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Emily Bronte's tale of stormy love between Catherine and Heathcliff is challenged, lost, and then repeated in the next generation amidst the shadows of the moors. See what you remember about this classic story.

Who is this novel's first narrator?

Mr. Lockwood is a tenant who begins to wonder about his landlord. The story unfolds through a second narrator.


What are the names of the two main residences?

The story revolves around two families, one lives at Thrushcross Grange, and the other at Wuthering Heights. The Heights is depicted as the darker of the two.


Who are the two main families of this story?

The Earnshaws live at Wuthering Heights, while the Lintons live at Thrushcross Grange. When the story begins, most of the occupants from both households are dead.


Who is Kenneth?

Dr. Kenneth is called upon throughout the story to tend to the many ill and dying people. He is a friend to Hindley Earnshaw.


What physical description is uniquely Heathcliff's?

A 2011 movie version, cast an African-American in the role of Heathcliff. It starred James Howson.


How does Heathcliff become a member of the Earnshaw household?

Mr. Earnshaw is a religious man who could not walk away from the homeless Heathcliff. He treats him kindly in his home, sometimes better than he treats his biological son.


How does Mr. Earnshaw's death early in the novel dramatically affect Heathcliff?

When Hindley Earnshaw takes control of the household, his jealousy over the way his father treated Heathcliff has consumed him. He makes Heathcliff do hard labor and treats him harshly.


What surprise does Hindley Earnshaw bring home with him when he returns to attend his father's funeral?

No one was expecting Hindley's wife, Frances, to show up. She is only in the story long enough to give birth to their son, Hareton; then she dies.


What event made Nelly Dean, the housekeeper, become more sympathetic toward Heathcliff when he was a child?

Nelly Dean realized how spoiled and demanding the other two Earnshaw children were while ill. Heathcliff endured his suffering without complaint.


What incident embitters Hindley Earnshaw towards Heathcliff?

Heathcliff blackmails Hindley by telling him he will tell Mr Earnshaw of his cruel treatment. Hindley reluctantly gives in, but curses him.


What was the greatest punishment for Catherine as a child?

Catherine and Heathcliff were inseparable. When Mr. Earnshaw died, Catherine clinged to Heathcliff for solace.


The love triangle established in the first half of the story is among which characters?

Catherine is in love with her step-brother Heathcliff, yet accepts Edgar Linton's affections.


What is the significance of the moors?

The moors is the one place where Catherine and Heathcliff can be free from any social or familial restraints. It reflects their wild and free natures.


Why did Catherine spend five weeks at Thrushcross Grange with the Lintons when she was 12?

The Linton's dog, Skulker, grabbed hold of her ankle while she and Heathcliff were sneaking around Thushcross Grange, peeking in windows. Heathcliff was turned away.


Most of the story is a flashback. Who narrates a majority of it?

Nelly Dean tells the new tenant the story of the households. Catherine Earnshaw is also an indirect narrator through Mr. Lockwood's reading of her diary.


What event has a detrimental effect on Hindley Earnshaw?

Hindley becomes a wretched drunk and miserable person. He completely neglects his son.


What event most closely links Heathcliff with Hindley's son, Hareton?

Heathcliff is in the right place at the right time. He catches the toddler, Hareton, when his father, Hindley, dangles and drops him over a banister.


What does Heathcliff overhear that drives him to leave Wuthering Heights?

Heathcliff hears Catherine tell Nelly Dean she has accepted Edgar. However, he fails to hear the rest of her comments. She asks Nelly if she did the right thing, and then professes her love for Heathcliff.


After Heathcliff's 3-year absence from Wuthering Heights, what has NOT occurred?

Heathcliff returns to Wuthering Heights a very refined and wealthy man. Hindley needs to take in Heathcliff so the mortgage can be paid. Hindley has gambled away most of his money.


What best characterizes Joseph, Wuthering Heights' servant?

Joseph often chides the other characters about their irreverence toward the Bible. He speaks with a very heavy Yorkshire accent.


Aside from his obsession with Catherine, what else motivates Heathcliff?

Heathcliff never forgot the mistreatment given to him by his step-brother. Hindley's acceptance of him as nothing more than a servant was the last straw!


When Catherine's husband, Linton, presents an ultimatum to her, "...I absolutely require to know which you choose [Heathcliff or Linton]," what is her response?

Catherine needs time to think about her emotions. She is married to Edgar, yet knows she still loves Heathcliff.


Catherine becomes very ill and accuses Heathcliff of breaking her heart. Why?

Marrying Isabella (Catherine's sister-in-law) does not go over well. This hurts both Catherine and Edgar, which is part of Heathcliff's plan. Actress Sophie Ward played Isabella in a 1992 movie version. She also appeared in the movie "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Bronte.


After Catherine's death, what does Heathcliff wish?

Heathcliff feels as if she is near when he tries to unearth her from her grave. He later believes he sees her ghost, even just before he dies.


Which characters make up the second generation of this story?

Hareton is drunkard Hindley's son; Cathy is Catherine's daughter, and Linton is Heathcliff's fragile son. All are pawns in Heathcliff's revenge.


What completes Heathcliff's revenge against Hindley?

Heathcliff wants Hareton to be a savage without an education. However, he takes a liking to the boy, perhaps because he saved his life, or because he is so much like Heathcliff when he was young.


When Lockwood returns after a year's absence, who does he encounter at Wuthering Heights?

Lockwood overhears Cathy scolding Hareton for his poor reading, but then sees them giving each other kisses. The last time he saw Cathy, she was married to Linton.


Mr. Lockwood returns to Thrushcross Grange after being away for a year. What has NOT happened during his absence?

Lockwood wishes to settle up on rent for Thurshcross Grange with Mr. Heathcliff, and when he meets up with Nelly at Wuthering Heights, he soon learns of all that has taken place.


Who is Mr. Green?

Mr. Green does not arrive in time to change Edgar's will. The adjustment to the will would have prevented Heathcliff from gaining control of Thrushcross Grange.


Who sits all night in grief with Heathcliff's corpse?

Nelly Dean finds Heathcliff with a smile on his face. Hareton then stays with his body, having considered Heathcliff as the only father he ever knew.


What is to take place on New Year's Eve at the end of the novel?

The marriage between Cathy and Hareton symbolizes the next generation finally finding happiness in a relationship.


What evidence reveals that Heathcliff and Catherine's souls are finally at peace?

Lockwood has sensed the presence of ghosts throughout his stay. A small boy reports that, shortly after Heathcliff's death, he saw Heathcliff and a woman on the moors.


Author Emily Bronte wrote this novel in 1847 under what pseudonym?

Emily (and her writer sisters) all wrote under male pseudonyms to better their chances at getting their works published. Charlotte, who wrote Jane Eyre, used the pen name Currer Bell. Anne, who wrote Agnes Grey, used pen name Acton Bell.


What is a major criticism of many of the movie versions of "Wuthering Heights"?

Because of the narrative -- which jumps between past and present and a second generation of characters -- movie versions have refrained from addressing the latter chapters. The Juliette Binoche/Ralph Fiennes version comes close with Binoche playing both Catherine and her daughter, Cathy.


Several movie versions of this story were made. Which set of actors did NOT star in a movie version of "Wuthering Heights"?

The Calder-Marshall and Dalton version was in 1970 . The Oberon and Olivier version was in 1939. The Binoche and Fiennes version was in 1992.


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