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Perfect strangers, is filled with hilarious scenes depicting the struggles of two distant relatives. Discover how familiar you are with this show by taking this quiz.

Perfect Strangers is a sitcom that, true to its title, presents this major storyline topic throughout the show’s run.

The culture shock storyline is the basis for the “fish out of water” trope that the characters displayed in the beginning.


Since the show debuted on air in 1986, it was actually inspired by this important ‘80s event.

Since the 1984 Summer Olympics were held in Los Angeles, California, the show’s producers got inspired when they heard of “culture shock” news that featured foreign athletes interacting within eccentric LA.


The “smaller” culture shock was being experienced by the American guy in the famous cast duo. What was his name?

Larry was played by Mark Linn-Baker.


Meanwhile, the more apparent culture shock was from this foreigner. What was his name?

Balki was played by Bronson Pinchot.


Both Larry and Balki met each other in this city.

This is the reason why Chicago landmarks are predominant in the show’s opening title scene.


Larry was originally from which midwestern town?

Larry wanted to try living on his own, so he drove to Chicago to experience independence.


Meanwhile, Balki is from this fictional Mediterranean country.

The producers decided to make a fictional country so they wouldn’t offend the cultural sensibilities of any existing country.


In what kind of housing structure did Larry and Balki find each other?

Balki surprised Larry one day when the former appeared at the apartment doorstep of the latter.


Balki claims to be a distant relative of Larry. What is their relationship?

No wonder Balki always calls him “Cousin Larry."


What was Balki’s job back in Mypos?

Much of Balki’s “small-time” wisdom comes from his shepherd ways back home.


Because of his shepherd past, Balki always carries this kind of stuffed toy with him.

The stuffed sheep figures prominently in the duo’s apartment life.


What is the name of Balki’s stuffed sheep?

Dimitri was actually made from the wool of a sheep that saved Balki’s life back home.


Larry moved to Chicago partly because he was aspiring to become this.

Larry is sometimes seen with his camera on the show.


In reality, what did Larry do for a living upon arriving in Chicago?

Later, Balki also starts working at the store with Larry.


The cousins’ boss in the store also turns out to be this.

Twinkacetti, their miser of a boss, is also their landlord, to their dismay.


Whenever Larry would try to teach Balki an “American way” of doing things, he always says this catchphrase.

Balki ends up mimicking Larry’s lessons, sometimes to disastrous comedic effects.


Whenever Balki would find something too absurd, he also says this catchphrase with a heavy Mypos accent.

Balki always says this with a smile.


A culture clash episode figured around Balki making the “bibi-babka” which is this kind of food.

Balki insists that to make the bibi-babka dessert, one has to sing a song about it.


The sweet and mild-mannered Balki turns out to be good at this sport.

Larry accidentally discovered Balki's fencing prowess while they encountered a burglar.


Balki always mangles his English. Instead of saying “Get out of town!” he says this, instead.

From the get-go, it’s obvious that this culture clash will involve mangled language usage, as evident in the show’s opening credits.


In the show’s opening credits, we see Balki riding a caravan while the words “America or burst” is written beside him. What is the actual saying he wants to convey?

Balki always gets into trouble with his English mangling.


Both Larry and Balki meet two women who become their girlfriends. What are their shared professions?

Both flight attendant girlfriends also live in the same building as the guys.


What is the name of Larry’s girlfriend?

Jennifer was portrayed by Melanie Wilson.


What is the name of Balki’s girlfriend?

Mary Anne was portrayed by Rebeca Arthur.


In season 3, the cousins transfer to new jobs. Where did they transfer?

Larry was the one who got a job here first. He found Balki a job here soon after.


What was Larry’s job at the Chicago Chronicle?

Larry later joins an investigative team.


Where does Balki end up working within the Chicago Chronicle?

Balki’s boss doesn’t like him, though, despite his bubbly character.


Another food fiasco episode found Balki preparing "halkidikis” which, he said, was this kind of food in Mypos.

The boys’ girlfriends were “victimized” by this travel food fiasco.


In one episode, Larry was trying to get hypnotized into thinking that he is this celebrity music superstar.

The Elvis hypnotism worked on Balki, though, with hilarious results!


Balki once tried to help alleviate Larry’s cold with this concoction from his home country.

Larry ended up being knocked out cold for days when he didn’t follow the proper Mypos cure dosage.


In the last couple of seasons, the boys moved out of apartment and into this kind of abode.

The boys moved in as double couples with their girlfriends who soon became their wives.


The inspirational-sounding theme song of the show was sung by this performer.

David Pomeranz is also the singer behind the famous song “King and Queen of Hearts."


The show’s theme song title is “Nothing’s Gonna __ Me Now.” Fill in the blank.

The theme song "Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now” is very reminiscent of other uplifting theme songs of the producers’ other shows.


What iconic American statue is seen in the show’s opening credits, signaling Balki’s arrival in the US?

The Statue of Liberty has long been an icon of "welcoming immigrants" in America.


What is the signature movement that the cousins do when they are in a celebratory mood?

The Dance of Joy became a signature dance that Larry and Balki does, as often as it’s required.


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