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The 1997 film noir caper, "L.A. Confidential," had a very tight story with very intriguing characters that toed the line between good and evil — in the backdrop of glitz and glamor. Think you can sniff out the real deal in this reel by writer-director Curtis Hanson? Then take this quiz and find out!

The film’s story takes place in Los Angeles. In which state is Los Angeles found?

Los Angeles is in sunny California. Particularly, it’s down south, so it’s sometimes called SoCal by some, while LA is called La-La Land.


The officers in this story are under the employ of %0DLAPD. What does PD stand for?

The Los Angeles Police Department, or LAPD, is featured prominently in this story. Since they're in the vicinity of Hollywood, their work is sometimes connected to the entertainment industry's dealings.


Before becoming The Gladiator, this New Zealand-born, Australian-raised actor starred in "L.A. Confidential" as a Hollywood newbie.

Russell Crowe played the hotheaded and morally imbalanced police officer named Bud White. This role led to more Hollywood success for him.


The story is set during the 1950s when Hollywood was focused on gangsters and glam. Which "8 Mile" actress played the lead femme fatale character in this film?

Kim Basinger played Lynn Bracken, the always dolled up glamorous woman. She won an Academy Award for her performance in this film.


"L.A. Confidential" is mainly about the LAPD’s dealings and illegal activity, which is also known by this term.

The story's aim was to show that beneath the glamor of Hollywood, corruption can also happen, perpetrated by corrupt officers to boot.


This "House of Cards" actor played the role of Sgt. Jack Vincennes, a detective who also knows how to hobnob the Hollywood way.

Kevin Spacey portrayed the detective from the narcotics division who sometimes dips his feet into the homicide division. He is one of a handful of influential actors cast in this film, together with Hollywood newbies.


Officer Bud White’s violent behavior is sometimes addressed toward these kinds of abusers.

Officer Bud’s relentless way of going after wife beaters stemmed from his childhood experiences, as he later confessed. His father used to beat them up.


Media influence: Sgt. Jack Vincennes acts as a real-life police adviser of the Hollywood production called "Badge of Honor." What type of production is it?

"Badge of Honor" is a fictional TV show about police matters. Hollywood employed real-life detectives or police officers as technical advisers on shows like this one.


The newbie cop on the LAPD block, Sgt. Ed Exley, was always chided for wearing this accessory.

Guy Pearce played Sgt. Ed Exley, who later got promoted to Detective Lieutenant. But even with his promotion, he always gets chided to remove his eyeglasses when facing the public.


Media in cahoots: Sid Hudgens is a writer-publisher who gets tips and leads from Sgt. Jack Vincennes. What is the name of his not-so-secret publication?

Hush Hush Magazine publishes scandals and scoops around Hollywood, with writer Sid Hudgens getting tips from actual police friends. Sid was played by Danny De Vito.


Due to a well-documented police brutality brawl in the LAPD prison cell, a case arose from this incident which the press labeled as Bloody ___, named after the holiday when it happened. Which holiday was this?

The Bloody Christmas incident prompted city officials to find cops who would testify against the other cops who erred that night. Sgt. Ed Exley volunteered and testified against fellow officers, in exchange for a detective lieutenant promotion, earning the ire of his peers.


Femme fatale blondie, Lynn Bracken, worked as this kind of lady escort.

Lynn Bracken worked for Fleur de Lis, apparently as a high-class prostitute. It was run by Pierce Patchett, and their clientele were important and influential people in LA society.


What was unique about the prostitutes working for Fleur De Lis?

Fleur De Lis had prostitutes who underwent cosmetic surgery to look like movie stars. Lynn Bracken was dolled up to look like the 1940s femme fatale, Veronica Lake.


When Office Bud White saw this Fleur De Lis girl’s patched face, he immediately thought she was a domestic abuse victim. What part of the girl’s face was medically wrapped?

The first thing Hollywood wannabes usually have corrected are their noses, so this Fleur De Lis girl’s nose was patched up after undergoing rhinoplasty. But to Bud, it looked like something illegal. He’s right, in a way...


LAPD head, Capt. Dudley Smith, sometimes uses Officer Bud White’s hotheadedness to do this special errand for him.

The underhandedly crooked Capt. Dudley Smith uses Bud’s brawn to beat up criminals or suspects he’s interrogating. Capt. Smith was played by James Cromwell.


What is the one thing police officers don’t want to do to fellow officers?

Even if good cops testify against bad cops, they will refer to this as being a snitch. To them, a snitch is the ultimate traitor.


Anything goes: At a Fleur de Lis party, every secretive socialite and influential person with hidden personas could party openly there, as evident in that scene where this kind of couple is seen dancing.

The LGBT community kept a low profile during the 1950s, even in supposedly open industries like the film industry. But at secret parties, like those at the Fleur de Lis, everyone could feel safe and secure.


Lt. Exley and Office Bud later discover that LAPD Capt. Smith was trying to take over the incarcerated Mickey Cohen’s underworld dealings in LA. What kind of major underworld character is Cohen?

When drug lord Mickey Cohen was imprisoned, his allies were being eliminated by Capt. Smith in secret, so he could hopefully take over the underworld empire. This included having cops do the dirty work for their captain from time to time.


The first big lead that led Exley to become famous and well-decorated was handling the homicide incident at Nite Owl. What kind of dining establishment was Nite Owl?

The Nite Owl coffee shop homicide investigation earned Exley some brownie points, especially after he supposedly shot and caught the suspects who committed this crime. But after the dust settled, Exley found out something else …


Ed Exley’s brilliant psychological manipulation of the three African-American suspects in the Nite Owl homicide was appreciated by his peers during this usual police procedure.

The LAPD picked up three teenage suspects for the Nite Owl homicide, and Exley led the interrogation of each of them. His use of psychological play led the suspects to reveal more details and snitch on each other.


Hush Hush Magazine publisher, Sid, is ready to go low for a juicy scoop to boost magazine sales. He once framed a politician having a sexual tryst with Lynn Bracken. How did he frame the guy?

Sid is ready to go low for the right price, like photographing politicians for blackmail money. He did this many times, apparently, and he holds many secrets and evidence to frame many people in Tinseltown.


Lower than low: Hush Hush Magazine publisher, Sid, was ready to capitalize on city officials’ hidden identities. What secret identity of the district attorney did Sid use to set up a blackmail plot against the popular city official?

Sid suspected that the district attorney was bisexual, and hired a male actor to seduce him, so he could take blackmail photos of them. But this plot went awry, and Sgt. Jack Vincennes investigated the matter closely, since he was party to the plot.


Ed Exley was uncomfortable being hailed as the hero of the Nite Owl incident, especially since he killed the African-American suspects by using this powerful weapon.

Capt. Smith jokingly termed Exley as “Shotgun Ed” after he mercilessly pursued the Nite Owl suspects and shot them all. But as Exley investigated, he learned he had shot the wrong suspects.


Officer Bud also investigated the Nite Owl homicide on his own, especially since one of the persons killed there was this fellow officer friend. Who was this officer to him?

Officer Dick Stensland was Officer Bud’s former work partner who was sacked after Exley's Bloody Christmas testimonial. Dick was also killed in the Nite Owl, which leads Bud to investigate that his partner had a double life he kept secret from him.


One of the girls killed in the Nite Owl homicide was Fleur de Lis prostitute Susan Lefferts whom Bud recognized as the girl with the nose job patch. To learn more about Susan, Bud went to this one person who knew her. Which relative of Susan’s did he visit?

Bud visited Susan’s mother to hopefully get some clues about her daughter’s life. But he finds out more than meets the eye.


Ed Exley became a police office because one of his closest relatives, who was also one, was killed by an anonymous gunner. Who was this relative?

Ed was inspired by his father's dedication as a police officer, so he also became one. In a way, he felt he wanted to pursue criminals since he couldn't pursue the criminal who killed his father.


Since Ed Exley’s police officer father was gunned down by an unknown suspect, he made up a fictitious one of these, just to give the killer an identity.

Rollo Tomasi was the name Ed Exley invented to give his father’s unknown killer an identity. As he was growing up, the name Rollo Tomasi, for Ed, later meant “the guy who gets away with it."


It turns out that Officer Bud’s former police partner, Dick, and the murdered Fleur de Lis prostitute, Susan, were secretly connected to each other. In what way were they connected?

Dick and Susan were apparently lovers, as revealed by her mother to Officer Bud. Bud was slowly being blown away by details of people around him that were unknown to him.


It was easy for Officer Bud to trace the Fleur de Lis boss’ home address, since a certain store he visited made deliveries there. What kind of store was it?

Bud remembered seeing Lynn in a liquor store, buying stash for a Fleur de Lis party. So he dug up the address from their delivery list..


When Ed Exley was accompanied by Jack Vincennes to question a man, Ed mistook the man’s female companion as a Fleur de Lis prostitute who looked like a movie star. But it turned out to be a real movie star! Which real-life 1950s femme fatale was this?

To Jack Vincennes’ enjoyment, Ed Exley mistook the real Lana Turner as a Fleur de Lis prostitute who only looked like Lana Turner. Of course, the Hollywood glamor girl throws her drink at him for being disrespectful.


The inevitable: In the course of his investigation, what happens to Officer Bud and Fleur de Lis employee Lynn Bracken?

Officer Bud seems to tame down whenever he’s with Lynn Bracken, and the two start a relationship. This tenderness is turned into a deadly asset later on by Capt. Dudley, having Bud go against Exley.


Often at odds with each other, what do Officer Bud and Lt. Ed Exley eventually do, when they discovered they were being framed against each other by their boss, Capt. Smith?

Ed was able to convince Bud to team up with him in investigating evidence against their LAPD boss. Bud came on board soon enough.


Both Bud and Ed were called to appear in an abandoned house, only to walk into one of these, as set up by their LAPD boss. What was it?

Bud and Ed walked directly into an ambush set up by their boss captain. But they were ready, and had a shootout with the captain's henchmen.


After the final shootout with fellow officers, Capt. White was cornered by Lt. Ed, and the elder cop instructed the younger cop to hold this item high, so that incoming people would recognize he’s a cop. What is this item?

Capt. Smith was still ordering Ed around, even if he was being held at gunpoint by the younger detective. He even advised him to raise his police ID so incoming cops would know he was a fellow cop. But Ed was having none of it and shot his boss, so he wouldn't get away with anything anymore.


When the dust settled in the LAPD, Bud is seen riding off with Lynn, ready to travel to her hometown, away from Tinseltown. To which state are they headed?

Lynn was originally from Arizona, as Bud saw on her bed pillow one time. Since Bud survived the shootout, he decided to retire there with Lynn in tow, leaving Ed to clean up the LAPD.


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