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Hot women! Interesting locations! Cool cars! Take this Dr. No quiz and discover how much you know about the movie that introduced Sean Connery as 007!

James Bond is called 007 because he has a license to do what?

A License to Kill is the official okay from a government to initiate the use of lethal force as an agent is moving forward with his or her objectives. This kind of lethal force is akin to the use of lethal force in self-defense or the protection of life.


What nursery rhyme is used in the opening moments of the film?

Three Blind Mice was published in England in 1805. The author of the rhyme is assumed to be Thomas Ravenscroft, in 1609. The speculation is that it refers to Queen Mary I of England executing three Protestant bishops. The rhyme entered children's literature in 1842.


Three men, known as the Three Blind Mice, kill a man and a woman to steal a file labeled what?

Just under Dr. No's folder is a folder for Crab Key. Dr. No is a Chinese operator of a guano mine on the island of Crab Key in the Caribbean.


Dr. No is adapted from what book?

The book was written in early 1957 on the author's Goldeneye estate in Jamaica. It was first published in the U.K. in 1958. The story was adapted in 1962 as the first film in the Bond series.


Who is the author that created James Bond?

Ian Fleming died in 1964. He was best known for his James Bond spy novels. However, he was also a journalist and naval intelligence officer.


On what beautiful island does Dr. No take place?

Jamaica is an island in the Caribbean Sea and it is the third-largest island of the Greater Antilles. It was under Spanish rule in 1494 and its name was Santiago. In 1655 England claimed power and changed the name to Jamaica.


The man and woman who are killed at the start of the film were MI6. What are their radio call letters?

The radio operator tells his boss that W6N has broken contact just after they came up on routine transmission. He goes on to tell the Communications Foreman that the transmission is broken, just voice. The carrier's wave is still established.


When Bond first makes an onscreen appearance, what is he doing?

Bond is playing Chemin de Fer at a table full of players. However, he is interested in only one, Sylvia Trench. After she introduces herself, he lights a cigarette and tells her his name is "Bond, James Bond."


Who is the first person Bond talks to when he returns to home base?

Miss Moneypenny has a crush on James Bond. She chides him for not dressing up in a tux and taking her to dinner, or for that matter - anywhere! She warns him that something is wrong in Jamaica before he enters the office of "M."


What is the name of MI6's front (fake) business?

Spy agencies use a front organization to hide the fact that they are a covert operation. Spy agencies are not the only ones who use a front organization to hide their existence. Others who might create a front business include organized crime groups, forbidden organizations, religious or political groups, advocacy groups, or corporations.


Who plays James Bond?

Sean Connery started his lengthy film career in an uncredited role in the 1954 movie Let's Make Up. He went on to act in dozens of films, with his last onscreen performance as Allan Quatermain in 2003's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. For many Bond fans, Connery is considered the best 007 of them all.


What does "M" light in his office?

A pipe or a tobacco pipe is used for smoking tobacco. It has a bowl for the tobacco, with a long, thin tube and a mouthpiece. A pipe can be machine made and cheap or handmade and a work of art, making it expensive and collectible.


"M" makes Bond replace his Beretta with what type of gun?

"M" tells Bond that the American CIA swear by them. The pistol is a blowback-operated semi-automatic, created in 1929 as a police pistol by Walther in Germany. It became popular during World War II.


After his first meeting with "M," Bond goes back to his hotel to find who waiting for him?

Sylvia is putting golf balls, clothed only in one of Bond's shirts and a pair of heels. Bond says that he has to leave immediately. Sylvia kisses him. His decision is then to leave "almost" immediately.


Bond jumps a Pan American World Airways flight to where?

Kingston is the capital of Jamaica and the largest city on the island. It is the largest English-speaking city south of the U.S. The city was founded in 1692, after the survivors of an earthquake in Port Royal moved there to start over.


In Bond's hotel room in Jamacia, he tells the steward he likes his martini how?

His drink is a medium-dry vodka martini - shaken, not stirred. Because of the Bond films, many people enjoy their martini the "Bond Way."


Who is the CIA agent that at first thinks Bond works for the enemy?

Felix Leiter is an agent that routinely works with Bond. Leiter lost an arm and half a leg in the Ian Fleming novel Live and Let Die, during a shark attack.


A woman does what to Bond and Leiter at the bar?

Bond tells Quarrel to go get her and the camera. She claims she works as a freelancer for the Daily Cleaner, but when Bond calls her bluff she admits nothing. Bond tells Quarrel to let her go and she tells the group that they'll all be sorry - very sorry!


Who is the mysterious China man?

Dr. No is the very first Bond Villain. He is a mad scientist working for SPECTRE, a criminal organization focused on terrorism and extortion.


What type of spider crawls on Bond while he's in bed?

The tarantula is a present from Dr. No, planted by Professor Dent. Bond allows the spider to crawl over him, onto to the bed, and then to the floor. Bond kills the tarantula with his shoe.


Who tries to shoot James dead as he slept?

Professor Dent shoots a pillow under the covers six times. After James and Dent talk, Dent grabs for his gun and tries to fire, but it is out of bullets. Bond kills him with one shot to the heart.


When Bond wakes up on the island, what beautiful woman does he see?

Honey is on the island to collect shells. She sells the shells to make ends meet. She started to collect shells with her father. After he father disappeared and was presumed dead, she kept up with the shell collecting to make money and to honor his memory.


Felix Leiter is played by which actor?

Jack Lord is the first actor to play Felix. He will be best remembered as Steve McGarrett from the original Hawaii Five-O. Lord died in 1998, at the age of 77, in Honolulu, Hawaii.


Why is Honey Ryder's entrance an iconic Bond moment?

Honey Ryder emerges from the water clad in only a white bikini. Her body, dripping wet with water, is now considered a classic Bond image. Honey is on the island collecting shells.


Who plays Honey Ryder?

Ursula Andress' Swiss/German accent was so strong, her whole performance in Dr. No had to be dubbed by a voiceover artist. Over the years she's made a fortune investing in the stock market. Her last onscreen appearance was in 2005.


How do Honey, Bond, and Quarrel hide from Dr. No's henchmen on the island?

The three hide underwater in a nearby river. They breathe underwater by using hollow reeds, with one end in the mouth and the other end topside. They are able to fool all the henchmen but one. When he comes to investigate, Bond kills him.


What mythical creature guards Crab Key Island?

The Chinese dragon has scales, breathes fire, and is serpentine-shaped. The creature has six limbs - four legs and two wings. A dragon has above-normal intelligence and is very territorial. Dr. No started the legend of the dragon being on Crab Key.


Who plays Dr. No?

Joseph Wiseman started his onscreen career in 1950 by playing Mike Deleo in With These Hands. He worked on dozens of films and TV movies before his death in 2009. His last onscreen appearance was in 1996, on Law & Order.


After being captured by Dr. No's henchmen, Honey and Bond must do what?

Honey and Bond show signs of radiation. They shower to remove any radiation they might have picked up on Crab Key. After their showers, Bond and Honey are taken to a reception area where Bond is given a cigarette and they are told about their rooms.


Dr. No is missing which body parts?

While in America as a young man, No stole one million dollars from a criminal named Tong. When cornered about the theft, No would not give the missing gold back to Tong. As a punishment for the theft, Tong cut off No's hands.


Dr. No keeps an eye on what U.S. launch site?

Cape Canaveral is the home of the Kennedy Space Center. It's on the Atlantic coast and was known as Cape Kennedy from 1963 to 1973. Many U.S. spacecraft launch from that site.


What launch is Dr. No interested in controlling?

The Mercury Spacecraft was the first U.S. spacecraft that was cone-shaped and could fit a man. As the Mercury Project grew, the spacecraft eventually went on six manned missions.


How does Bond throw a wrench into Dr. No's scheme?

A nuclear reactor is used to start and control a nuclear chain reaction. If the core is not kept cool, a nuclear meltdown will happen, sending radiation out into the world, killing many people.


How does Dr. No die?

Dr. No drowns in radioactive water. It is the same water that Bond uses to create the nuclear meltdown. As Dr. No falls into the water, he tries to hold onto the ladder. However, his fake hands cannot grip it.


After Bond and Honey escape, where do they turn up the romance?

Bond and Honey escape the nuclear meltdown on a small boat. The boat runs out of gas, but they are towed by CIA agent Felix and a large boat. As they are being towed, Bond loosens the rope that attaches them to the ship. They are adrift and use the time alone to be romantic.


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