Can You Name These Canadian Snacks From One Image?

By: Heather Cahill
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If you're dreaming of something sweet and gooey, Canada is a great place to be. Not only is there lots of maple syrup, but there are so many more sweets and snacks to chow down on. Your willpower will be tested as you walk by the many snacks the country has to offer on its shelves. But not all of these Canadian snacks are sold on shelves! Some are sold in Canada's favorite shops, such as Tim Horton's. It's not Canada unless you've made your daily trip to Timmies.

Snack lovers will marvel at the many snacks from which they have to choose. Are you in the mood for something salty? Canada's many unique chip flavors might do the trick for you. Would you prefer something sweeter? Try one of the many chocolate or candy bars that line the shelves. But that's not all! There are also many unique meals from which to choose. Poutine, anyone? There's something about the cheesy goodness of this dish that keeps you coming back.

If you've lived in Canada for some time, chances are you know more than your fair share about our many snacks. Want to test yourself? Take the quiz to see if you are a Canadian food connoisseur!

It tastes like coffee, but maybe a chocolate bar wouldn't be the best choice as a substitute after all. But it's great for a snack later in the day when you need a quick pick me up. It's light and easy to eat, making it awesome for bringing it to work or school.

The name "Canada" is almost synonymous with "poutine" to some! It's one food item that most often comes to mind for many people outside the country. Who could resist the cheesy goodness of this treat anyway?

Passing by the candy aisle as a kid, you probably asked your parents for a Kinder Surprise now and then. While the chocolate was yummy, building and playing with the toy inside made it that much better. Sometimes, you didn't even have to build the toy and could get right down to playing.

You can't think of Canada without the maple leaf. It's on our flag, on our maple trees and in our cookies! These delicious snacks are maple-flavored with two biscuits and a creamy maple middle in between.

Breton crackers come in all different flavors, and they're often a little bigger than your average cracker. It's not uncommon to see a coworker or other person chowing down on a few Breton crackers before that important meeting begins.

Maple syrup is tapped right from Canadian maple trees, and there's probably not a house in the country without it! It can be used in so many ways, from pouring it on top of pancakes to infusing it in candies.

Contrary to what you may have heard, these candies don't make you smart! They are a great alternative to M&Ms, however. Both candies share many similarities, such as the chocolate center and candy shell, but Smarties come as they are, but M&Ms have many variations.

If you ever take a trip to somewhere else in the world, make sure you bring one of these with you. You'll be sad to leave your Aero bar behind! There's no other chocolate bar like it that is both bubbly and delicious at the same time.

Toffee is hard to resist, especially when it's Mackintosh's. One bite of this bar can leave you with sticky teeth, but it's worth it for the taste. We have the British to thank for this awesome masterpiece!

One of the best parts of living in Canada is getting the chance to stop by everyone's favorite coffee shop, Tim Horton's. Many people stop for their coffee every morning, but some also want to bring a treat for the entire workplace or department. Timbits are perfect for this since you can get them in large quantities!

These tasty bars originated in Nanaimo, British Columbia, hence their name. They quickly became more popular throughout Canada and grew to be a famous snack. You can't visit British Columbia without getting a taste of their awesome creation.

Canada Dry Ginger Ale is a drink that many Canadians have probably sipped on when they have an upset stomach. It's known for being dry as the name suggests, but it still tastes great and is good for refreshing yourself after a long day.

Cracking open a can of Pink Cream Soda is something that Canadians love to do. While it's like regular cream soda, the taste is more often described as cotton candy. In Canada, it is most commonly made by Crush.

If you guessed that the ingredients in this snack were many of the other chip flavors combined, you're correct. It takes the combination of sour cream and onion, salt and vinegar, ketchup and more to make this delicious Canadian treat.

Caramilk bars are subject to a long and heated debate. How does that creamy caramel get into the bar? Though that question hasn't been answered, you can probably come to your conclusion as to how you think it's done.

When Canadians want to show their friends from around the world one of Canada's most treasured snacks, BeaverTails are usually what they choose. There's something about the many flavors and options that make this snack so delectable. Even U.S. President Barack Obama had one when he visited the country.

Anyone who loves chocolate-covered candies will love Maltesers. Once you get past the chocolate, the malt inside brings up all of the flavor. Maybe they call them Maltesers because they're sitting on the shelf just waiting to be enjoyed!

These crackers come in a bag, so, understandably, people think they are chips. One other reason they can be confused with chips is because of the flavors in which they come. Those flavors typically include Salt & Vinegar or Dill Pickle, which are usually associated with chips.

Glosettes are chocolate-covered raisins that are a great tasting treat. While the rest of the world may have this type of snack, they aren't the Glosette brand. These raisins are only available in the Great White North.

There's nothing like a fresh Jos Louis after chowing down on lunch. The creamy goodness in the middle mixes perfectly with the red velvet cake to make a flavor that all Canadians can't help but enjoy!

The Mr. Big name isn't there just for show; this really is the biggest chocolate bar in Canada! There's also a whole lot of flavor-packed underneath the creamy chocolate covering. A mix of peanuts, caramel and much more pack all the flavor you need.

While many people put ketchup on their chips, Canadians know how to do it best. Since they come with the condiment already in them, Ketchup Chips save the time and effort of putting ketchup on them!

They have been discontinued and are no longer available, but these chocolate bars were quite loved in Canada. Packed with mint on the inside and covered in chocolate on the outside, there was nothing like the refreshing taste of a Cadbury Pep.

If you're a fan of sponge toffee, then this Canadian chocolate bar is calling your name. The sponge toffee middle is covered in a layer of creamy milk chocolate. Many countries sell similar chocolate bars, but Canadians like to think Crunchie is the best!

This white chocolate candy bar is the perfect dose of creamy and crunchy. If you're a fan of Oreos, then there's no doubt you'll love this chocolate bar. Take advantage of its availability and gloat about it to your friends around the world!

Brace yourself; this could get confusing. In Canada, Rockets are small powdery circles. In the United States, they refer to them as Smarties. In Canada, Smarties are a type of chocolate candy. Canadian Smarties are known as M&Ms in the United States! Hungry yet?

You'll definitely want to eat more of these after tasting them. Not too out of the ordinary, the main ingredients are toffee and peanuts. Though the wrapper may not be the most interesting on the shelf, the yellow stands out and makes you want to grab one!

The rest of the world is missing out on this delightful flavor. While these chips don't taste the same as a real dill pickle, they still taste pretty good overall. Another big plus is that multiple companies make them, so pick your favorite chip brand and chow down!

Swedish Berries look similar to the real thing, but they're much different. The chewy candies are delicious and fruity like other chewy candies. But unlike the others, there is just one flavor of Swedish Berries. It's a unique flavor that has spawned a debate as to which berry it tastes like!

Hickory Sticks are that delectable chip that everyone has to try if they visit Canada. As Canadians, it's hard to pass by a bag of Hickory Sticks in the store without grabbing a bag or two. They're perfect for any time of the day.

While the name is out of this world, there's not much else about this candy that is. Unless, of course, you include the taste! Did you know that the inventor of the Mars Bar also made another galactic chocolate? It's the Milky Way bar.

Tourtiere, a very popular to have during events in French Canadian households, is another way of saying meat pie. Substituting the meat inside with ingredients like beef or wild game is not uncommon. It's delicious no matter what you find inside once you bite into it.

Kraft Dinner in Canada is known as Kraft Mac & Cheese in the U.S. It's mostly the same product in the box and made by the same company, and no matter what it's called, the world should be thankful to have access to this tasty snack.

The main difference between regular bacon and peameal bacon is that the latter is rolled in cornmeal. Just like regular bacon, peameal bacon can be used in many different dishes. One example is it's often used in delicious sandwiches.

A Ceasar is an awesome concoction that almost every Canadian adult has tried at least once! It's often consumed in restaurants along with a meal and made from a variety of ingredients. The main ones include Clamato and horseradish. And you can't forget the celery salt used to spice up the rim of the glass.

You've heard of the New York-style bagel, but make way for one of the greatest bagels you will ever find ⁠— the Montreal Bagel. Baked and packed with flavor, you can get one in different varieties. Make sure you specify whether you do or don't want sesame seeds or poppy seeds on your bagel.

Created by the Canadian company Hawkins, Cheezies are just like the Cheetos in the United States. Packed with a cheesy flavor that is hard to resist, those in the north get the chance to try the goodness of Canadian Cheezies. Of course, you can also buy Cheetos in Canada.

Cadbury's Sweet Marie bar is quite similar to a few other iconic Canadian chocolate bars, but the story behind it is unique. A poem by the same name influenced the creation of the chocolate bar.

Made by the same company that makes the iconic Canadian Kinder Surprise, the Kinder Bueno doesn't taste the same. It's both crunchy and soft due to the hazelnut and wafer that gives it a great taste.

Wunderbars are quite the wonder after all ⁠— their name comes from a German word for "marvelous." In Canada, they're made by Cadbury, but they have similar counterparts around the world. In the United States, there is a similar candy called a Starbar.

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