


What does Willie install to stop the employees from playing on the internet at work?

Willie installed a firewall to block any websites on which the employees wasted time during work hours.


What dance does Si do in the Halloween episode?

Si does the Thriller dance, to the rest of the family's surprise.


Who does Willie hire as his personal assistant?

Willie hires Korie's cousin, John David, to be his personal assistant. Willie's deciding factor is that he gets along well with John David.


What does Miss Kay ask Willie to do after he comes over to connect their DVD player?

Miss Kay asks Willie to show her how to text, and later pesters her family with endless text messages.


What does Jase's daughter, Mia, want to do before going out of town for surgery?

Mia wanted to have a big family party. It included a wrestling match. She also gave a heartfelt speech about her life.


Who catches Jep, Korie, Miss Kay and Jessica toilet-papering their house?

Missy caught them toilet-papering her house, so they tried to make a quick getaway.


When Willie sponsors a contest on Mountain Man's radio show, how many contestants are there?

There are only two contestants. Willie and Si had to compete to see who could keep their hand on a wood chipper the longest. Si won and received the wood chipper as the prize.


What did Willie want to change about the Duck Commander brand?

Willie wanted to change the iconic Duck Commander logo.


Where did Willie take the entire family after finding a client to sell their duck calls in that country?

Willie took the family to Scotland, where they tried to find out about a painting that looked identical to him.


In what does Willie invest after Jep, Jase, and Si encourage him?

Willie unwisely invests in a race horse. He eventually decided that the horse racing business wasn't for him.


Into what does Jase turn an old pontoon boat?

Jase turns the boat into a floating duck blind. He was very proud of his invention and showed it off to everyone who passed by.


What do the guys buy at an auction, as a housewarming present for Jep and Jessica?

Out of everything they could have purchased, they bought a T-shirt cannon!


What happened on the Season 8 finale?

John Luke and Mary Kate got married on the Season 8 finale.


What does Jase try to prove to Phil about duck blinds?

Jase wanted to prove to Phil that the duck blinds needed a roof.


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