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This movie, released in the early days of the Internet, blew the minds of a generation. Are you ready to follow the white rabbit? Free your mind with our ultimate "Matrix" trivia quiz!

What natural animal does a sentinel resemble?

One character calls a sentinel "squiddy" before explaining them to Neo.


What is the name of the last human city?

Sometimes associated with Jerusalem, the name "Zion" also refers to a spiritual homeland.


What is Neo's real name?

His hacker name, "Neo", is and anagram of "One."


Which words open the resistance's message to Neo, on his computer screen?

All these lines appear in the first message, but "Wake up" is first.


What is the bald child at the Oracle's apartment doing that interests Neo?

Using spoon-bending was possibly the film's way of winking at its own seriousness.


Who designed the "woman in the red dress"?

Mouse offers Neo some private time with her in the Construct.


How does the white rabbit appear to Neo?

She and her friends are going to a club, which is where Neo meets Trinity.


What is the name of the software company for which Neo works?

The name is prominently displayed on the building's side.


What is Trinity's brief advice to Neo when he goes in to meet Morpheus?

Trinity also says, "He knows more than you can imagine."


What color is the pill that allows people to escape the Matrix?

The filmmakers, the Wachowskis, have admitted they'd take the blue pill, which allowed people to remain blissfully unaware.


What is the name of Morpheus's ship?

A plaque indicates the ship was built in 2069, while Neo still believes it's 1999.


What is the first fighting style that Tank uploads into Neo's mind?

Jujitsu is particularly good for fights that end up at ground level.


What is the first style that Neo and Morpheus fight in?

Drunken boxing was actually a fight style that Tank gave Neo; it's a homage to a classic martial-arts film, "Drunken Master."


What is the name of the holodeck-like place where Neo and Morpheus fight?

There's no sign of the crew re-creating a 1999-era Starbucks and hanging out there in their time off, though that's what we'd do!


Why do the machines need humans as an energy source?

Why sophisticated machines couldn't just create solar platforms above the cloud layer is never explained.


Which two members of the crew were born naturally, in Zion?

They're similar in this respect to the "God children" of "Gattaca."


What is the name given to the ships that hunt the human resistance?

The only weapon that stops them is an electromagnetic pulse.


Which character betrays the resistance to the Agents?

Cypher wants back into the Matrix, saying "Ignorance is bliss."


What does Agent Smith want from Cypher?

Cypher doesn't have them, but his treachery allows Agents to capture Morpheus, who does.


What shocking information does the Oracle appear to give Neo?

She never says it outright, and of course, it turns out not to be true.


Which two characters does Cypher unplug?

They die in the Matrix and the real world, because "the mind cannot live without the body."


Which organism does Agent Smith compare humanity to?

Humans consume too much and don't reach a balance with their environment.


What was wrong with the first Matrix, in which there was no human suffering?

Agent Smith says that "whole crops (of humans) were lost," but he doesn't explain in what way "not accepting" the simulation led to this disaster.


What room is Neo directed to, in the film's climax?

It's a multiple of Neo's apartment number, 101, in the beginning -- which is itself a nod to binary coding.


What revives Neo after he's shot by Agent Smith?

Trinity also tells him that the Oracle prophesied she'd fall in love with the One (thus, he can't just die).


What city does Neo live in?

The street names are from Chicago, although Neo's passport says he was born in "Capital City."


To whom is Neo speaking on the phone in the film's final scene?

For good measure, Neo then launches himself into the air like Superman.


What is the film's iconic "digital rain" made up of?

The characters are green, a color scheme which dominates the film, right down to the Oracle's kitchen.


The idea of the Matrix grew, in part, out of which philosopher's ideas?

The film draws on the "brain in a vat" idea and Plato's "allegory of the cave."


What book is seen in Neo's apartment and was influential to the movie's philosophy?

"The desert of the real" is a phrase from the book, which Morpheus uses to describe the ruined real world.


Which previously-unknown actress played Trinity?

The other three actresses were all considered for the role.


Which actor was NOT considered for the role of Neo?

Though Keanu Reeves is indelibly linked to the Neo character, he wasn't the first choice.


What is special about Morpheus's sunglasses?

Hey, he's Laurence FIshburne -- he keeps them on with the sheer power of his will!


What were the "Matrix" sequels' names?

The world just couldn't get enough of black leather dusters and slow-motion bullets.


What is the name of the hotel where the action begins and ends?

It's where the cops corner Trinity, however briefly.


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