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The 1999 movie, Wild Wild West, was based off the 1960s television show of the same name. Although many gadgets were used in the original, director Barry Sonnenfeld used a steampunk theme for the technology in the movie. How well do you remember the movie Wild Wild West? Find out by taking the quiz below.

What was in the back of the runaway wagon?

"Nitro! This is not the way you transport nitro! Whoa!"


In addition to watching for General McGrath's boys, West was doing what in the water tower?

West was making out with Belle in the water tower while he waited. Although West falls out of the water tower, the actor was not really naked in the next shots, according to the director.


West served which government department?

"U. S. Army. Stay out of my way, lady!"


What song did Gordon sing to McGrath?

Betty Comden and Adolph Green wrote "Sons of the South Arise" with Elmer Bernstein. Comden and Green also wrote the credits for Mamushka in the Addams family, while Bernstein composed the music for hits such as Ghostbusters. Most of the song was cut because of time constraints.


What body part was General McGrath missing?

"Don't let the ear frighten you, my dove. I lost it at Chickmunga."


What was Gordon's preferred method of transportation?

Although bicycles were conceived in the 1860s, the first motorized bicycle was the steam-powered velocipede that appeared around 1867. Michaux Perreaux (France) and Roper (United States) are both credited with independently attaching the steam engine to the bicycle first.


Gordon states the last image a man saw was burned into his retinas, according to which theory?

"According to the Retinal Terminus Theory, a dying person's last conscious image is burned into the back of his eyeball much like a photograph." Perhaps there's a clue there. The man used as the "head" is not the same man as the one who is running in the beginning of the movie.


What was seen in McGrath's pocket in the image from Morton's eyes?

When the photograph of the invitation is blurry, West sticks glasses on the head of the dead scientist. The glasses clear the image so it can be read.


In which city was the costume ball held?

"Friends of the South, come to a costume ball April 14th, half past eight. 346 Pine Court, Garden District, New Orleans."


When East accused West of not meeting her in the foyer, where were the assassins hidden in the room?

The assassins were hidden in the paintings, which is why director Barry Sonnenfeld wanted many paintings in the room. Sonnenfeld had wanted to do a Western because he felt they were an American icon and it would be one of his last chances to direct one, since they had fallen in popularity since the 1960s.


Why did the party guests want to lynch West?

"Looks like we need to teach y'all a little lesson about how to behave in polite society." Sure am glad we got that cleared up.


Who played Captain James West?

Williard Caroll "Will" Smith Jr. (born September 15, 1968) started his career as an MC for DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. His acting career began with the television show The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.


While West was being lynched, whom did Gordon release?

"Not that I'm complaining, but what are you doing here?"


Which character did Kevin Kline play?

Kevin Kline (born October 24, 1947) began in the theater in the 70s and did not perform in a movie until the 1980s. He has won awards for his theatrical performance in The Pirates of Penzance, as well as his work in the movie A Fish Called Wanda.


What was unusual about the rope Gordon gave the crowd?

"Allow me to introduce you to my trigger-happy partner, James West … Who doesn't seem to realize that my expanding rope invention was part of a carefully planned diversion allowing me to search for the missing scientists."


Under which president were West and Gordon serving?

Hiram Ulysses Grant was president of the United States from 1869-1977. In the movie, Kevin Kline not only played Artemus Gordon, he also played President Grant. In the movie Dave, Kline also played a President and a man impersonating him.


Why did Loveless kill McGrath's men?

"My dear general, having donated half my physical being to create a weapon capable of doing this, how did you and General Lee repay my loyalty? You surrendered at Appomattox. So who betrayed whom?"


Where was Loveless taking his tank after killing McGrath's men?

Although Loveless' hideout was in Utah, the filming occurred in New Mexico and California. Vasquez Rocks Natural Area (one of the filming locations in California) was also the site of filming for the movie The Flintstones. Santa Fe, New Mexico is where Wyatt Earp was filmed.


What happens when you press the number on the green billiard ball?

"Over here, three seemingly innocent billiard balls, yes? But depress the number, it becomes a sleeping gas bomb effective in under three seconds."


How did West and Gordon get the collars off?

"Oh, look. my auxiliary toolkit. I forgot all about it. It must've slipped out of my pocket."


What was the name of the place where Loveless had his hideout?

Dr. Loveless' regime was symbolized as a spider. In part, this was a carryover similarity from Men in Black where the antagonist is symbolized by another bug: a cockroach.


What happened to West's parents?

"Did you ever see your family again?"


Why was the President visiting Utah?

Although the movie has President Grant driving in the last stake of the Transcontinental Railroad, in actuality, the President of the Southern Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads, Leland Stanford, is credited with driving the last stake into the ground on May 10, 1869. Stanford also served as a Senator, served for a brief time as Governor of California, and founded Stanford University with his wife.


24. What machine had Loveless designed to take out the President?

"Yes, Dr. Loveless. Fine looking spider you have there. What can I do for you today?"


What had Gordon sewn into West's suit jacked that saved his life?

Riveted chain mail is expensive and difficult to make but strong enough to potentially stop a bullet, depending on ring diameter, wire diameter, and the grade of the steel. Costume chain mail is usually butted (or occasionally welded) and very weak, but costs much less than historically accurate armor. Bulletproof vests were actually used during the British Civil War in the 1640s.


What did West dress up as to get into Loveless' compound?

While shooting the scene with West as a belly dancer, it was extremely hot. To pass the time between shots, Kevin Kline would lead the 400 extras in songs such as those from the Sound of Music.


What did Gordon design to help them catch the spider?

"Artie, right now we need to have a plan. Now, that flying machine idea of yours. Were you just acting like you knew what you were talking about? Or can you really build it?


How did West's performance end?

The films budget was a whopping 170 million. Not surprising with all the modern steampunk style gadgets the film contained.


What did Coleman give West and Gordon as a bon voyage present?'v

"Here's a little bon voyage present for you guys: gunpowder, nitroglycerin, and .44 caliber primers." "Coleman, how the devil do you know about explosives?"


How did Gordon get more speed to increase lift?

The day when they shot the scene of West and Gordon flying off the cliff it was overcast. Because the director didn't like the look of the sky, it was later changed to a blue sky with minimal clouds.


Finish the quote: "That's it. No more Mr. _____________."

"That's it. No more Mr. Knife guy."


Which of the following was not a guy who attacked West in the underbelly of the mechanical spider?

A man with knives for hands.


When Loveless' wheelchair got stuck, how did he come after West?

"Well, you're obviously not a poker player, Mr. West. Four of a kind always beats a pair. Now was there someone particularly close to you who perished in that military action?"


Where did Gordon shoot Loveless?

When Loveless steps on West, Gordon shoots him in one of his other legs, causing the hydraulic fluid to escape. Will Smith was actually holding the leg on his face during the scene instead of fighting against it.


How did West and Gordon get back to Washington at the end of the movie?

The beginning of the scene where West and Gordon are riding into the sunset on the mechanical spider was filmed on a sound stage. As the camera zooms out, it switches to full computer animation.


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