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"Death Race 2000" is a classic B-movie where the Wacky Races meet Mad Max. If you want to find out more about this apocalyptic classic, take the "Death Race 2000" Rollout Quiz.

Although "Death Race 2000" is about a car race, why does it have "death" in the title?

The Death Race isn't only about crossing the finish line first. It's also about killing as many people as possible.


What kind of people were open targets during the Death Race?

What made "Death Race 2000" controversial was that it showed a race where anyone on the street, or in the way of the racing cars, could be killed legally.


What types of people had the highest point value during the Death Race?

The highest scores were given for killing the elderly. They were valued at 100 points each, if above 75 years old.


The lead "hero" of the movie, Frankenstein, was played by this "Kung Fu" TV show star. Who is he?

David Carradine played the masked Frankenstein in "Death Race 2000." It was probably intentional that the character was very far away from his "Kung Fu" TV persona.


Joe Viterbo was one of the favorite drivers in the Death Race. What famous "Demolition Man" actor played him?

The thin-skinned and touchy driver, Joe Viterbo, was played by Sylvester Stallone. This was before he was cast in roles as a hero.


Why is Frankenstein, the famed driver in "Death Race 2000," named after a scientist who made a pieced-together monster?

Frankenstein supposedly received so many injuries, he had body parts replaced with machines.


Joe Viterbo was a sensitive but violent guy. Why was he called Machine Gun Joe by the media and the public?

"Machine Gun Joe" Viterbo spoke with his gun. He'd shoot anyone who didn't like what he had to say.


Nero the Hero was a handsome guy, so it's no surprise that he was obsessed with this.

Nero looked like he could carry on a relationship with a mirror. He was very, very vain.


The Swastika Sweetheart, Matilda the Hun, was supposed to appeal to a specific cultural minority in the United Provinces. What minority was it?

Matilda the Hun was meant to appeal to those from German culture.


Which driver was meant to appeal to Wild West cowboy types?

Calamity Jane -- with her car, cowboy hat, and boots -- is the classic cowgirl. It doesn’t hurt that she's good on the eyes, too.


The design for Frankenstein's car probably meant that he was supposed to be a cold-blooded killer. What kind of animal did it resemble?

From the paint job to the jagged edge on top of the car, you would know what it is. It's a reptile, and it's as nasty as they come.


Aside from the guns that were Joe's signature, what else did he have on the hood of his car that could kill pedestrians?

Joe's car had a gigantic knife mounted right on the hood. It functioned as a kind of spear when he ran people down.


Matilda the Hun's car shared the same nickname as the V-1 Flying Bomb, which had a characteristic sound. What was this sound?

Matilda the Hun's car was known as the Buzz Bomb. The V-1 flying bomb had this nickname because that's how its engine sounded.


In keeping with the Wild West tradition, after what animal was Calamity Jane's car named?

Calamity Jane's car was known as the Bull. Given that she was a cowgirl, it was a good idea that her car was named after a hard-headed herd animal.


Nero was named after a Roman emperor. That's probably why they named his car after this large animal that emperors loved. What was this animal?

Nero's car was named the Lion. His car was also painted like a golden lion.


Although Frankenstein's car had no hidden weapons, what made it an efficient killing machine?

The car had some spikes mounted in front of the grill and headlights. This made it look more like an animal.


True to Joe Viterbo's gangster appeal, what weapons did he have mounted on his car?

Joe had machine guns mounted on the hood of his car, where the headlights would be. And that was only one pair of his weapons.


Calamity Jane's car had a simple weapon, but it was enough for people to want to steer clear of her car. What was this weapon?

In keeping with her cowgirl appeal, Calamity Jane's car had the horns of a steer mounted on her car's hood.


Although Matilda the Hun didn’t have weapons mounted on her car, what advantage did her engine give her in "Death Race 2000"?

If anything, Matilda's car could at least outrun Calamity Jane's, since her engine sound suggested that she had something that was like a jet engine. She's got speed!


The Death Race drivers were all for cheap kills, as long as they could get points. How did the rebellion use this against the points-hungry Nero?

The rebellion set up a fake picnic and left a bomb disguised as a baby. Nero could not resist.


Matilda's car was much faster than Calamity Jane's. How did the rebels divert her to her doom using her own advantage?

The rebels killed Matilda by creating a detour and tunnel entrance that led to a cliff. Given her car's speed, there was no way she could have avoided taking the leap.


What contact explosive did they use to blow Calamity Jane sky-high?

All the rebels did was lure her into an area that had a landmine. She was lucky at first, but while she was maneuvering her car, her wheel went into the land mine.


How did Frankenstein kill Joe?

Frankenstein carried a grenade other reasons. But in the end, he used it to get rid of Joe.


As their name implies, the navigators helped the drivers find their way around the highways. For what else were they used?

The navigators could also be sex partners for the drivers. It was a secondary job after helping them plan how to travel around the country.


Frankenstein had supposedly survived many accidents. What was the real reason for his unbelievable survival rate?

Frankenstein wasn't one person. He was a character that the government had made up. If one died in the line of duty, another would take his place.


The weapon that Frankenstein wanted to use on the president was literally in the palm of his hand. What was it?

Frankenstein had an artificial hand. It had a grenade built into the palm. That's how he planned to take out the president.


In the end, how did Frankenstein actually kill the president?

Frankenstein crashed his car into the grandstand where the president was sitting. The president died from the fall, landing hard on the car.


Many movie villains are shown with facial scars or horrible features. In Frankenstein's case, were any of his past injuries real?

Frankenstein's supposed injuries were mostly fake. He had only one artificial body part.


Joe Viterbo may have had a chip on his shoulder, but he was an efficient Death Race driver. What was his mark of distinction?

If Frankenstein wasn't the top dog, Joe would have been. His bloodthirsty nature made him the first driver to rack up kills.


What made female targets different from male targets?

The Death Race makes women better targets. Women across all age brackets generated 10 more points per kill than men.


Some medical staff wheeled elderly people out on the road for Frankenstein to kill. What did he do instead?

Frankenstein decided to take a shortcut after seeing the elderly. He went through the building's open lobby, killing the medical staff.


A movie about a corrupt government isn't complete without the other side. Who were Annie Smith's real bosses?

Annie Smith worked her way to become Frankenstein's navigator. It allowed her the chance to set up Frankenstein's kidnapping for the rebellion.


Does coming in first make a Death Race driver the winner of the race?

The Death Race winner is the one who gains the most points for killing people. It's not clear in the movie how many points a driver gets for coming in first, but the movie makes it clear that the kill-points are more important.


When you're living in a dictatorship, it's easier to pin the blame on an enemy who isn’t in your country. In the United Provinces, what country is always blamed?

In "Death Race 2000," the president and the media always spin it so that the French are to blame. Later, the president uses the Death Race problems as an excuse to declare war on France.


At the end of the movie, Frankenstein was the president, trying to steer the United Provinces back to normalcy. Who was his last kill as a driver?

It's fitting that the last fatality in the movie was Junior, the announcer for the Death Race. Given that he was against the abolition of the race, it's fitting that he was killed.


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