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How well do you know Richard Castle?

Why type of best-selling novelist is Richard Castle?

The crime/mystery genre brings in $728.2 million a year.


Who created the TV show, ‘Castle?’

Andrew also wrote the screenplays for the movies, ‘Air Force One,’ ‘End of Days,’ and ‘Hollow Man.’


What is the name of Castle’s first book?

The novel is about rookie NYPD detective David McAllister being called to a crime scene on the Upper West Side, where he finds a murdered Broadway actress.


Who is Castle’s muse for Nikki Heat?

Kate Beckett was a homicide detective with the NYPD.


How many seasons was Castle on-air?

Despite several cast members signing one-year deals for a potential ninth season, the show was canceled.


What network aired ‘Castle?’

ABC is owned by a division of The Walt Disney Company.


How does Castle originally get on NYPD’s radar?

He is brought in by the NYPD for questioning regarding a copy-cat murder based on one of his novels.


How does Castle get permission to shadow Detective Beckett?

Castle uses his connections with the mayor to charm his way in.


Who are the other two detectives on Beckett’s team?

Javier Esposito and Kevin Ryan are best friends in and out of the precinct.


Who plays Castle’s colorful mother, Martha?

Susan’s first role was in the 1964 movie, ‘Revolt of the Barbarians.’


What event send Kate down the road to becoming a cop?

Her mom, Johanna, was stabbed to death on January 9th, 1999.


Beckett wears her mother’s wedding ring around her neck to remind her of _______?

Her mother was stabbed on the way to meet Kate for dinner.


Beckett wears her father’s watch to remind her of _________?

Her father, Jim, turned into an alcoholic.


How many episodes aired in season one?

Castle was a mid-season replacement in 2009, which is why there weren't a full 24 episodes.


Who plays Kate Beckett?

Stana can be seen in the upcoming films ‘Lost in Florence,’ and ‘Sister Cities.’


Who is Esposito’s on-again-off-again girlfriend?

Dr. Lanie Parish is the medical examiner.


Before Detective Ryan joined Beckett’s team, he was a ________?

When in the narcotics division, Ryan goes uncover in the Irish mob under the name of Fenton O’Connell.


Who plays Detective Kevin Ryan?

Before being on ‘Castle’ Dever played two doctors, one on ‘General Hospital’ and on ‘Army Wives.


Who is Ryan married to?

Jenny is played by Dever’s real-life wife, Juliana.


After Castle loses his clearance to shadow Beckett and her team, what does he do?

Castle got his P.I. License off the Internet.


What name did Castle change his middle name to?

He was born with the middle name of Alexander and changed it to Edgar to honor Edgar Allen Poe.


When was Castle born?

Given his birth date, Martha called him her April Fools’ baby, and on his birthdays, she would sit him down and solemnly tell him that he was adopted before taking it back.


Who is Castle’s dad?

Jackson Hunt is an alias used by a CIA agent, who so happens to be Castle’s father.


How many times is Castle married?

First to Meredith, then to Gina Cowell, and finally to Kate Beckett.


How many children does Castle have?

Alexis, unnamed set of twins, and an unnamed daughter.


Why did Castle turn to writing when he was a teen?

Castle attended Edgewyck Academy where he was homesick and had no friends.


What U.S. Senator was behind the murder of Beckett’s mother?

Senator Bracken is a senator from NY and is also known as The Dragon.


Who plays Castle’s daughter Alexis?

Molly can be seen in the upcoming film, ‘Newly Single.’


When the series begins, who is the Captain?

In the third season it is revealed he was involved in Beckett’s mom murder.


Captain Montgomery is replaced by who?

She insists on being called “sir” by the officers who report to her.


Who plays Jackson Hunt?

James is maybe best known as George Lutz from the 1979 horror classic, ‘The Amityville Horror.’


On what important day does Castle disappear?

He disappears on his way to get married to Beckett.


Who helps Castle with his P.I. agency?

Hayley Shipton is a stealth security analyst.


What is the name of Castle’s P.I. agency?

Rick’s daughter, Alexis, solves many minor cases on her own.


Martha Rodgers is an ________ by trade.

She is an actress on and off Broadway.


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