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Woodstock is one of the most iconic, live music festivals in the history of America, featuring many of the top bands of the 1960s. Take this quiz to see if you remember which bands played at Woodstock!

Did Jimi Hendrix play?

The entire Woodstock event is often associated with Jimi Hendrix's legendary performance. His rendition of the Star Spangled Banner will forever live in music history.


Did Santana play Woodstock?

Santana is a rock band named after guitarist, Carlos Santana. Although the band was still young at the time,, Bill Graham, an iconic music promoter, pushed for Santana to be included in the line up. Without him, their legendary performance never would have happened.


Did Grateful Dead play?

Grateful Dead suffered from technical malfunctions during the Woodstock show, which made their performance a bit of a flop. However, this performance did little to slow down their successful career that lasted into the 1990s.


Did Jefferson Airplane play?

Jefferson Airplane was a band with one of the best reputations at the festival. They gained popularity throughout the late 1960s for their new style of psychedelic rock music.


Did Janis Joplin play?

Janis Joplin's life was cut short by drug abuse. She died in a hotel room at the age of 27.


Did Joe Cocker play?

Joe Cocker had a knack for successfully covering songs. During Woodstock, he played a great version of the Beatles "With a Little Help from My Friends."


Were Crosby, Stills, and Nash there?

Crosby, Stills, and Nash consisted of band members who all had successful solo careers to match their success together. The band members played on and off together for years.


Did The Who play?

Members of The Who were not happy with the overall experience of Woodstock. They believed the entire event was handled poorly, and thought the crowd lost their heads. Despite this criticism, the event is considered a major success.


Did AC/DC play?

AC/DC is one of the most successful rock bands of all time. However, the band didn't form until 1973, which was a few years after Woodstock.


Did Tim Hardin play Woodstock?

Tim Hardin was successful early in his career. However, he suffered from a heroin addiction, and in 1980, eleven years after Woodstock, died from a heroin overdose.


Did Bob Dylan play the show?

Although Dylan didn't go, covers of his songs were played by various artist who attended. This shows the revere that Dylan had garnered as an artist.


Did The Incredible String Band play?

Woodstock was an iconic moment for most bands who performed. However, it seemed to mark the fall of the Incredible String Band because their success went downhill leading into the 1970s.


Did Sweetwater play?

The success of Sweetwater was halted after lead singer Nancy Nevins was involved in a car crash only a few months after Woodstock. After the crash, the band was never able to climb back to the top of the music industry.


Did Mountain play?

Mountain formed the same year as Woodstock. The band had only a few live performances before playing this iconic show.


Did the Beatles play?

The Beatles were rumored to be at Woodstock prior to the event. However, they didn't come, which probably helped the other bands who were at the festival. After all, no one wants to be outshined.


Did the Rolling Stones play?

Mick Jagger was filming a movie when the band learned about the festival. Without their lead singer, there was no way the Rolling Stones was showing up at the festival.


Did Canned Heat play?

With conflicts inside the band, Canned Heat almost didn't make it to Woodstock. Luckily, the band managed to pick up a new member and flew into Woodstock on a helicopter. That's one way to travel.


Did Led Zeppelin play?

1969 was a great year for Led Zeppelin as albums like Led Zeppelin and Led Zeppelin II were major successes. Their success was probably one of the reasons the band passed on the opportunity to play at Woodstock.


Did the Moody Blues play?

The Moody Blues were on the original poster for the concert. However, they booked another event and decided to perform that instead. They definitely missed out on an opportunity.


Did Ten Years After play?

This band ran into equipment problems during their performance. However, they managed to nail their last song "I'm Going Home," which was one of the best songs of the festival.


Did Richie Havens play?

Richie Havens played the opening set for the show. By the time his set was finished, the other bands were still not there, so Havens was asked to keep playing, a decision that helped launch his career. His performance was one of the best at the festival.


Did the Doors play?

Although the entire band didn't show up, drummer, John Densmore, was at the festival. He can be seen at the side of the stage in some of the Woodstock footage.


Did Sha Na Na play?

Sha Na Na used both singers and dancers to entertain the crowd. They performed before Jimi Hendrix, who ended the show.


Did Guns n' Roses play?

Guns n' Roses achieved rock stardom during the 1980s. Despite their fame, infighting within the band caused the original members to split up way too early.


Did Sly and the Family Stone play?

Sly and Family Stone had members from both sexes and multiple races. This was one of the first bands in America to have such integration.


Did Blood, Sweat, and Tears play?

Blood, Sweat, and Tears were on the band's second lead vocalist by the time they played at Woodstock. However, they managed to put on a great performance with David Clayton-Thomas singing.


Did Jethro Tull play?

Jethro Tull was offered an opportunity to play at the festival. However, lead singer, Ian Anderson, didn't want to be there if naked women were running around.


Did Creedence Clearwater Revival play?

Creedence Clearwater Revival had one of the most successful short careers in music history. Songs like "Proud Mary," "Born on the Bayou," and "Bad Moon Rising" are all classic hits from the band.


How about Iron Butterfly?

Apparently, Iron Butterfly demanded a helicopter because traffic kept them from getting to the festival. However, concert promoters decided to reject the demand. They weren't Bob Dylan, after all.


Did The Band play?

The Band was heavily influenced by Bob Dylan, who was involved in writing some of their early work. The Band would succeed the apprenticeship under Dylan by leaving their own mark on music history.


What about Joan Baez?

Joan was pregnant during the festival. She would give birth to her son, Gabriel, in December of that same year.


Did Arlo Guthrie play?

Before his performance, Arlo went out into the crowd to see what it was like from its perspective. He was awed by the magnitude of the historic event.


Was Elvis there?

Elvis Presley changed the face of rock and roll over the span of his career by incorporating provocative dance into his music. In fact, many of the performers at Woodstock were influenced by the King of Rock and Roll.


Did Melanie play?

Melanie wrote a song inspired by her performance at Woodstock called "Lay Down." The song talks about candles in the rain, a image she remembers from the festival.


Did Roy Rogers play?

Roy Rogers, yes, the cowboy, was asked to close the concert with "Happy Trails." However, after realizing what kind of concert it was, he decided against attending.


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