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"The NeverEnding Story" is one of the best fantasy films of its time, making people realize that imagination is a powerful tool. You think yours is fired up enough to envision the details of the movie? Then take the quiz and find out!

The film’s director is known more for action movies like "Air Force One" and disaster movies like "The Perfect Storm." You could say that "The NeverEnding Story" was the odd one out in his filmography.

Wolfgang Petersen is a master of disaster and action movies. His excellent work on the disaster, suspense and action parts of "The NeverEnding Story" are his calling card.


When the protagonist Bastian reads the book, he is reading - he thinks - a story set in this land.

The book's story is set in the land of Fantasia. It's a land filled with wondrous people and creatures, all ruled over by a Childlike Empress.


Atreyu from the Plains People is called by the Childlike Empress to do this.

Atreyu is a famous hero in Fantasia. The Childlike Empress believes in his abilities and makes him her representative, going on a quest to find a cure for her and for Fantasia.


When Bastian runs away from the bullies following him, he ends up here, which sets up everything that happens in the movie.

Bastian ducks into a bookstore. After meeting the owner, he ends up "borrowing" the book named "The NeverEnding Story." And that's where the movie's story really begins.


One of the reasons that Atreyu is the one called for the Childlike Empress's quest is this.

Atreyu is a very stubborn kid. This helps him a lot as a hunter and tracker. And when it comes to quests, he simply won’t stop until he finds an answer.


The Sphinxes may keep secrets, but they're pretty bare about this part of themselves.

Talk about getting stuff past the censors! Yes, they are glowing godly statues covered in glitter, but please, those breasts need to get some clothes on them!


This is the big bad guy of the movie.

The Nothing really is that: nothing. It's about not having dreams or imagination. It's everything you've forgotten as you grow older, or when you lose hope.


This is the first casualty of Atreyu's quest, as they go through the Swamps of Sadness.

The Swamps of Sadness make people sad, and the sadder they get, the more they sink in the muck. Artax, Atreyu's horse, sinks all the way. It is the first big shocker of the film.


Gmork is a giant wolf who believes in the Nothing, because of this.

Gmork believed that if people didn’t have any hope, they would just do what you order them to do. It's never really explained why he's like this, other than having a need to be in power.


Who is Mr. Coreander?

Mr. Coreander's bookstore is where Bastian hides from the bullies. The oowner doesn’t like Bastian at first. But when Bastian steals the "NeverEnding Story" book, it looks like he meant to let Bastian steal it.


Bastian's dad gives him this serious advice during breakfast.

Bastian's teacher called home and said he wasn't doing very well in math. This dad figured it was time for a serious talk, to make Bastian realize that real life is more important and that he should get his head out of the clouds.


In the movie, one character is noticeably absent. Who is it?

We never see Bastian's mom in person. The most we ever see of her is a blurry photo in the background in Bastian's room - if that's her.


The Childlike Empress needs this to be cured, and to save Fantasia.

The Childlike Empress needs a new name. It's not explained how the magic and stability of Fantasia are affected by it, but it seems that she needs a new one from time to time, to keep things going.


In the beginning of the story, we meet three travelers. One of them is a giant. He likes eating these.

The giant we meet at the beginning of the Fantasia "story" is a rockbiter. True to the name, he eats rocks. He found limestone with a bit of quartz to be quite satisfying.


Morla the Ancient One is allergic to this, which Atreyu has.

Morla the Ancient One is so old that she's allergic to youth. It's not just about young people, but about being young. Her sneezes almost give Atreyu some nasty injuries.


Before Atreyu dies by drowning in the swamp or being attacked by what seems to be a big bad wolf, he is saved by Falkor, who later calls himself this.

Falkor is known as a luck dragon, though it isn't known if he really influences events with good luck. He's a great steed though, bringing Atreyu to the Southern Oracle while he was asleep from sadness and exhaustion.


Who sang the film’s theme song, also titled “The NeverEnding Story"?

LIMAHL - that's Christopher HAMILL - was going solo after being the frontman for the band Kajagoogoo. When he rejoined them, the band made the film’s theme song one of their set favorites.


To get to the Southern Oracle, Atreyu has to go through a mirror-like gate. What does it do?

As the old man Engywook says: Kind people find they are cruel, and brave men discover they are really cowards. The mirror shows the hidden truth about people, so only the ones most honest with themselves have no problem passing through.


At various points of the movie, Bastian begins to get clues that he's involved in the story in the book, because of this.

Bastian begins to notice that when he says something loud, or when people look into reflections, it’s like the book’s characters are hearing and seeing what he says. It's a somewhat obvious setup for when the Childlike Empress starts talking to him directly.


One of the three travelers in the beginning of the Fantasia events is a Night Hob - and this is his way of traveling.

The Night Hob uses a giant bat like a living glider. It isn't known if all Night Hobs travel this way, but the bat he had is pretty tame, even falling asleep while being used as a glider!


If you listen to Tami Stronach, the actress who portrayed the Childlike Empress, you'll notice that she has a hard time saying some words. This is why.

Tami lost her front teeth just before filming started, so they had to make new artificial teeth just for her. Because they were made in such a hurry, she had some problems with speaking her lines.


Holy Copyright Shenanigans! If you look at one scene, you'll see some "cinematic people" who shouldn't be there. Who are they?

Blink and you'll miss it! In the scene when it is announced that the Childlike Empress is sick, you'll see the outlines of Yoda, C-3PO, and some Ewoks among the crowd. Some people say you can see other characters from other movies as well. It could be a trick of the light, but it could also have been some special effects people having fun.


The Auryn was given to Atreyu because of this.

The Auryn, which looks like a bunch of snakes wrapped around each other, was supposed to protect him through some sort of magic. It is also the design on the cover of the "NeverEnding Story" book.


The first gate of the Southern Oracle did this to a knight, while Atreyu was watching.

If you didn't pass the gate's requirement, the first gate's statues would fry you with bolts from their eyes. Atreyu managed to literally run through the gate and live.


Noah Hathaway, the actor who portrayed Atreyu, probably doesn't remember the filming of "The NeverEnding Story" very fondly, because of this.

It was reported that Noah Hathaway had many accidents during filming, ranging from nearly drowning to back injuries, and even all the way to having his eye nearly poked out. So if you saw him looking stressed in some of the scenes, that's probably because he was miserable in real life.


The third man among the travelers at the beginning of the film is a small man with formal clothes, and his ride was this funny choice.

That racing snail probably still wasn't as fast as the Night Hob or the Rockbiter going around, but it could go at a decent pace. It's not known if racing snails are popular where he lived, but it was weird enough that the Rockbiter thought he should carry the small man and the snail so they could travel faster.


This is the way Atreyu went down. It wasn't spectacular.

Some people think that Atreyu was hit by a rock falling from the ceiling, but the movie scene isn’t clear about that. From the looks of it, the quake made him slip, and he knocked himself out when he hit the floor. Ouch!


Michael Ende, the novelist who penned the children's book "The NeverEnding Story" on which the film is based, had this reaction when he was asked about "The NeverEnding Story" as a film.

Michael Ende felt that the movie had missed the point about his book. Reportedly feeling disgusted, he demanded that his name be removed from the main credits.


Gmork's original target is this person.

Gmork originally was going after Atreyu, although he didn't seem to know who Atreyu was. He was just told by the people behind the Nothing to kill the one person who could stop them.


This is where Bastian hid so he could read the "NeverEnding Story" book in peace.

When Bastian went to school, he decided that rather than go to class, he would read the "NeverEnding Story" book in the school's attic. It looks like he's done this before, since he knew where to get the key to the door.


This is the name that Bastian gives to the Childlike Empress.

Bastian screams the Childlike Empress' new name into the open air and the storm. Her new name is "Moon Child," which gives Fantasia one last chance to renew itself.


This is all that is left of Fantasia toward the end of the film.

It seems that the Nothing nearly succeeded in wiping all of Fantasia out - except for one grain of sand. That was all Bastian and the Childlike Empress needed to resurrect the world with a wish or two.


After all the Childlike Empress's explanations, this is what powers Fantasia.

Fantasia is another world that seems to be powered by people's hopes and imaginations. It seems, though, given the fantastic elements of the world, that it runs mainly on imagination.


In the end, Bastian uses one wish to do this, with Falkor's help.

Bastian uses one wish so that he could ride Falkor in the real world and scare the bullies who were terrorizing him. They jump into a dumpster to escape, which is where they used to throw Bastian after getting his lunch money.


Why did Mr. Coreander tell Bastian the "NeverEnding Story" book wasn't for the boy?

Mr. Coreander warning Bastian about the book is a bait of sorts. He knew that Bastian would want to read it more, but he also wanted to warn him of the dangers of how the book could make things more real than Bastian ever imagined.


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