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If you are a  nature lover, it's a sure bet that you are familiar with so many trees existing out there. Can you name some of them based on pictures alone? This is the exciting challenge for you in this quiz!

There are so many species of trees all around the world. Some trees have even adapted some characteristics to suit the climate of the region where they grow. That is why you can see familiar sturdy trees all around the globe, but each country can lay claim to a specific species of it as their own. Of course, we all want our tree pride!

Not only do we want our tree pride, but we also honor these living "creatures" of nature in a special way. Thus, there are countries that have official trees in their roster. It will also be a fun activity to spot what the national tree of a given country is, don't you think? This quiz will have that international challenge, too. 

Some countries even go further and farther than having national trees. Some of their country's official coat of arms have designed trees into them. And that's a really cool way of thanking Mother Nature for the wonderful existence of trees.

Now, are you ready for this tree image quiz? Leaf through it and roll on!

Where can you find the maple tree?

The maple tree is Canada's national tree. It's obvious by the leaf in their flag, no?


Where can you find this olive tree?

The olive tree is the national tree of Greece. It has been there since ancient times.


This famous flowery tree is from which country?

Cherry blossom trees are found in Japan. They only bloom during a specific time of the year, so people flock to them as a spectacle.


This royal tree species is found in which country with a royal family?

The royal oak is found in England. It is majestic indeed, as it is the national tree of the country.


This giant can be found in the West Coast. Where is it, then?

The Giant Sequoia is found in California, USA. it's actually named the General Sherman tree.


By the name of this tree, it's obvious where it came from. Soccer fans, where is it?

The Brazilwood is the national tree of Brazil. Obvious, huh?


This tree kinda sounds like it's a house for geckos. Where do you find it?

The Gingko tree is found in South Korea. It is said to have medicinal purposes.


The Judean date palm is said to be very old. Where is it?

The Judean date palm is firmly planted in Israel. This is said to be one of the oldest trees to have survived since ancient times.


This Macedonian pine tree is found in countries like Macedonia, obviously, and in here.

The Macedonian pine is found within the region where Greece, Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria are located.


The Banyan tree is the national tree of which country?

The Banyan tree is a famous tree symbolized in India. You can see it everywhere there, too.


The birch tree is the national tree of which European country?

The birch is Finland's official national tree. It's as sturdy as its economy!


The cotton tree is a historic image in Freetown. Where is that?

Sierra Leone's historic Freetown is where the magnanimous cotton tree is found. It's also known as the kapok tree.


The so-called Cedars of God is found in which historic country?

The Lebanon cedar is the tree that's also called Cedars of God. It's biblical in history alright.


The dependable teak tree is the national tree of which Asian country?

Teak wood comes from the very versatile teak tree found in Indonesia. It's great for furniture.


The European beech tree is found in which country in that continent?

Denmark's national tree is the European beech tree. Very appropriate!


The so-called sacred fig was brought to this country from India. Where was it taken to?

This particular sacred fig, found in Sri Lanka, is said to be one of the oldest of its kind. This tree is basically sacred indeed for Buddhists and Hindus of the South Asian region.


The Mediterranean cypress is the national tree of which country?

Iran is appropriately the home of the Mediterranean cypress tree. Its name alone gives that away!


The 400-year-old mesquite tree is found in which Asian country?

Bahrain is the home of the mesquite tree. It's also known as the Tree of Life.


Ying Ke pine is also known as the greeting pine tree, or the welcoming guests tree. In which country is it known as such?

The Ying Ke pine is a species of pine tree. Yep, it's in China, as specified by its name.


The old elm exists in which European country?

The old elm tree is found in Bulgaria. Take a look at what they do with it!


The golden oak tree is found in which country?

The golden oak is actually the national tree of Cyprus. It's a good variant.


The Changi tree is found in this country with the lion's head statue. Where is it?

Singapore is home to the Changi tree. Their airport is actually named like it.


The Norway spruce called Old Tjikko tree is located in which Northern European country?

It's funny how the Old Tjikko is in Sweden. Yes, it's the Norway spruce kind.


The Scots pine is appropriately the national tree of which European country?

The Scots pine is found all over Scotland. It is generally found in Eurasia as well.


The monkey puzzle tree is endemic to western Argentina and the southern part of this country. Which is it?

It's cute how the monkey puzzle tree is named as such, especially in Chile. The South American country has interesting flora and fauna!


The Morton Bay fig is found in the areas of New South Wales and in Queensland. In which country could you find these places?

The Morton Bay fig is endemic to specific Australian territories. Their roots are actually nicely formed.


The Montezuma cypress is found in which Hispanic country?

Mexico is the home of the Montezuma cypress. One of its kind, the famous Arbol del Tule, has the widest trunk ever.


The colorful rainbow eucalyptus is found in which colorful Southeast Asian country?

The rainbow eucalyptus is found in the Philippines. Its bark is indeed colorful during the summertime.


The yew tree is a tree found in which green-identified country?

Ireland is the home of the yew tree. It plays a huge role in the country's folk tales and mythology.


The American sycamore tree is something found in this general area. What area is this?

The American sycamore tree is found within North America. The largest of its kind is the Pinchot sycamore in Connecticut.


In which part of Europe is the silver birch usually found?

Northern Europe is the home of the silver birch tree. It's a tree with exfoliated bark on the trunk.


Which Spanish-speaking country calls palma real their national tree?

Cuba calls the palma real their national tree. In English, it translates to royal palm.


The oldest European yew tree, called Caesarsboom, is found in which specific European country?

Belgium counts their famous European yew tree as being 2000 years old -- or older! It's a nationally protected tree.


The naughtily named devil's walkingstick tree is found in which country?

USA is the proud home of the devil's walkingstick. The stems of the tree are full of thorns, hence the name.


The ginormous Baobab tree is found in which African country?

Madagascar is home to the humongous Baobab tree. It's also found in parts of mainland Africa.


The Meranti tree is native to which Asian country?

A very tall Meranti tree was found in Malaysia. The tree species is also found in other parts of Southeast Asia.


The eucalyptus tree is found in areas of this land down under.

No wonder the koala and the eucalyptus tree go together! They're both found in Australia.


The white mulberry tree is popular in which of these countries?

There are variants of the mulberry tree. The white kind is found in China, Japan and in Korea as well.


The so-called trumpet tree is found in which tropical region?

The trumpet tree can be found in several tropical regions. The Caribbean is one of them.


Larch trees grow in snow-covered regions. Name one area where you can see this tree.

Larch trees are all around Siberia and Canada. But a particularly curious type of larch tree patch is called Forest Swastika, found in Brandenburg, Germany.


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