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Heavy Metal has a reputation for being the noisiest racket on the planet. However, it's serious music for some, and has its own share of history and information. Take the Hellacious Heavy Metal Quiz and find out more about heavy metal music! And if you are a heavy metal fan, have fun making fun of all this!

What was arguably the first metal band in existence?

Black Sabbath, with lead singer Ozzy Osbourne and guitarist Tommy Iommi, was the first metal band identified as such. All you have to do is listen to their song, "Paranoid," to get the idea.


Which instrument has been the key to the heavy metal sound?

The electric guitar is arguably the "weapon of choice" for the aggressive heavy metal sound, particularly once it's distorted or made to sound like a chainsaw (for the most part). Experimentation with shaping the guitar sound has allowed heavy metal music to also influence pop and hip-hop songs.


In one of the classic heavy metal feuds of all time, why does Dave Mustaine hate Metallica?

Dave Mustaine, one of the founding members of Metallica, was kicked out of the band. And to add insult to injury, they made him go home by bus.


While this band is seen more as the granddaddy of punk, their take-no-prisoners attitude and harder-rocking song style were blueprints for the earlier versions of metal. Who were they?

The Kinks' simple, rough, and large sound on such singles as "You Really Got Me," provided the abrasive attitude and devil-may-care style from which both punk and metal would eventually learn. Some metal bands have covered Kinks songs in tribute to the band.


People argue that this band is either early metal, or the heaviest blues-rock proto-metal band. What band was this?

Led Zeppelin, featuring Jimmy Page on guitars and Robert Plant on vocals, didn’t have the lyrical and arrangement style to be considered heavy metal. However, their heavy brand of blues-rock set the tone for the "heavy" in heavy metal.


Which punk-influenced heavy metal band would become one of the big influences of thrash and speed metal?

Anthrax was a band that had an aggressive, fast-tempo sound that also had humor and comic-book references in its lyrics. Their highest-charting album in America was "The Sound of White Noise," released in 1993.


This heavy metal band is well known for their unusual time signatures, drumming patterns, and melodic arrangements. They are also fans of The Melvins and King Crimson. Who are they?

Tool is one of the bands known for an intellectual approach to heavy metal music. They've managed to use mathematical concepts, like the Fibonacci sequence, in the way they construct their songs. Some say their later albums are more progressive rock than heavy metal.


Rammstein is an internationally popular bands from Germany that has at times been labeled as industrial heavy metal. What is their favorite stage effect?

Rammstein's stage antics are punctuated by the use of fireworks and custom-designed flamethrowers integrated into their costumes. Their lead singer, Till Lindemann, is a licensed pyro-technician.


Who is this famous blues guitarist, whose love of long live guitar solos influenced heavy metal?

Eric Clapton's early work and mesmerizing extended guitar solos makes him a heavy metal influence for the guitar. All you have to do is listen to the live version of "Crossroads" (with his band, Cream) to notice the link to heavy metal.


When it comes to musical forms, most people can't believe that metal is influenced by this musical style. What is it?

Classical and heavy metal music both require technical skill to pull them off, and it's no surprise that many heavy metal vocalists and guitarists have had classical training. Some even use sections of classical music passages as inspirations for their song arrangements.


This band started out as one of the big players in the Grunge scene, but has always been considered to be a heavy metal band, or at least heavily influenced by heavy metal. What band is this?

Soundgarden, whose vocalist is Chris Cornell, is a band that is either seen as part of heavy metal, or as hard rock with heavy metal influences. Their wide range of arrangement styles can be heard in the likes of "Jesus Christ Pose" and "The Day I Tried to Live."


Before the birth of metal, which psychedelic guitarist and singer heavily influenced the musical language of heavy metal?

Jimi Hendrix had a massive influence on heavy metal. Most people feel that his use of distorted guitar sounds and aggressive song arrangements were the big points from which future heavy metal gods drew from him.


What music can be said to be the "mother" of heavy metal, mixing with rock music?

The blues is probably the spiritual predecessor of heavy metal, and can be considered its philosophical beginning, with its emphasis on emotions and expression. If you've heard heavy metal, then expression is an understatement.


What musical from the late '70s and '80s would later influence and merge with the heavy metal sound to make a sub-genre known for shorter, high-energy songs?

Punk music gave metal a shot in the arm, by introducing shorter songs with higher energy levels, either with faster tempos, or more straight forward and rhythm-based.


What is this cultural influence on heavy metal that some of the genre's own bands hate, particularly those more influenced by punk?

Even from the very beginning, heavy metal had influences taken from theater. It's part of why heavy metal music relies on the idea of creating or using myths for the band's image and sound, and why some heavy metal music actually works well with movie and TV soundtracks.


Which of the early heavy metal bands had the dubious distinction, at one point, of being the loudest band ever?

We're not kidding. Deep Purple was in the 1975 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records as the loudest band in the world, after a thundering 1972 concert at London's Rainbow Theater.


What is the name of this band, seen as a heavy metal proto-group, thanks to their re-interpretation of Eddie Cochran's "Summertime Blues?”

Blue Cheer is arguably in that rough boundary between blues-rock and heavy metal, but the blue-collar aggression they showed in their version of "Summertime Blues," as well as the radical arrangement shifts, provide a historical prologue to heavy metal music.


What facet of modern life, particularly in the late '60s and early '70s, would contribute to the heavy metal music boom?

The rise of modern industrialism in England contributed to the dark and gloomy sound of early heavy metal. Black Sabbath was an early proponent of this, with their plodding, metronomic sound .


Which metal band became well-known as the progressive metal band of 1990, with their hit song "Silent Lucidity?”

Queensryche's song, "Silent Lucidity," was one of the big breakthrough metal hits, even becoming an MTV favorite. If you listen to the song, however, it's categorized as heavy metal only because of the band's affiliation to the genre.


What role does the bass guitar generally play in heavy metal music?

The bass guitar is important in heavy metal for making the "big sound." It doesn't necessarily have to be heard, but it fills in the empty spaces in the song, making heavy metal music sound, well, heavier.


What major musical style does the band Opeth mix with the death metal style?

Opeth's main man, Mikael Akerfeldt, steers the band's sound, and in later years has moved towards progressive rock in style. Their first major success was the album, "Watershed."


What was the major change in Mastodon's vocals, if you listen to their albums in sequence?

Mastodon started with screaming or yelling vocals, but as of their third album, "Blood Mountain," they have favored clean, traditional vocal singing more and more. Some of the band's members have said that harsh vocals are a thing of the past.


Which New Orleans heavy metal band became known for a slow-tempo, brooding style of arrangement that influenced what became known as the sludge, doom, and stoner metal sub-genres?

Crowbar is an influential heavy metal band from New Orleans that gained fame for songs like "All I Had (I Gave)" and "Existence is Punishment." They are still active today.


Which heavy metal band actually had a crossover hit with a song that had synthesizers play the basic intro and riff?

It's a bit of an irony that Van Halen's "Jump" featured synthesizer keyboard sounds prominently, particularly since the band is known for Eddie Van Halen's amazing guitar skills.


Which famous Nu-Metal band had lyrics that focused, for the most part, on pain and alienation?

Korn was one of the big heavy metal winners of the MTV era, starting with their album "Follow the Leader," and the single "Freak on a Leash."


Which heavy metal band has had five albums debut at the top spot of the Billboard 200, and had a song in the "Transformers" movie?

Disturbed has disturbed many heavy metal fans, who claim they are more now more hard rock than heavy metal. They recently did a cover of "Sounds of Silence" by Simon and Garfunkel.


What great Texan heavy metal band started out as a glam metal band, before becoming one of the proponents of a rhythm-based style known as groove metal?

Pantera was an example of how the heavy metal scene evolved through trying times. Starting out as a glam metal band, they found critical and commercial success as a groove metal band, with hits such as "Walk," "I'm Broken," and "Cemetery Gates."


Which heavy metal band is known for experimenting with their music, that comparisons have been made to Radiohead?

The Deftones moved away from belonging to a specific sub-genre of metal. Now, they are usually tagged as an "experimental" heavy metal band. Their biggest hit is "Change (In the House of Flies)."


Why did the all-female Canadian heavy metal band, Kittie, choose that as their name?

While Kittie is known for being an all-female band, they don’t think it should be an important factor. Their bass guitarist, Trish Doan, died in February 2017.


According to the members of the heavy metal band, Slipknot, what was one advantage of wearing masks?

While the idea of Slipknot members wearing masks was more of an image thing, it also made them anonymous in public, something that some of the band members enjoyed. Later on, however, they revealed their actual faces.


Which famous pop artist invited heavy metal guitarists to record parts for their songs?

Michael Jackson knew the power of a good guitar solo or riff. Eddie Van Halen did the solo on "Beat It," and Slash did some notable work on "Give in to Me." He's also worked with other shredders, such as Steve Stevens, and Jennifer Batten.


Which hip-hop group or artist sampled a Black Sabbath song, and then mixed another sample from Led Zeppelin?

The Beastie Boys managed to splice Tony Iommi's riff from "Sweat Leaf" with Drummer John Bonham's track in "When the Levee Breaks" to release a snazzy backing track for their song "Rhymin' and Stealin'." after hearing their metal-esque treatment in their song "Sabotage." there's no doubt the Beastie Boys love their heavy metal,


From whose song did Judas Priest, the classic British heavy metal band, get its name?

Judas Priest took its name from "The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest," by Bob Dylan. That's some metal folk stuff, right there.


What does Meshuggah mean?

Meshuggah's name means "crazy" in Yiddish. The band is known for experimenting as much as they can within the boundaries of heavy metal music.


How did Sepultura, a Brazilian heavy metal band, find its name?

Sepultura got its name from the title of the Motorhead song, "Dancing on Your Grave." The founding brothers were also deeply affected by their father's death.


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