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A car is classified as rare depending on a variety of things, one of which is the number of production prototypes or first units made, for example, the Bugatti Kellner coupe was only made into six copies. The rarity of a car can also be established as a result of it being in a famous film or from winning a notable race like the LeMans. Special model vehicles made by manufacturers can also be included in the rare car category, like the Shelby Mustang. Rare cars have been stored as collectibles by those lucky enough to pay the massive price tag attached to these scarce items.

Cars of yesteryear can also be included in the rare car category; though they might have been in mass production. The fact remains that only a handful of these cars are left today and because of this, they can be considered rare. One such example is the 1908 Crane-Simplex 50 Speedcar Roadster. What makes a car unique is it being the only one ever built in its model, such is the case for the Phantom Corsair; its developer Rust Heinz died tragically, leaving the prototype as the only model ever built.

But it's one thing to read about these cars. It's another thing to identify them. Can you name these rare cars with a hint?

Produced in 1961, this exotic Italian car is rare... very rare. Only 55 were ever made.

Not only incredibly beautiful, the Ferrari 250 GT California SWB Spider will set you back around $17 million or maybe more. That's the price one recently sold for in an auction.


Floyd Mayweather used to own one of only two of these Swedish sportscars. He recently put his up for auction.

Only two Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita were ever built. Interestingly, it is made out of a special carbon fiber that shines like millions of diamonds when hit by light.


Built in 1963, this American marque was extremely popular. Only nine survive today, however.

The Chrysler Turbine was actually powered by a gas turbine engine. Fifty five were made and after testing by both Chrysler and members of the public, all were reclaimed and destroyed. Except nine.


Built in limited numbers in 2013, this super car is the most expensive on the planet.

The limited edition Lamborghini Veneno, released in 2013, costs $4.5 million, making it the most expensive production car in the world. Only 5 were built.


This classic American race car from the '60's dominated the LeMans 24 race, winning it four years in a row.

The GT40 dominated LeMans in the mid to late '60s. In fact, in their first attempt at the classic endurance race in 1966, the team finished in 1st, 2nd and 3rd.


Introduced in 1958, this vehicle was EXPENSIVE! In fact, it would cost you more than the most expensive Rolls Royce of that time.

Known as 'America's Dream Car', the Eldorado Brougham priced itself out of the market in the 1950s. That doesn't mean they are not in demand today, especially thanks to their incredible looks.


Built by one of America's oldest car manufacturers, this vehicle was the first mass produced car in the world.

Many people think the Ford Model T was the first mass produced car in the world. It was, in fact, the Oldsmobile Curved Dash which was built between 1901 and 1907.


Only 135 of these muscle cars were ever built and today they certainly are in demand, if you like large, oversized spoilers!

You are going to need $250,000 to secure yourself a Plymouth Hemi Superbird. That's if you can find someone ready to part with theirs.


Created in 1953, this car was made out of aluminum and fiberglass. Notoriously difficult to construct, only 49 still exist today.

This two-door hardtop convertible was certainly very different for its time. Only 198 were ever built and recently, one sold for $100,000 at auction.


Just 69 units of this particular model of a famous '60s muscle car were ever built.

The Camaro marque from Chevrolet is one of the most revered muscle car names around the world. In 1969, the company produced just 69 units of the ZL-1. In 2012, a collector paid $450,000 for one for his garage.


In the '50s, members of the Hollywood 'Brat Pack' loved this obscure manufacturer's convertible.

Both Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin owned a Dual Ghia. These cars were extremely rare, however, and only 117 were ever made.


Way ahead of its time, this vehicle could reach over 127mph in 1906.

Produced in 1906, not only did the Stanley look amazing, but it could also go like the clappers! Only 200 were made.


Just 55 examples of this '60s muscle car exist today.

Plymouth took their regular GTX muscle car, removed as much weight as possible and smacked a legendary Hemi engine into it. And so the R023 GTX was born.


This luxury car, built in 1929 cost $25,000 at the time. Only 200 were built.

The Duesenberg Model J was essentially an American attempt to build a luxury car similar to the Rolls Royce. Looking for one today? You would need at least $2 million dollars to buy it.


A real looker, this vehicle was the dream of one man who marketed it as the 'Car Of Tomorrow'. Sadly for him, it didn't sell well.

It was Preston Tucker's dream to see his cars sell well on the American market. Sadly, his dream was not to be and only 51 were ever made.


Although 4,400 examples of this vehicle were produced in the early 1930s, finding one today in pristine condition will set you back a cool $400,000.

Built in the early '30s, the Cord L-29 Cabriolet was the first American vehicle with front-wheel drive. This vehicle was the brainchild of Carl Van Ranst but by 1932, they had been discontinued.


This convertible version of a famous muscle car was powered by an equally famous engine.

Big, heavy and certainly impressive, only 21 of these convertibles were ever made. Recently one sold for $4.5 million at auction.


This two-door car, produced by the a division of Ford, was a real looker for its time.

Now a favorite of hot rodders, the two-door coupe from Mercury just has that look about it. It all stems from the grill, which really gives the coupe an aggressive stance.


This concept car from the early '50s is rare and extremely sought after. It was made by one of the American car industry's less famous marques.

One is known to exist and it was sold at auction over 10 years ago for a whopping $3.2 million! Now this is a rare car!


Only six examples of this French vehicle were ever made.

Built in the early 1930s, only six examples of the Bugatti Type 41 were ever made, with three sold to the public. Today, these vehicles are estimated in value at around $10 million! Interestingly, they were powered by a 12.7-liter straight eight engine.


A once-off, this supercar cost around $3.8 million!

This incredible machine is made from a combination of titanium and carbon fiber. Only one Icona Vulcano Titanium was ever built.


This Spanish manufacturer claimed that this model was the fastest production car in the world in the early 1950s.

Built by Spanish automobile manufacturer, Pegaso, the Z-102 was able to reach over 120mph in the early 1950s. This made it the fastest production car in the world. With its beautiful lines and rich pedigree, a Z-102 is valued at over $1 million today.


Built in the '50s, this famous Italian marque built only 34 examples of this sleek beauty.

Not only beautiful to look at, the 250 Testa Rossa notched up race track wins all over the world. With only 34 ever built, these cars are now valued at close to $40 million!


A combined effort between two companies, one British and the other Italian, produced this beauty.

The Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato was a collaboration between the British sports car manufacturer and the Italian coachworks company. Only 19 models were made and so far, only one has ever come up for auction; it sold for just over $14 million.


Another Italian beauty, only 18 of this model were every built.

With just 18 ever made, the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale will set you back a cool $3 million should you want to purchase one.


Take two famous names, add them together and you have one of the greatest muscle cars ever produced.

Although 1,000 of these magnificent muscle cars were produced, should you want one, you will have to fork out around $300,000.


This beautiful car is a convertible done right!

With just 17 made in the early '70s, the Judge is going to set you back almost $500,000 should you be able to find an owner willing to sell.


The first generation of this iconic brand, this car was made by one of America's biggest car manufacturers.

The first generation in what is now one of Chevy's most iconic brands, the Corvette first appeared in the mid 1950s. Only 300 were ever produced.


Although one would think this car is not that rare, a limited number were powered by a Corvette engine.

The Yenko Camaro, of which only 104 were ever made, featured a Corvette 427 CID engine. Today, they are valued at over $300,000


Another muscle car from one of America's biggest auto manufacturers, only 20 examples of this model were made.

To those in the know, this is one of the greatest muscle cars ever made. And with only 20 ever produced, they are extremely rare.


This company is perhaps more famous for their vehicle used extensively in World War II by American armed forces. They did, however, make a beautiful civilian version beforehand.

Produced by Willys, around 20,000 examples of the coupe were made. Although that may seem a lot, they are fairly rare today and will set you back close to $100,000.


This beautiful two-door was released in the 1930s. A luxury car, it cost $10,000 at the time.

Today the Pierce-Arrow Twelve Convertible Coupe is valued at around $200,000.


In 1912, if you wanted something equally as good at home, on the track, as well as the road, this was your best bet.

Only 12 Mercer 35R Raceabouts were ever produced. Back in 1910, it would have cost you $2,250 but nowadays, significantly more, that's if one comes to auction.


The rarest of the rare, this car, a soft top version of a '60s classic, is the ultimate for any car collector.

Only one Shelby GT500 Convertible was ever produced. This makes it one of the rarest cars ever.


One of the most unique looking cars ever designed, only one prototype was ever made as sadly, its designer died before it even went into production.

The prototype of the Phantom Corsair cost a lot of money to design and build in 1938. In fact, convert it into today's equivalent and you are looking at around $370,000. After the death of designer Rust Heinz, the project never got off the ground and the prototype now is housed at the National Automobile Museum.


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