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How well is your intel on Sherlock and Watson in NYC?

'Elementary' is an American contemporary update of Sherlock Holmes by _______?

Doyle's firs book featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson was 'A Study in Scarlet.'


Instead of Dr. John Watson, the character is Dr. _______ Watson.

Dr. Joan H. Watson is an ex-surgeon turned sober companion who is appointed to monitor the recovery of Sherlock Holmes.


Sherlock's a recovering _______?

Heroin is his drug of choice. His addiction is why he has Watson and why he lives in NYC and not London.


Why did Watson stop being a surgeon?

She accidently killed the patient on the table and was suspended for two months. She couldn't trust herself anymore as a surgeon, and allowed her license to expire.


Who is Sherlock's ex-drug dealer that needs his help?

Rhys comes to him for help on finding his kidnapped daughter.


What network airs 'Elementary?'

The Columbia Broadcasting System started as a radio network in 1927 and expanded into TV in 1941.


After her contract as a sober companion ended, it was agreed that Watson would become Sherlock's _________?

Sherlock starts teaching Watson how to be a consulting detective.


Sherlock and Watson assist the __________?

The Municipal Police were established in 1845, replacing an old night watch system. In 1857, it was replaced by a Metropolitan force, which consolidated many other local police departments in 1898.


Sherlock's indifference to police procedure often leads to conflict with ______?

Gregson is captain of the New York City Police Department's 11th Precinct.


Why did Captain Gregson give Sherlock a job at the police department?

Gregson was previously assigned to Scotland Yard to observe their Counter-Terrorism Bureau, where he crossed paths with Sherlock and was impressed with his work.


Who forces Sherlock to have a sober companion?

Sherlock has a strained relationship with his father, Morland Holmes.


Sherlock routinely engages the help of the hacker group _______?

For payment for their help, "Everyone" has Sherlock humiliate himself in some way.


Who is Sherlock's' recovery sponsor?

Alfredo is an ex-car thief who installs car security systems for Castle security systems.


Who plays Sherlock Holmes?

Jonny Lee Miller is reprising his role as the Sick Boy from 'Trainspotting' in 'T2: Trainspotting.'


Who gets shot as a result of Sherlock questioning a hostile witness?

Bell is shot in the shoulder and went on desk duty until he could cope with the psychological issues that were hindering his recovery.


Between seasons two and three, Sherlock works for ________?

MI-6 is the British intelligence agency which supplies the British Government with foreign intelligence.


Who does Sherlock bring back with him after leaving his assignment at MI-6?

Kitty's real name is unknown as she was kidnapped and raped in London prior to meeting Sherlock and she had changed her name in an effort to forget it.


What task does Sherlock assign to Kitty?

Kitty is initially tasked with spying on Watson until she was discovered.


Who is Sherlock's brother?

Mycroft is Sherlock's older brother who still lives in London. He and Sherlock have a bitter relationship in the past, but Mycroft is taking steps to reconcile with his brother.


What does Mycroft do for a living?

Mycroft owns a chain of restaurants and is an excellent cook.


What is the name of Mycroft's new restaurant in NYC?

Diogenes is the name of Mycroft's club in the original Doyle stories.


It is revealed that Mycroft is in the employ of _______?

To save Watson and Holmes, Mycroft goes to the NSA, uses the information he has gleaned from his work with MI6 to get the NSA to fake his death and disappear forever.


Who is Sherlock's former lover whose "death" pushed him into excess drug use?

After he discovers she is alive, the two have conflicting feelings for one another and mutual respect for each other's intellectual powers.


What is Irene Adler's true identity?

Moriarty faked her alter ego Irene's death so that it would draw Sherlock and his investigations away from her criminal activities.


Who is a kept woman and muse for wealthy men?

Hudson is also an expert in Ancient Greek; Sherlock allows her to stay at the brownstone after a breakup, and she subsequently agrees to clean for them once a week as a source of income.


Who plays Dr. Joan Watson?

Lucy voices Viper in the 'Kung Fu Panda' movies and can be seen as The Queen in 'Future World.'


Who does Sherlock start a romantic relationship with after she is no longer a suspect?

Fiona is a brilliant software engineer for a technology company called Pentillion.


Fiona is known as _______ in the hacker community?

Mittens is on the autism spectrum and is a cat lover which is why she has the hacker nickname that she does.


Who plays Morland Holmes?

John played Denethor in 'Lord of the Rings' and Dr. Walter Bishop in 'Fringe.'


How does Morland amass his considerable fortune?

Morland is an eminent business consultant, making arrangements for various companies to achieve their goals regardless of what they might be.


What criminal organization does Morland sieze?

Morland takes over the leadership of Moriarty's organization which will help him to dismantle the group and guarantee the safety of his son from further harm.


Who plays Mycroft Holmes?

Rhys played Spike in 'Notting Hill' and can be seen as Dylan Thomas in 'Dominion.'


Who plays Captain Thomas Gregson?

Aidan played Gary Hallet in 'Practical Magic' and can be heard as Theodore Parker in 'The Gettysburg Address.'


Who plays Detective Marcus Bell?

Jon can be seen as Richard Gonzalez in the movie 'In the Radiant City.'


Who plays Kitty Winter?

Ophelia played Carina in 'Guardians of the Galaxy' and can be seen as Emma in 'The Autopsy of Jane Doe.'


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