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Do you take this stranger to be your wife?! Think you could do it, or do you just enjoy watching the show? It's time to see how well you know Married at First Sight!

In which year did Married at First Sight premiere?

The show premiered on July 8, 2014.


Who pairs up the couples to get married?

The relationship experts go through a rigorous interview process to determine who the best couples will be.


Which of the following is not one of the experts areas?

Though money can affect a relationship, the experts do not focus on financial advice.


What is the name of the sexologist on Married at First Sight?

Dr. Logan appeared on Seasons 1-3 of Married at First Sight.


How long is the actual Married at First Sight experiment?

The couples follow a rigorous schedule for 6 weeks including honeymoon, moving in and meeting friends and families.


At the end of the experiment, the couples must decide if they want to stay married or __________.

This phrase is repeated during the introduction of each episode as part of the opening credits.


Following the end of each series, the show airs a _____ special.

It is helpful to see where the couples are and what they've learned following the experiment phase.


Where do the couples stay on their wedding night?

They stay together as a couple in the honeymoon suite!


Which expert is a pastor and marriage counselor?

Calvin Robertson first appeared on the 4th season of Married at First Sight


Married at First Sight is a reality series based on a ______ series with the same title.

The Danish title translated is Gift Ved Første Blik.


How many couples do the experts match?

Two couples from Season 1 are still together.


Which of the following was NOT one of the experts on Season 1-3?

Rachel joined the expert panel in Season 4.


Though they just met that day, some couples have chosen to ______ their marriage on the first night.

Each couple and the individuals within the couples have their own opinions on when to consummate their marriage!


In Season 1, who was Monet matched with?

Vaughn Copland was 3 years younger than Monet.


In Season 1, what was the occupation of Jason Carrion?

Jason's firefighter schedule was sometimes a point of contention in his relationship.


Who was Jamie Otis paired up with on Married at First Sight?

Jamie was repulsed by Doug when she first met him, but came to love him and they are still together!


Jamie Hehner had a rough relationship with her ________.

Jamie's mother is not reliable and was not there for her growing up.


Jason/Cortney and Jamie/Doug were featured on a spin-off series called...

Both couples are still together.


Who did the experts pair up with Sean Varricchio in Season 2?

Davina was a pharmaceutical saleswoman.


Where did Sean and Davina go on their honeymoon?

They both liked the outdoors and enjoyed some skiing on their honeymoon.


Jaclyn called Ryan "______" which made him feel like he was in the 'friend zone'.

In the beginning, Jaclyn kept calling him 'dude' or 'bro' and it was bothering him!


In Season 2, what was the occupation of Sean Varricchio?

He worked in NJ as a trauma nurse.


Which woman once took out a restraining order on her former husband?

Following the 6-month reunion special, Jessica filed for a restraining order again Ryan.


Who was Vanessa paired up with in Season 3?

Tres Russell, 27, and Vanessa Nelson, 26, were paired up by the experts.


In Season 3, where did Ashley and David live?

David contributed more to the rental since he made more money than Ashley did.


What was Ashley studying for throughout the filming of Season 3?

She was studying to be a nurse, and even brought her books on the honeymoon.


Who was Samantha Role matched up with?

In the end, Sam wanted to stay married, but Neil wanted to get a divorce.


In Season 3, Ashley was upset with David because he supposedly __________.

David maintains that he asked her friend for advice on how to connect with Ashley better, not that he had a romantic interest in her friend.


On their honeymoon, Neil and Samantha had a real bonding moment when...

Sam was distraught and Neil calmed her down, they shared a meaningful hug that night and began to appreciate each other more.


Where does Season 4 of Married at First Sight take place?

This is the first time the series has filmed in and around the Miami area.


In Season 3, what is the occupation of Samantha Role?

Because she has a business sense, she helps the couple determine their budget and best housing option.


In Season 4, who do the experts match with Sonia Granados?

Nick is a vacation rental manager.


In Season 4, which female travels frequently for her job?

Heather Seidel is a flight attendant!


Which male on Married at First Sight lives in a bus?

Tom is 28 years old and works as a boat interior designer. His dream was to make a home out of a bus and he has done just that!


In Season 3, which was the only couple to stay married at their final decision time?

Though they wanted to stay married, it was revealed during the 6-month special that the couple had separated.


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