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Don't let your plate be on the chopping block! It's time to see how well you know one of your favorite amateur cooking shows out there! It's the ultimate Chopped quiz!

"Time's up! Hands _______!"

This is what the host says as the clock counts down to 0!


Chopped is a _______ competition.

Chefs compete in making delicious and presentable dishes.


How many chefs start off competing in the competition?

Four begin, but one is eliminated in each round.


How many rounds are there in the competition?

Each round is timed and judged.


How many judges serve on the panel?

The panel of judges can vary from season to season or episode to episode.


What is the first round of each competition?

The judges expect an appetizer portion, not too big, not too small!


What is the second round of each competition?

3 of the 4 original chefs compete in the entree round.


What is the third round of each competition?

The final two chefs compete in the dessert round.


Who is the host of Chopped?

Ted Allen is an American writer, cookbook author and television personality.


What is the prize of winning Chopped?

Most contestants share an emotional story about what they will do with their winnings.


On which television network does Chopped air?

Food Network has its headquarters in New York City.


In which year was the premiere of Chopped?

As of 2016, Chopped is still going strong and has recorded more than 324 episodes with 15 specials!


In which country did Chopped originate?

Started in the US, Chopped has also been adapted into Chopped Canada and Chopped South Africa.


The judges critique presentation, taste and ________.

The judges look for the contestants to manipulate all ingredients to form something amazing!


"If your dish doesn't cut it, you will be _______."

This line is part of the introduction given by Ted at the beginning of each episode.


How long is the appetizer round?

There's no time to waste with the appetizer round - judges look for just as much competitiveness in this round as any other!


How long is the entree round?

30 minutes isn't nearly enough time for a regular home cook, but these chefs hustle and showcase some amazing skills!


How long is the dessert round?

The final two competitors face off in this head-to-head dessert challenge - who wants it more!?


Who reveals which competitor has been chopped?

Suspense! The show often cuts to commercial before Ted reveals who has been chopped!


The chopped competitor's dish is always under a _________.

Cloche comes from the French word for 'bell'. It is typically used to keep food warm.


"Today, Chefs, I have ________ for you."

This is typically what each contestant says as they begin to describe their dish to the judges.


What was the name of the Chopped episodes which featured "pro" grillers?

The winner of the Grill Masters tournament wins $50,000 prize!


Who competes in the Chopped Tournament of Stars?

During a celebrity competition, each celebrity cooks for the charity of their choice - should they win, the prize money goes to that charity.


What is the name of the late night spin off series which premiered in 2015?

Chopped After Hours airs every Tuesday at 11:00pm - immediately following Chopped.


Alex _______ is a famous female chef who has served as a judge for 28 seasons of Chopped.

Alexandra Guaranschelli was crowned America's Next Iron Chef on Iron Chef America in 2012!


This male judge Aaron _______ is well known for his Latin-American cuisine.

Aaron has a twin brother Rodrigo who is an attorney!


Armenian-American Iron Chef Geoffrey ________ has served as a Chopped judge for 28 seasons.

Zakarian was born in Babak, Azerbaijan but grew up in Worcester, Massachusetts and attended the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York.


What is the first name of female Chopped judge ________ Freitag?

Amanda Freitag is a New York chef and frequent guest on Food Network programs.


This regular Chopped judge has an excellent education in French and Italian cuisine.

Marc Murphy was born in Milan, Italy.


What is the winner of each Chopped episode called?

After the final chopping block plate is revealed, Ted announces, "And that means, you ______, are the Chopped Champion, congratulations!"


What is the running time of each episode of Chopped with commercials?

Each episode is about 44 minutes - with 16 minutes of commercials, it fills a one-hour time slot on Food Network!


How many plates do the chefs prepare each round?

One for each of the three judges, and one for the camera/chopping block!


"Each round comes with its own basket of ________ ingredients."

The mystery basket items are not commonly prepared together, and this is what makes the competition challenging!


Competitors are given access to the Chopped ________ and refrigerator.

The Chopped pantry includes spices, flour, sugar, other ingredients to supplement the mystery basket.


At least how many mystery ingredients do the contestants need to use each round?

It is common for some frazzled contestants to forget to plate one of their mystery basket ingredients. While this does not disqualify them, the judges certainly take notice and can only judge what's on the plate!


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