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With Tokyo hosting the 2020 Olympics, we pay tribute to the great anime movie that predicted it so many years ago: Akira. Are you ready to make a big boom? Take this quiz and find out!

When we first see Colonel Shikishima, he comes across like such a toughie. What is he actually like?

Colonel Shikishima may look like a by-the-book soldier, but he's really not. In truth, he takes care of the men under his command, and at the same time, he feels like a father figure, to the other Project Children.


When the Project Children harass or try to kill Tetsuo, what do they do?

Because the Children are surrounded by toys, they use that imagery when they influence Tetsuo's senses. Their "toy" selves look really, really scary. Calling creepypasta!


What is one of the reasons why the Akira movie is a cornerstone of film history?

Akira was one of the first big anime projects, and movies, that crossed over to America. It had an excellent audio dub for the dialogue, and it made people sit up and realize that cartoons and anime could be for older audiences.


At the time, with a budget of $8 million, Akira was touted as this.

Akira's budget of $8 million may seem small to US-based productions, but for Japan, it was the largest budget they'd ever had for a film at that time. The high level of detail and large number of animation stills they used contributed to the relatively expensive cost.


Kaneda and Colonel Shikishima share this honor in the movie.

Colonel Shikishima and Kaneda are able to hit Tetsuo for different reasons. With Kaneda, it's probably because Tetsuo thinks Kaneda wouldn't shoot him. With Colonel Shikishima, it's because Tetsuo was too much of a blob monster to care that he was being shot at.


Why isn't the movie's namesake, Akira, around for most of the film?

He wasn't in cryogenic storage. Akira was practically a frozen set of organs. Only the sheer psychic powers of the three Children made Akira come back from the dead.


Why does one of the Children, Masaru, take on a Monster Car Toy image?

Masaru is the formal one of the Children. He acts more mature, though it's not confirmed if he is. When they operated on him to boost his psychic powers, his ability to walk was affected. In the movie, he goes around in a space-age chair.


Kiyoko is a powerful psychic, but in real life she is this:

Kiyoko is a somewhat formal little girl, and she seems to be the one who has psychic visions. However, the price for her abilities is that she seems to be generally the weakest, physically.


The movie doesn't flinch from showing what in the city scenes with a lot of people?

Even though it's a future with a lot of technological and cultural development, social issues are still a problem for the city folk. It's no surprise that all the crazy goings-on in the movie plot of Akira ends up with people rioting all over the place.


This is probably the most icky and shocking event in the movie, aside from the big boom:

Kaori was at the wrong place and time. When Tetsuo loses control, she ends up somewhere inside him. As he kept on expanding, she was crushed into chunky salsa. Yeowtch!


In one darkly funny scene, what does one of the rebels try to do to the police station?

It's a background story in the movie. A rebel tried to use a grenade in the police station. It fizzled out, but later on, the station blows up. The grenade had a delayed timer.


Why do the Children exist?

The government needed to develop super weapons based on psychic powers. The Children are the weapons themselves, thanks to their abilities. Their abilities come at a heavy price, though.


What happens to Kaneda's biker gang when they meet with their teachers and school officials?

It looks like Kaneda's gang are on very thin ice when it comes to staying in school. It's not just because they aren't studying, but their criminal records are also getting worse.


What did Tetsuo do as an extreme method of getting people out of the way in the hospital?

This is one of the first signs of how powerful Tetsuo's abilities are. He uses his psychic powers to shred three people trying to get him back into a hospital room. Slay!


It all starts with Takashi and this incident:

It isn’t clear if Takashi was being kidnapped, or if he was cooperating. However, when he shielded himself from Tetsuo and the motorcycle, he set off a chain of events that would wake Akira up from his sleep.


What happens to Tetsuo right before the big boom?

Tetsuo has so much power, and so little training, that without the right medicines and emotional balance, he lost control of not only his powers, but also his physical body. He basically turns into a super-psychic blob monster that took up a big part of a stadium.


What made the Children look so old?

The flashbacks and Testuo's dependence on control drugs show the reason why the Project Children look so old is that the operations they went under and the drugs they need to control their abilities, over time, affected their physical bodies. It's not known how old they are.


How does Tetsuo no-sell a tank going after him?

As a display of power, Tetsuo stopped a cannon shell from hitting him, with the power of his mind. Of course, this just lets the riot get further out of hand.


What is the enemy biker gang known as?

One of the most iconic scenes is when Kaneda's biker gang gets into a road fight with the Clowns, a rival group. It also shows that they have a lifestyle that is practically saying "kill or be killed."


Tetsuo became the target of this when the government was trying to kill him:

Tetsuo was the target of a killer satellite that destroyed his arm with an energy blast. As revenge, he went up into space and destroyed the whole thing.


We know that politics can be really twisted, but what did Minister Nezu do?

Minister Nezu was the one supplying the rebel forces with information and other things, like hospital IDs. It’s so they can try to kidnap one of the Project Children. Traitor!


We don’t see much of Ryu, what was he?

Not much is known about Ryu, but he is apparently a senior member of the rebel forces. He also seems to be close to Kei, but it is not known in the movie what their exact relationship is.


Aside from someone Kaneda falls for, Kei is also this.

Kaneda really has a habit for falling into trouble. Even Kei, whom he likes, is a rebel fighter who is part of a group trying to kidnap any of the Project Children or Tetsuo.


What was originally an animation pencil test became this in the movie:

The last movie sequence is an abstract animation of circles, making it look like a universe is being born. Akira, Tetsuo, and possibly the other Children, went to another universe, or created one.


What prevented Kaneda from winning when he and Tetsuo went at each other?

Even though Kaneda seemed to have more than the usual number of batteries for the beam cannon, it was used with a lot of time in between shots. The way Kaneda used it burned out the batteries, or just didn’t allow them enough time to get up to full power.


What element of their pasts do all of the Project Children and Tetsuo have in common?

Tetsuo is an orphan, and from the scenes showing the past of the three Children, they have no parents, either. Even at an early age, they all look like they were in a big laboratory or secret base.


Of all the places they could have chosen, where did they hide Akira?

If you think about it, hiding Akira under an Olympic stadium is what people would least expect. And as long as he can be kept on ice -- in this case, literally frozen -- then there's no problem.


Who became a mouthpiece for the Children?

It's never explained why, but Kei became the chosen mouthpiece for the Children. They could channel their powers through her, or perhaps they were awakening powers that were natural to her.


What did Akira do in the past that makes everybody nervous or treat him like a god?

In the movie, they didn’t know exactly what happened, only that Akira leveled Tokyo with a nuke-like blast. They didn’t say what state he was in after that, but, well, they chopped him up for study, keeping the various bits frozen in a big freezing chamber.


What little problem made the three Children stop trying to harass or kill Tetsuo in his room?

It's probably because they really are still children, but Takashi and Kiyoko backed off when they saw Tetsuo's foot bleed after he broke his drinking glass with his foot. Masaru doesn’t seem to be too affected, though.


Even if Kei is a rebel fighter, she apparently hasn’t done this.

Kei froze up a bit after killing a person so she could save Kaneda. It looks like she hasn’t killed anyone at that point, even though she's probably done many more illegal things as a rebel.


The Doctor has a fitting fate at the end of the movie. What was it?

The doctor was so obsessed with the information he was getting that he didn’t think about his own safety. The van he was in collapsed from the shockwave and stress of what was happening outside. RIP!


What bonded Tetsuo and Kaneda on their first day in the orphanage?

Kaneda is the bully who fights against other bullies. He didn’t like it when Tetsuo's toy robot was taken away from him, so he fought to get it back until he got a bloody nose. That became the start of a brotherly friendship.


What was always an issue between Kaneda and Tetsuo?

You have to look at the scenes closely, but Kaneda really does look out for Tetsuo. Even when Kaneda seems hell-bent on killing him, it is because he sees Tetsuo as his responsibility.


This is one of the most iconic images from the movie Akira, and it belongs to Kaneda:

Kaneda's big red bike looks totally out of place in the streets of Neo-Tokyo and his biker gang. But it's obviously his most prized material thing.


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