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Test your knowledge of the show Fear the Walking Dead.

In what city does Fear the Walking Dead begin?

Unlike its zombie-infested counterpart in The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead focuses on the unfortunate souls in Los Angeles who are not yet quite aware of the zombie outbreak starting to occur. A city of angels, indeed.


In the pilot episode, where does young Nick Clark wake up?

The series opens with Nick Clark waking up to find a half-naked zombie girl enjoying some human brunch. Understandably, Nick spends the rest of the opening scene getting the heck out of there.


Who is the inspiration for the name of Victor Strand’s personal yacht, the Abigail?

Victor Strand’s lover, Thomas Abigail, is played by Dougray Scott. Millennials women everywhere might remember him as Prince Henry in 1998’s Ever After.


Before the zombie outbreak, what did Madison Clark do for a living?

Madison Clark, the female lead in Fear the Walking Dead, was a guidance counselor before the zombie outbreak occurred. The irony is not lost on viewers that her son, Nick, has substance abuse and addiction problems.


What is the name of Nick’s drug supplier that ends up being shot and run over with a truck?

Nick has purchased drugs in the past from Calvin, however during a fight, Nick ends up shooting Calvin in the stomach. Later when Nick and his family return to the scene of the crime, Calvin has turned into a zombie.


How does Chris notice that there are people outside the established safe zones in Los Angeles?

In one of his many moments of teenage angst, Chris is recording the events of the past few days when he happens to see a signal light coming from one of the buildings outside the established safe zone.


After being bitten, who shoots Liza at her request?

Liza initially tells Madison that she has been bitten and asks her to shoot her to avoid a slow, painful death and eventual reanimation. Travis, her ex-husband, eventually does the deed himself.


What is the name of the operation held by the military to bomb Los Angeles?

With the city and surrounding suburbs so overrun by the undead, the military decides to bomb the areas in an effort to contain the outbreak.


What is the name of the man Alicia talks to on the radio while on board the Abigail?

Despite Strand’s warnings, Alicia continues to talk to a man named Jack over the radio. Maybe she got confused and thought it was Jack Dawson she was saving.


Daniel discovers maps to where on Strand’s yacht?

Daniel becomes suspicious of Strand when he discovers weaponry and maps to Mexico on Strand’s yacht. This further strains the relationship between Strand and his fellow onboard guests.


What happens to Strand’s life raft when he abandons his boat?

After Jack and his not-so-nice group take control of the Abigail, Strand attempts to escape via an inflatable life raft. However, he doesn’t get far before it is shot, leaving him in the ocean without a floatation device.


Who rescues Strand from drowning?

Madison, unlike some of the characters, has some shred of decency and a moral compass left in her. She rescues Strand from drowning, remembering that he let her family come on his boat when they most probably would have not survived much longer had they stayed in the Los Angeles area.


Who shoots and kills Reed?

After repeated taunting, an already distraught and somewhat disturbed Chris shoots Reed in the face, later claiming that Reed was about to turn into a zombie. Later, Daniel devises a clever way to use the now zombified Reed.


What did Travis Manawa do for a living before the zombie outbreak?

Travis and Madison worked at the same school before the zombie outbreak occurred.


What type of shop does Daniel Salazar own?

Daniel Salazar owns a barber shop that the other main characters take refuge in while the streets are overrun with zombie. It is only a temporary shelter though, and the entire group must move on when the danger makes its way into the shop.


What does Madison use to kill the zombified principal of Paul R. Williams high school?

Art Costa is the principal at the high school where Madison works, and she later encounters him as a zombie and has to beat him to death with a fire extinguisher.


What is the name of Daniel's daughter?

The audience first meets Ofelia as a quiet, reserved daughter. However, as the series continues, she begins to learn that the world around her and even her family aren’t what they appeared to be.


What do the people in Fear the Walking Dead call the zombies?

In the early stages of the zombie outbreak, the zombies are referred to as infected. They haven’t been zombies for long and therefore look more humanlike than the zombies in The Walking Dead.


Which character begins to display psychotic tendencies as the show progresses, appearing with a knife while Madison and Alicia are sleeping?

The death of his mom was when Chris really started to go downhill psychologically. Madison tries to tell Travis that something needs to be done about Chris, but Travis doesn’t seem to understand the gravity of the situation.


In order to save Nick, Griselda, and Liza from the military base, Daniel released thousands of zombies as a diversion. From where did he release them?

In order to save Nick, Griselda, and Liza, Daniel released thousands of zombies from a stadium to distract and potentially harm the soldiers.


From what does Griselda Salazar die in the first season?

Due to a leg injury and no way to treat it, Griselda succumbs to septic shock and other complications. After she passes away, Liza shoots her to prevent her from turning into a zombie.


Who teaches Chris how to kill a zombie?

Seth is the teenage son in a family that lives on an island with a fenced-in property and a survivalist mentality. The Abigail’s passengers meet the family and learn that all major cities up and down the coast have been destroyed by the military.


Colman Domingo plays what character on Fear the Walking Dead?

Colman Domingo plays Victor Strand on Fear the Walking Dead but has also been in several major motion pictures, including Lincoln, Lee Daniels’ The Butler, and Selma.


What is the number of the flight the passengers are on in the earlier parts of the outbreak?

A group of living passengers dealing with someone who is infected? That wasn’t in the safety briefing.


Some scenes for the show were shot in Los Angeles, California, but where were the rest shot?

The first episode and many of the exterior shots were done in Los Angeles, but much of the later episodes were shot in Vancouver.


How did Alicia's boyfriend die?

In the early part of the series, Alicia is seen with her boyfriend named Matt Sale. He is eventually bitten by a zombie, and Alicia’s parents make her abandon him to avoid danger from reanimation.


Which character almost died while Chris watched during the attack from the zombie parishioners at the church?

Chris watching Madison almost get bitten by a zombie is one of the first times the audience sees how truly disturbed Chris really is.


Strand’s beach house was also featured in what major motion picture?

The character of Turtle owned the beach house in the Entourage movie. The house is actually located in Palos Verdes, California.


Which character was hoarding zombies, not believing they were truly dead?

Celia is undisturbed by anyone dying, as long as they are not shot in the head. She does not truly believe the infected are dead, so she hoards them and feeds them. To Celia, the infected are just “what comes next.”


Why did Celia become angry with Victor after Thomas dies?

Celia was angry with Victor because he shot Thomas in the head after Thomas died, to prevent him from reanimating; Celia believes that is the action that truly killed Thomas, not the zombie bite.


Frank Dillane plays Nick on Fear the Walking Dead. What onscreen villain did this actor play when he was younger?

Frank Dillane played a teenage Tom Riddle who later grows up to be Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. He is a British actor who learned to master the American accent for Fear the Walking Dead.


On which television channel does Fear the Walking Dead air?

AMC stands for American Movie Classics and is known for such successful shows as Man Men, Breaking Bad, and The Walking Dead.


Which character seemingly sets himself and a bunch of zombies on fire at the end of season two?

Madison tricked Celia into the same room with her hoard of familial zombies, and Daniel pours gasoline and lights everything on fire.


From which drug is Nick suffering withdrawals?

In the early episodes, we see that Nick is currently a drug addict and as the zombie outbreak intensifies, he goes through withdrawals without easy access to drugs.


What type of animal is on the totem pole Nick sees?

Nick notices the owl totem pole when at the estate and it makes him think of Luis.


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