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How did Carl and Russell meet?

They met when Russell showed up on Carl's doorstep. Russell was looking to help the elderly to earn the last badge he needed in his Wilderness Explorer program.


What did Carl use to make his house float away?

Carl used balloons to make his house float away. When the employees from Shady Oaks came to take him to the retirement home, he released thousands of balloons through the roof of his house that carried it away.


Who did Carl idolize when he was young?

Carl idolized Charles Muntz. This is something that Carl had in common with Ellie when they met.


How is Dug able to speak English?

Dug has a collar that his owner made him so that he can speak. Carl and Russell are surprised when they tell him to speak and he does!


What does Dug say when he gets distracted?

Dug says "Squirrel!" when he gets distracted. Russell uses this to distract the other dogs later on in the movie.


What did Ellie give to Carl when they first met?

Ellie gave Carl a pin made from the top of a grape soda bottle. Later on in the movie, Carl passes the pin on to Russell for his "assisting the elderly" badge.


What did Carl and Ellie spend their lives saving up for?

Carl and Ellie spent their lives saving up for a trip to Paradise Falls. Carl made a promise to Ellie that one day they would make it there.


What is Charles Muntz looking for at Paradise Falls?

Charles Muntz was looking for The Beast of Paradise Falls. After he brought a skeleton back to America, everyone believed that he had fabricated it. He was then determined to bring the beast back to America, but this time alive.


What breed of dog is Alpha?

Alpha is a Doberman Pinscher. He is one of the dogs belonging to Muntz.


Who is Kevin?

Kevin is The Beast of Paradise Falls that Charles Muntz has been looking for. Russell gave her the name Kevin without realizing that she is in fact female.


What did Carl do after a construction worker broke his mailbox?

Carl injured the construction worker for breaking his mailbox. It meant a lot to Carl because he and Ellie painted it together.


What did Ellie leave for Carl to find in the house?

Ellie left her adventure book for Carl, and wrote a note inside. She thanked him for the adventure and told him that he should go and have a new one.


What does Alpha make Dug wear?

Alpha makes Dug wear the Cone of Shame. Later on in the movie, Dug gets his revenge by making Alpha wear the Cone of Shame.


What job did Ellie have in her younger years?

Ellie was a zookeeper. Carl was a balloon salesman at the same zoo.


What is the Spirit of Adventure?

The Spirit of Adventure is the airship that Charles Muntz used to travel the world. He lives in it while he is searching for the Beast of Paradise Falls.


What happened to Carl and Russell on their way to Paradise Falls?

Carl and Russell were caught in a storm. They had trouble to navigate back on track but they were eventually able to get it under control.


How do Carl and Russell try to get the house to where Ellie wanted it on Paradise Falls?

Carl and Russell tied the house to themselves and tried walk it over to Paradise Falls. Although they didn't succeed in walking it there, the house still made it to where Ellie wanted it.


What does Russell use to keep Kevin following them?

Russell feeds Kevin chocolate. He leaves a trail so that Kevin will follow them.


How did Russell and Carl find out that Kevin was a girl?

Dug told Russell and Carl that Kevin had babies after she had been calling to them. They tried to help her reunite with her babies along the journey.


What did Charles Muntz do to try and stop Carl and Russell?

Charles Muntz lit the bottom of Carl's house on fire. Carl was able to put it out before any real damage was done.


What made Alpha speak in a chipmunk voice?

Alpha's collar made him speak like a chipmunk. It malfunctioned and Charles Muntz had to fix it.


What do the dogs do to try and take down Carl's house from the air?

The dogs flew out of the airship in small planes, and fired darts at the house. Russell was able to get rid of them by yelling "Squirrel!", which distracted them and they crashed.


Where is Paradise Falls located?

Paradise Falls is located in Venezuela. The tickets that Carl bought before Ellie passed away were to take them to the country.


What picture did Ellie and Carl have on their mantle?

They had a picture of their house beside Paradise Falls. This was Ellie's biggest dream in life.


What happened to Charles Muntz after he fought Carl?

Charles Muntz fell to his death. Carl fought him and he fell off of the side of his airship which Carl and Russell then used to get home.


How does Russell end up going to Paradise Falls with Carl?

Russell was on the doorstep when Carl unleashed the balloons. He knocked on the door and asked if he could come inside while they were in the air.


Where did Carl and Ellie meet?

Carl met Ellie in her clubhouse. She was inside pretending to go on an adventure, and invited Carl to be in her "adventure club".


What memory does Russell have from spending time with his father?

Russell has good memories of getting ice cream with his father. They would also play a game where they counted the number of red and blue cars that passed them while sitting on a curb.


How does Charles Muntz track Dug?

Charles tracks Dug by the tracker that is installed in his collar. Once he finds out where he is, he sends the rest of the dogs to catch Kevin.


What did Ellie and Carl enjoy spending their time doing?

Carl and Ellie liked to spend their time going on picnics. One day while on a picnic, Ellie fell very ill and eventually passed away.


Which of Carl's belongings does Kevin always try to swallow?

Kevin always tries to swallow Carl's cane. Near the end of the movie, her babies also try to eat the tennis balls off of it.


What happens to Dug at the end of the movie?

Carl became Dug's master at the end of the movie. Carl allowed Dug to live with him.


What has been happening outside of Carl's home?

Construction has been taking place outside of Carl's home. The construction workers want to buy Carl's property to keep the development going but Carl won't allow it.


What does Russell become when he gets his last badge?

Russell becomes a Senior Wilderness Explorer. Once he had all of his badges, he moved onto the next stage of being a Wilderness Explorer.


How did Dug become the leader of the pack of dogs?

Dug put the Cone of Shame on Alpha. The dogs decided that Dug should be the leader of the pack and laughed at Alpha.


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