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Who was the only actress on the original ‘Dallas’ to win an Emmy?

Barbara won Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series in 1980.


Who shot J.R. in the original series?

Kristin was Sue Ellen’s sister who J.R. eventually kills.


What years was the original ‘Dallas’ on TV?

Larry Hagman (J.R.) and Ken Kercheval (Cliff) are the only actors to appear in all 13 seasons.


What show was a spin-off of ‘Dallas’?

Gary Ewing and his wife Valerne moved to Knots Landing in 1979.


What network aired the original series?

The first episode was aired on April 2, 1978


What was Miss Ellie’s maiden name?

Miss Ellie’s family owned Southfork long before she married Jock Ewing.


What does J.R. stand for?

Jock’s real name was John Ross Sr., J.R. was J.R. Jr.


How many times did Sue Ellen marry J.R.?

Sue Ellen married and divorced J.R. twice.


The Ewing/Barnes feud all started when ___________?

Jock and Digger signed an agreement to share profits of Ewing 23, but Jock put Ewing 6 in his name to prevent Digger from drinking and gambling it all away.


How many times was Bobby married throughout the original series and the reboot?

Pam Barnes twice and April Stevens in the original series and Ann Smith in the reboot.


Who played Jock Ewing?

Jock’s death was necessary for the original Dallas because of Jim Davis’s death in 1981.


Who is Bobby’s brother-in-law when he is married to Pam?

Cliff Barnes is played by Ken Kercheval, who played Cliff in both the original and the reboot.


What happens to Pam Ewing when she’s in a car accident?

Pam Ewing was played by Victoria Principal from 1978-87 and Margaret Michaels in 1988, with Pam’s exit open-ended in case Victoria wanted to come back to the show.


How many children did Jock have?

He had four sons: J.R., Bobby, Gary, and Ray Krebbs.


After Bobby was killed in a car accident, how did the writers bring Bobby back to life?

In fact, the creator’s played off the entire 1985-1986 season as Pam’s dream.


Who is Pam and Bobby’s adopted son?

Christopher is the biological son of Kristin Shepard (Sue Ellen’s sister) and Jeff Faraday.


Who played J.R. Ewing?

Larry Hagman wasn’t the first choice to play J.R., it was first offered to Robert Foxworth.


Who was the matriarch of the Ewing family in the original series?

Miss Ellie was played by Barbara Bel Geddes from 1978 – 1990 and Donna Reed from 1984-1985.


Before she married J.R. the first time, what was Sue Ellen’s claim to fame?

Sue Ellen was a former Miss Texas, and met J.R. at a competition where he was one of the judges.


When the series reboots in 2012, where does John Ross strike oil?

Southfork Ranch is a conference and event center located in Parker, Texas.


At the beginning of the reboot, who owns Southfork?

Miss Ellie deeded Southfork over to Bobby for a smooth transition in the original series.


Why do John Ross and Christopher really turn against one another?

John Ross is dating Christopher’s ex-fiancée Elena Ramos.


Where does Bobby go and visit J.R. when the series reboots?

1.3 million elderly Americans live in nursing homes that average a bill of $83,000 per person per year.


It is discovered that Rebecca Sutter is related to whom?

Her actual name is Pamela Rebecca Barnes, she’s Cliff’s daughter.


Where does Christopher think the future of energy is headed?

TV Guide likened Christopher’s character to Al Gore due to his interest in green energy.


Who is helping Rebecca’s scheme to infiltrate the Ewing family?

Tommy was Rebecca’s boyfriend who played the game as Rebecca’s brother.


Who kills J.R. in the reboot?

Bum didn’t want to kill J.R., but he did it as a favor for his best friend as J.R. had terminal cancer.


What political office does Sue Ellen hold in the continuation series?

The Governor of Texas is currently Greg Abbott (R).


What happens to Ann’s daughter, Emma, when she was little?

It was discovered that she was abducted by her overprotective father, Harris.


Who controls Harris Ryland and his mass fortune?

His mother, Judith Brown-Ryland, is played by Judith Light who first burst onto TV screens as Angela Bower on ‘Who’s the Boss?’


Who stole Ewing Oil from the Ewing family in the original series?

Jeremy Wendell stole Ewing Oil from the Ewing family in the season 10 finally.


Who is responsible for the explosion that had Rebecca (Pamela) miscarry her twins?

Pamela suffers from an aortic aneurysm when she miscarries.


Who plays Christopher Ewing in the reboot?

Before ‘Dallas’, Jesse made hearts swoon as John Rowland on ‘Desperate Housewives’.


Who plays John Ross in the continuation series?

Before ‘Dallas’ he too, along with Jesse Metcalf, made women smile on ‘Desperate Housewives’ as Austin McCann.


Who plays Bobby Ewing from the original series to the end of the reboot?

Patrick Duffy is best known as Bobby Ewing and as Frank Lambert on ‘Step by Step.'


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