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Ted missed his chance at living happily ever after with his dream girl, but 13 years later he decides to pursue her again! Think you remember how Ted got the girl? Take the quiz to find out!

What was Mary's occupation?

Mary was an orthopedic surgeon. Ted found out after Pat lied to him. He went to his chiropractor, and he told Ted that he saw Mary and that she hadn't changed.


What did Pat do after he saw Mary while doing his investigation?

Pat lied to Ted about Mary. He told Ted that Mary was overweight, had four kids, wasn't married and was in a wheelchair. Ted eventually found out the truth.


What did Dom suggest that Ted do since he still loved Mary?

Dom suggested that Ted should hire a private investigator to search for Mary since he was still in love with her. Ted took Dom's suggestion and went to see an investigator named Pat Healy.


Who exposed Tucker for lying about himself to Mary?

Pat exposed Tucker for lying about himself to Mary. Tucker was actually a pizza delivery guy named Norm, who wasn't English, and didn't need crutches.


What did Dom have on his face?

Dom had a rash on his face that he called "love blisters." He said they went away and only returned when Mary came back into his life.


What happened when Ted tried to ask Renise to the prom?

When Ted asked Renise to the prom, she rejected him. Not long after, Mary came riding in on her bike, and everyone wondered who she would be going with.


How did Dom and Mary know each other?

Dom and Mary knew each other because they dated in college. Dom was the crazy boyfriend Mary had told Ted about when they met for the first time after 13 years.


Who exposed Pat for lying to Mary?

Tucker exposed Pat for lying to Mary. He told her the truth, and a few lies about Pat. He even told her that Pat was a murderer.


What did Brett do for a living?

Brett Favre was a football player who was also in love with Mary. Tucker got rid of him by telling Mary that he had said horrible things about Warren.


What did the cops find in Ted's car?

The cops found a body in the front of Ted's car. It was left there by the hitchhiker whom Ted had picked up. When they questioned him about it, he had no idea there was a body involved, creating a huge misunderstanding.


Who did Mary choose to be with at the end of the movie?

Mary chose to be with Ted. She brought him out his keys because he had forgot them, and then told him she would be happiest with him!


Who tried to shoot Ted at the end of the movie?

Magda's boyfriend tried to shoot Ted at the end of the movie. He was also in love with Mary, but he missed Ted and shot the narrator/singer instead.


What did Ted do when he witnessed Warren getting beat up?

When Ted witnessed Warren getting beat up, he tried to stop the kid who was beating him up. After Mary stepped in, he found out that Warren was her brother.


Who asked Ted to the prom?

Mary asked Ted to the prom after he walked Mary and Warren home when the school day was over.


Why didn't Ted get to take Mary to the prom?

Ted didn't get to take Mary to the prom because he had trouble with the zipper on his pants. Mary's parents, a police officer, and a firefighter all came in to see what was wrong.


What did Pat do to get Mary's attention at the driving range?

Pat got Mary's attention by mentioning that he had coins from Nepal. She was instantly interested in what he had to say after he mentioned it and the "place" where he had bought them.


What did Pat tell Mary that he did for a living?

Pat told Mary he was an architect. He had dropped some fake blueprints out of his car to get her attention.


What could Magda's dog, Puffy, do?

Magda's dog, Puffy, could tell if Mary's date was bad or good. She said that if Puffy growled, then he was bad. If Puffy was quiet, then Mary's date was good.


Where did Mary live after high school?

Mary lived in Miami with a lady named Magda. She was very sporty, playing golf and working with disabled people like her brother, Warren.


What did Pat do to Magda's dog?

Pat drugged Puffy to make him appear to like him. Puffy died for a brief time until Pat found a way to resuscitate him.


To whom did Mary introduce Pat when they went out on a date?

Mary introduced Pat to Tucker. She said he was also an architect and Pat had to think fast in order to talk himself out of the situation.


What did Ted decide to do after realizing that he was still in love with Mary, even after what Pat told him about her?

Ted decided to go to Miami to find Mary. His plan worked and he ran into Mary and her brother Warren, "by accident."


On what show did Ted appear when he was on his way to Miami?

Ted was on the show, "COPS," when he was on his way to Miami. He was arrested after he stopped to use the bathroom and ended up getting caught in a police raid.


What did Pat do to convince Mary that he was really a good guy?

Pat staged a phone call, talking about all of the good things about him so Mary and Magda would hear it over the radio. His plan worked and Mary was convinced that he was good.


What did Mary do when she saw Ted for the first time after many years?

Mary caught up with Ted after she saw him for the first time since senior prom. They even made plans to go out to dinner that night and talk about what they had been up to.


Why did Mary change her last name?

Mary changed her last name because of her boyfriend in college. Little did Ted know that Dom was the reason for Mary's name change.


What did Pat find out after confronting Tucker?

Pat found out that Tucker was a fraud. Tucker admitted to making everything up and pretending that he was an architect because he was also in love with Mary.


What happened when Ted tried to let Puffy out of the bathroom where Magda had put him?

Puffy attacked Ted after he tried to let him out of the bathroom where Magda had put him. Puffy and Magda had both been drugged by Pat and Norm, causing them both to act up.


What happened after Ted went to the hospital?

After Ted went to the hospital, he lost contact with Mary. Although he hadn't spoke to her in 13 years, he still felt he was in love with her.


What did Mary find out about Ted after spending time with him in Miami?

Mary found out that Ted had hired a private investigator to spy on her. She was extremely upset and asked Ted to leave after he told her it was true.


Who wrote an anonymous letter to Mary?

Woogie wrote an anonymous letter to Mary, telling her the truth about Pat and Ted. He paid her a visit not long after, and Mary mentioned the restraining order that she had against him.


Who showed up with Warren in Mary's living room after Woogie tried to take her shoes?

Brett Farve showed up in Mary's living room with Warren after the incident with Woogie. Ted had called him to show up and tell Mary that he really loved her and Warren.


Who was Mary's boyfriend in college?

Woogie was the reason Mary changed her last name.


Mary was a fan of which football team?

Mary was a fan of the San Francisco 49ers. She reminded Ted of this at the end of the movie, showing him she had no interest in being with Brett.


What did Mary say her ideal man would do for a living?

Mary said her ideal man would be an architect. This had both Tucker/Norm and Pat pretending like they were architects so they could impress her.


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