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VROOM VROOM! When you're making your way downtown, either by car or foot, you definitely see the street littered with car brands. You might see a Ford, BMW, and Nissan, but what about the other obscure brands? Today we're taking a trip around the world with our vehicles. Can you name the country these car brands come from?

German inventor Karl Benz is credited with creating the first car in 1886. Although it only had three wheels at the time, his innovative internal engine is what set this invention apart from previous attempts. As you'd expect, the brand, Mercedes-Benz is named after him. Although this is one of the more popular brands, there are tons that have come from all over the world.

When it comes to car brands, it often seems as if the roads are dominated by American, German, and Japanese cars. Today, we're driving our cars through those countries and so many more! 

Germany is well-known for cars like Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. Japan has tons of high-selling vehicles like Honda, Nissan, Toyota, and more. The list of domestic American cars is long but includes favorites like Ford and General Motors. While you'd probably be able to identify these countries quickly, could you match the more obscure cars?

Where does a Scion come from? Which country did the Fiat originate? Which European country does Saab come from?

There are hundreds of car brands around the world. If we push the 'brand names' to the side, could you match the more obscure ones to their country? There's only one way to find out!

Will you be driving this quiz to a perfect score? Let's find out!

Vroom Vroom!

Holden has produced a number of big hits in this country, including the legendary Commodore.

General Motors owns Holden, which until recently had its own unique lineup of vehicles. Sadly, they've been replaced by global GM models, plus Holden badges and some different styling details.


Great Wall Motors is named after an important historical feature in what country?

Great Wall Motors is an automaker based out of China, with a growing reputation for making rugged yet modern SUVs. For a short time, it was rumored the company would buy Jeep from Fiat Chrysler.


Ultra-rare and highly styled car brand Spyker is based out of which country?

For a short time, it looked like Spyker wasn't going to survive the Great Recession. It recovered from the financial drain of buying Saab, and has risen from the ashes, offering a decidedly aeronautical-inspired take on cars.


TVR hails from what island nation known for quite a few other brands?

TVR also went away for a time, but has recently resurfaced with an all-new car powered by a brutal V-8 engine. Some have compared TVR's sports cars to Corvettes, since they're often brash and extremely capable.


Lucid, a new automaker concentrating on electric vehicles, works out of which country?

Many have been wondering if the Air, Lucid's first vehicle that's slated for the market, could be a credible threat to Tesla. Of course, this California-based automaker is facing tremendous obstacles as it tries to establish itself .


Supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg hails from what country in the frozen north?

Koenigsegg started out humbly, using Volvo engines but producing cars that wowed everyone who just saw them, let alone were fortunate enough to get behind the wheel. Today, it has carved out a solid reputation in the auto industry.


SEAT is an automaker owned by the Volkswagen Group, but it isn't from Germany. Where is SEAT based?

SEAT doesn't have a presence in the United States, but its cars, MPVs, and SUVs are fairly popular not only in Spain, but also in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.


Vauxhall is a small automaker based in what famous country?

As one of the oldest automakers based in England, Vauxhall is an industry icon. At the same time, it's a small brand with limited reach globally, which is why many haven't heard of it before.


Which country is automotive giant Geely from?

Not only does Geely have a substantial share of the market in its home country, which is the biggest market in the world, the automaker also owns Volvo and Lotus.


Which of the following countries is Mahindra from?

Mahindra has expanded beyond its roots in Mumbai and has grown into a number of international markets. Its heavy-duty trucks and tractors have become especially popular with a number of businesses and consumers.


Tofas, a name that comes from an acronym, is from which country?

Back in 1968, Tofas was formed in Busa, Turkey. The name stands for Turk Otomobil Fabrikasi Anonim Sirketi. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles owns a substantial stake in the company.


Skoda is the most famous automaker from what country?

With its roots dating back to 1895, Skoda is one of the oldest automakers in the entire world. Today, it's owned by the Volkswagen Group, and has a presence in many markets throughout the world.


Newer automaker Aspark hails from which popular country for automakers?

Not too long ago, Aspark wowed everyone by revealing the Owl, an electric supercar that can throw down some serious acceleration. It looks amazing, showing that Aspark might be around for some time to come.


Lada has quite a reputation among consumers, partly because it operates out of which country?

Thanks to its roots in communist USSR, Lada has become synonymous with bad, cheap design. Even a number of Russians have cursed Ladas for being uncomfortable, unreliable and unsafe.


Now-defunct Duesenberg Motors Company proudly came from what country?

Many people don't realize that Duesenberg, a car brand that back in the 1920s was considered one of the most opulent vehicles you could buy, was based out of Minnesota. The vehicles boasted luxuries and designs far ahead of their time.


Tata is an automaker that's based out of which nation?

Headquartered in Mumbai, Tata has been around since 1868. The automaker's name comes from the founder, Jamsetji Tata. Among the other automakers it owns is Jaguar Land Rover of England.


Do you know where Opel is from?

Many people have never heard of Opel, even though it's been around since 1862. Since 1929 it was owned by General Motors, but has been purchased by Renault of France.


Buddy Electric, an earlier pioneer of EVs, has its base of operations in what nation?

Formerly called Kewett and based in Denmark, this automaker has been producing city electric cars since the 1990s. The vast majority are sold and used in Norway.


Rinspeed has become one of the most famous automakers from which country?

Some people only know Rinspeed for its tuning operations, not realizing the Swiss company has made some of its own cars, too. The company has been around since 1979.


Edran, a very small automaker, comes from which small country?

Edran has only been around since 1984. It took ten years before the company had its first vehicle on display for the public to view, and still has an extremely limited operation.


Do you know what country automotive brand Volga comes from?

Ford joined forces with the USSR in 1932, resulting in the beginning of Volga. The whole purpose of the brand was to compete with Western European luxury automakers. These cars are still highly sought after by luxury enthusiasts.


You wouldn't know it from the name, but Zenvo comes from which country?

You might not think of Denmark when it comes to supercars, but Zenvo has established itself as a premier brand among the elite. It name comes from a twist on founder Troels Vollertsen's last name.


Karsan operates all over the world, even in the United States. Where is the company from?

Karsan has been successful at making heavy trucks, including city buses, for customers all around the world. It's one of the few Turkish automakers in existence.


Luxury automaker ZIL is from what nation?

You might not associate Russia, especially in its communist days, with luxury limousines, but that's exactly what ZIL has based its reputation on.


Daewoo, which enjoyed a brief stint in the US, comes from where?

For an automaker, Daewoo hasn't been around that much. It got started just in 1982. GM bought a commanding share of stocks in 2001, injecting some much-needed financing.


Which country is Orca Engineering from?

Orca Engineering has been well-regarded in some circles for its attractive and potent sports cars. The company has only been in existence since 2003.


Where is Venturi Automobiles from?

Even though Venturi Automobiles is based out of Monaco, the company operates with funding from French investors.


Famous automaker Pagani operates out of which country?

Pagani has only been around since 1992, but it has quickly made its mark with supercars manufactured with carbon fiber parts, keeping the curb weight low.


What nation does Alpina work out of?

Since 1965, Alpina has been working hand-in-hand with BMW, and has grown relatively famous for modified versions of various Bimmer models.


What country does Citroen call home?

Peugeot has owned Citroen since 1976, but the French automaker has been rolling vehicles off production lines since way back in 1919, meaning this company has a deep heritage.


What country is SsangYong Motor from?

The name SsangYong means Double Dragon Vehicles in Korean, which is a pretty cool name. This automaker has been around since 1954, but is now owned by India's Mahindra.


Most people have never heard of Kaipan, an automaker based in what country?

Kaipan fulfills a niche part of the market in Europe by making roadsters exclusively. Since launching in 1992, this automaker began with basing its cars off the Lotus Seven


Do you know which country Dongfeng is from?

Like quite a few companies in China, the government owns Dongfeng Motor Corporation. The automaker is one of the largest in the nation, which is the biggest car market in the entire world.


What country is Saleen based out of?

Specifically based in Corona, California, Saleen has been a player in the automotive industry since 1983. While it has produced modified versions of production cars like the Mustang, the company has also produced some original performance vehicles.


Tomcar is a small automaker that hails from which country?

Tomcar has only been around since 2005. The small off-roaders it makes initially ran using gasoline or diesel engines, but recently the company has been switching over to an all-electric platform.


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