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Can you keep up? This quiz is about to keep you on your toes. Where did he go? He was just here! How come Tom Hanks can't find him!? Take this quiz now to see how well you remember Catch Me If You Can.

Catch Me If You Can is based on a ________ story.

It is an biographical crime film based on the life of a real American!


What is the name of the main character?

Frank Abagnale Jr. was born on April 27, 1948.


Frank pretended to be a pilot for which airline?

He posed as a pilot, attracting the attention of some excited flight attendants.


What was Frank Abagnale's primary crime?

He was so good at it, that he later came to help the FBI in catching other check forgers.


Catch Me If You Can was directed by which famous director?

Spielberg is also known for other major hits such as Jaws, ET, Saving Private Ryan and Jurassic Park.


In which year was Catch Me If You Can released?

Catch Me If You Can was released on December 25, 2002. It grossed more than $30 million in its opening weekend!


Which famous actor played the lead role of Frank Abagnale?

Leonardo DiCaprio began his career in the soap opera Santa Barbara and the sitcom Growing Pains.


In which decade is Catch Me If You Can primarily set?

It begins in 1963 when Frank Abagnale lives in New Rochelle, NY with his father Frank Abagnale, Sr.


Which famous actor plays the role of Frank's father Frank Abagnale, Sr.?

Christopher Walken has appeared in more than 100 films and TV shows in his career.


Where is Frank's mother from?

One of his first tricks is posing as a substitute teacher in his French class.


Tom Hanks plays an FBI bank fraud agent named _______.

Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson produced My Big Fat Greek Wedding in the same year Catch Me If You Can was released.


At the start of the movie, Frank Sr. is denied a loan from which ___________ Bank.

Once denied the loan, the family is forced to move into a small apartment.


While in high school, what does Frank Jr. discover about his Mom?

Frank's mother Paula has an affair with Frank Sr.'s friend Jack.


When Carl busts into Frank's hotel room, Frank pretends to be a ________.

Agent "Barry Allen" of the United States Secret Service pretending to also be on the hunt for Frank Abagnale, Jr.


From where did Frank get the name Barry Allen?

Carl is utterly frustrated when he realizes that he has been fooled by Frank Abagnale Jr as a comic book character.


Frank impersonates a doctor in Georgia by forging a medical degree from _______.

Upon changing to a doctor, he now meets and starts dating a nurse.


What is the name of the hospital nurse who Frank Jr. starts dating?

Brenda Strong is a Southern belle.


Which famous actress plays the role of Brenda Strong?

Amy Adams was born in Italy because her father was stationed there in the US Army.


Upon meeting Brenda's parents, which occupation does Frank pose as?

He then joins Brenda's father as an assistant prosecutor after passing the Bar exam.


Where do Brenda's parents live?

Frank asks for Brenda's dad's help regarding the Louisiana state bar exam.


Who does Frank marry in the movie?

Amy Adams acted in 3 other movies and one TV show in the same year 2002.


Frank comes clean to Brenda and tells her to meet him in _______ two days later.

From there, he promises to elope with her.


When he sees Brenda in Miami, why does he decide to turn the other way?

He realizes that Brenda has reached out to the FBI upon his confession to her.


From Miami, where does Frank flee?

7 months later Carl is on his way to Europe to look for Frank.


How does Frank Abagnale, Sr. die?

Frank Sr. fell down a staircase at a train station and died.


Frank's mother Paula divorces Frank Sr. and remarries to _______.

Jack Barnes was portrayed by James Brolin who is married to Barbara Streisand.


The real Frank Abagnale published a _______ in 1980 detailing his story.

The rights to the book were sold to Spielberg's DreamWorks in 1997.


Who tells Frank that his father has died?

Carl escorts Frank back to the US on a plane and informs him of the sad news.


Where in France does Frank escape to?

Carl recalls from an interview with Paula that she was born in Montrichard. So he travels there to find Frank!


Frank recruited flight attendants to work with him at Pan Am based on their _______.

He used them as an 'eye candy' distraction and walked right passed the FBI.


How many years does Frank serve in the French prison?

He serves for 2 years and then is released into Carl's custody.


How long of a prison sentence was Frank given in the United States?

Carl visited Frank regularly in prison.


Carl arranges for Frank to be released from prison after _____ years.

On the condition that he works in the check fraud department of the FBI under Carl's custody.


How does Frank say that he passed the Louisiana State Bar Exam?

Carl asks him, "Is that the truth, Frank?" and Frank only smiles back - leaving the viewers still in a state of confusion!


On which day does Carl find Frank in France?

He catches up to him in a printing factory!


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